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What is Credentialing 2020?

Credentialing 2020 is a BICSI Board Strategic Plan initiative that continues to modernize and advance BICSI’s credentialing programs. Early work on the project included a review of our credentialing processes by industry experts. 

The Credentialing 2020 Task Force was appointed to oversee the initial process and set the direction and was retired after completing its mission. We owe immeasurable gratitude to this group for their leadership and oversight.




Volunteers in Action

The BICSI Registrations and Credentials Supervision Committee (RCSC) and volunteers reviewed all certification-related processes. This resulted in many improvements to our existing examination and certification procedures. In addition, moving forward, we will continue to implement recommended best practices. 


Registration and Credentials Supervision Committee







Modernizing The Industry-Leading RCDD Credential

  • Third-party experts in professional testing conducted an audit of BICSI’s credentialing programs, benchmarking the programs against industry’s best practices and to industry standards.

  • As a result, BICSI conducted an RCDD Standard Setting Study (determines the passing criteria for examinees), facilitated by a third-party expert psychometrician. This process improves the reliability and fairness of the assessment.

  • BICSI also conducted an RCDD Scheme Alignment Study (which determines the requirements to qualify to take the exam, the recertification requirements and the standards of conduct for the RCDD professional).

  • BICSI expanded the Subject Matter Expert (SME) pool for BICSI credentialing programs and established several new subcommittees to recruit and develop global participation in exam program activities.

  • BICSI is in the process of modernizing the exam development processing, using the Pearson VUE ExamDeveloper software, increasing exam integrity and producing higher quality test questions.

  • In addition, the volunteers and staff worked together to enrich credential holder communications and improve credentialing administrative processes.

The Future

There are many projects on the horizon for all our credentials to ensure the programs remain relevant and continue to lead the information and communications technology (ICT) industry.

We encourage you to consider getting involved in BICSI. The future of BICSI depends on the Subject Matter Experts (SME) like you and our ability to provide engaging subject matter for the betterment of the industry. If you would like to learn more about what you can do to help, please view our Volunteer Application page.

Credentialing 2020 FAQ (PDF)