Digital Publications Download Instructions
(Purchased Prior to 1 July, 2021)

System Requirements

Compatible Operating Systems

Windows (all versions Windows 7 and later), Mac OS X, Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader, all current mobile web browsers, iOS, Android.

What if my computer crashes? Can I reactivate my publication?

Electronic publications can be reactivated if your computer crashes, as long as you are reactivating it on the same computer on which it was originally installed. Our technical support team can assist you with reactivating your product if you are reinstalling on a new computer or if your hardware has changed. For reactivation support, submit a support request or call Customer Care at +1 813.979.1991 for reactivation support.

How to Download

For files purchased prior to 1 July 2021, support for storing digital publications directly on your desktop and laptop may still be available. 

If problems with accessing a PDF arise, please submit a support request or email Customer Care at

IMPORTANT: You will need Adobe to access the document on laptops and desktops. Use Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to open the document with your Protected PDF username and password.

You will need to set the following one time only in Adobe Reader/Acrobat: In the menu, go to EDIT >> PREFERENCES >> JAVASCRIPT, and un-check Enable Global Object Security Policy, click OK.

Global Object Security