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BICSI Publishes New Global Standard on Intelligent Buildings

Tampa, Florida, August 24, 2017—BICSI, the association advancing the information and communications technology (ICT) community, announced today the unveiling of its new Intelligent Building Design standard.

According to a recent report from, the global intelligent building market is estimated to grow to approximately USD 24.73 billion by the year 2021, at an annual growth rate of 34%, compounded from 2016-2021. BICSI has responded to this growth and need in the marketplace by publishing its next ANSI-approved standard—ANSI/BICSI 007-2017, Information Communication Technology Design and Implementation Practices for Intelligent Buildings and Premises.

“We have added to our suite of masterfully written standards yet again,” said BICSI President Brian Ensign. “This greatly needed and globally relevant standard for design and implementation of intelligent building cabling systems is yet another huge step forward for BICSI and for our membership. We are providing the guidance our industry needs to keep step with evolving trends in ICT.”

ANSI/BICSI 007 provides requirements and recommendation for design and implementation of the structured cabling system and related applications for any size building or premise, regardless if it serves commercial, government, transportation, residential, or any other functions. BICSI 007 also includes information for building automation systems, low-voltage lighting, combined data and power transmission (e.g., PoE, PoH), and a number of other systems that are routinely found inside intelligent
building applications.

Additional information about this standard, including preview of Chapters 1-4, can be found at