BICSI Installer 1® (INST1®) Certificate



BICSI Installer 1 (INST1) Certificate Information

BICSI Installer 1 (INST1) is a non-renewable certificate. It demonstrates entry level knowledge and skills to install information and communications technology (ICT) systems. The certificate validates basic knowledge in the proper and most current methods of installing ICT related cabling within the confines of a commercial building structure. Skillsets include but are not limited to pulling cable, terminating, and testing copper and coaxial cable.

Please note: The Installer 1 exam is not included in the course fee. An exam application must be completed separately. The application deadline is 7 days prior to your hands-on exam date. There is an additional $50 scheduling fee for all walk-in examinees.

INST1 Exam Information

  • Exam Eligibility

    There is no prior ICT industry installation experience requirement for individuals preparing to sit for the Installer 1 exam.

    Physical Requirements:
    Participants must be able to distinguish between different colors, possess manual dexterity to complete fine motor tasks, stand for extended periods of time, climb ladders, and lift and carry items weighing up to 50 lbs.

  • Exam Blueprint

    The Installer 1 Exam Blueprint shows the competency areas that are covered on the exam and should be reviewed prior to taking the exam.

    INST1 Exam Blueprint
  • Suggested Study

  • Exam Specifics

    The Installer 1 exam is currently based on BICSI’s ITSIMM and is a two-part exam – hands-on and written. To become a BICSI Installer 1, you must successfully pass both parts.

    Hands-On Examination
    The Installer 1 hands-on exam is given the last day of the IN101 course, which is generally on Friday afternoon (see course schedule). The hands-on performance exam consists of completing six tasks to industry standards, within a 20-minute-per-task time limit. Proctors will give pass/fail results after each task. If you fail to successfully complete one of the hands-on exam tasks, you will be given the opportunity to retest on that task on the same day at no additional cost. If you fail the same task twice or fail a total of two hands-on tasks, the hands-on examination will need to be retaken at another date.

    Written Examination
    The written exam can ONLY be taken after the hands-on exam has been completed successfully. The computer-based exam is two hours in length and consists of 75 questions drawn from BICSI’s ITSIMM. The exam is multiple choice, with questions based on both knowledge and application. All written exams must be scheduled through Pearson VUE.

    Exam Specifics
    Number of Questions: 75
    Allotted Examination Time: 2 hours

  • Application Process

    An exam application must be submitted online on the Credential Holder Dashboard at least 7 days prior to the scheduled hands-on exam date.

    • Exam application Fee: $335
    • Exam Retest Fee: $135
    • Hands-on Walk-In Exam Scheduling Fee: $50

    How to Apply

What Credential Holders are Saying About their Installation Credential

“I thought I knew a lot going into the BICSI Installer 1 class, but after completing the course, I could see a real difference in my skillset, such as how to properly perform terminations and how to follow industry standards. My employer noticed too!”

– James R. Bowles, INST1, INSTC, INSTF, TECH, Information Systems Specialist 2
State of West Virginia Office of Technology
Charleston, West Virginia, USA


BICSI ICT Cabling Installation Handbook

Download today and learn everything you need to know about the INST1 Credential.


Exam Application Fee

$335 - Non Refundable

There is an additional $50 scheduling fee for all walk-in exams.