What is BICSI to Me—by Betty Bezos, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, OSP

In late 1990, I was a Building Industry Consulting Service (BICS) engineer with Southern Bell. Our manager, Frank Mazzotti, decided that the last engineer to join the group was to become an RCDD. They promptly scheduled me to go to Tampa and sit for the RCDD exam. I had no idea what BICSI was and less what an RCDD credential entailed, but I was happy to be in the BICS department and did not complain.

I thought that since I had been with Southern Bell for nine years, I did not have to study much. Big mistake! I failed on my first try, and as I always told my students when I became a Master Instructor, “My name is Betty and I took the RCDD twice!” When I came back with my passing papers, I still remember Frank saying, “Someday this will mean something for your career.” Very true.


My first BICSI conference was in Tampa in a small Holiday Inn, close to downtown. Presentations and exhibits were in the same ballroom and exhibitors had to turn off all lights while the presenters were in the podium. Great learning started to happen at those events.

In 1996, my position in IT was outsourced and my RCDD finally paid off. I found an opportunity in academia, and the differentiator among other candidates was the RCDD. The challenges increased in 2000, when I decided to start consulting and interviewed with Joe Jones in BICSI, hoping to become a Master Instructor. I had always enjoyed teaching at the University, but professional development is very different. Having experienced professionals attending my classes and asking questions based on real experience was wonderful. I always felt that my teaching experience enhanced my knowledge and allowed me to be a better designer. The phrase “teaching keeps me on my toes,” became very real as I researched and tried to bring the latest on technology and research to my classes.

For 18 years, I was first a Master Instructor, and then a Certified Trainer. BICSI gave me the opportunity to meet wonderful people as I traveled the world. I still remember when I spent a couple of weeks in Kotzebue, Alaska (look at a map and you will see that is approximately 30 miles north of the Arctic Circle). The students “boated in” from nearby villages, as several rivers drain into the Kotzebue Basin—wonderful people and a terrific experience. The group was planning to create a team of designers and installers to support the region’s IT needs. A few weeks later, I was en route to visit Dubai for the first time.

Being a volunteer has also brought incredible rewards. Coordinating first in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, and later in the CALA District has been another enriching experience. It has been wonderful to witness BICSI’s growth from a small group, publishing the TDMM and offering a small number of courses, to a global professional association supporting professionals in close to 100 countries. Personally, standards and best practices are an immeasurable resource. Through my 19 years as a consultant, I have used almost all the publications at one time or another. Seeing BICSI grow into the data center arena and offer ANSI/BICSI standards, covering Intelligent Buildings and Electronic Safety and Security have served me in my professional life, as I have participated in diverse projects.

BICSI for me has meant opportunities, professional growth, knowledge and most importantly, very long-lasting friends.


Betty Bezos, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, OSP

Message From District Chair, Betty Bezos, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, OSP

It is a great year to be a BICSI member in CALA. Thanks to the interest and support of our volunteers, 2019 will be a landmark year for our district. During the month of May we scheduled a webinar on Thursday, 16 May. The webinar title, “Centros de Cómputo Optimizados” was presented in Spanish. We encourage our English-speaking members in the district to please contact me and plan future webinar topics of interest for all.

May also will see a successful return to Mexico, as BICSI CALA will host the 2019 BICSI Mexico Congress & Exhibition. This two-day event has a full agenda of professional speakers sharing the latest information. If you are close to Ciudad de Mexico on 22-23 May, please join us, chat with the experts, and enjoy the exhibition.

South America will also enjoy two events later in the year. On 22 August, BICSI CALA will present the 2019 BICSI Day Perú. Lima will be the host of a series of presentations that will enhance your knowledge. Enjoy networking and make new friends. On 21 November, we are planning our first BICSI Day Ecuador. More information will be forthcoming. Please note the date and plan to join us to make this event a success.

Puerto Rico will again host our Conference and Exhibition on Thursday, 7 November. Last year the event was very successful, and attendance and support were noted.

Hope you can join one of our many events!

Betty Bezos, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, OSP


Speakers and Sponsors Wanted for Puerto Rico Conference on 7 November

The 2019 BICSI Puerto Rico Conference & Exhibition will take place once again at the CIAPR in San Juan on 7 November. We are actively seeking speakers and sponsors for this intimate educational event! If you would like to take part and connect with ICT professionals in Puerto Rico, please email global@bicsi.org. We hope to see you there!

BICSI CALA México Congress & Exhibition and other Upcoming 2019 BICSI CALA Events

Don't miss out on 2019 BICSI CALA events. These conferences will have academic agendas and exhibit halls where you will find the latest trends, new solutions, and best practices and standards that are a must in today’s industry to lead the modern world toward integral connectivity. We invite you to join us as an attendee or sponsor at our three major events in the area:

  • BICSI CALA México Congress & Exhibition
    TIC Inteligente - Cómo la infraestructura digital está cambiando el mundo 
    22-23 May 2019 | Hotel Marriott Reforma - Ciudad de México, México

  • BICSI Day Perú
    Conectando el Futuro al Mundo de la Tecnología
    22 August 2019 | Hotel Sonesta Olivar - Lima, Perú

  • BICSI CALA Puerto Rico
    7 November 2019 | Colegio de Ingenieros y Agrimensores de Puerto Rico (CIAPR) | San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • BICSI Day Ecuador
    Conectando el Futuro al Mundo de la Tecnología
    21 November | Quito, Ecuador

For more information about these events visit our websites: congresobicsi.com and bicsi.org.

2019 Japan District Conference & Exhibition Update During "Reiwa"

BICSI Japan has started the month of May under a new era, “Reiwa” and with the beautiful season of cherry blossom.

Also, the Cabling Skills Challenges began last month and we currently have 10 registered candidates. The challengers received two training sessions and experienced a lot of meaningful value for their time so far. They will have a lot more training up until the CSC in November, which will be a great experience. BICSI Japan will continue to foster and care for their growth

Opportunities to sponsor the 2019 Japan District Conference & Exhibition opened last month, and already, some of the categories are limited. If you would like to sponsor the event, please contact conference@bicsi.jp.

Upcoming Events in the District

  • 16 May: Trial Seminar in Okinawa
  • 20 May: Data Center Operation and Maintenance Standards by Phil Isaak, RCDD, DCDC in Tokyo

External Events:

A hot summer is coming soon and BICSI Japan has a booth for many external events around the country! We plan to open the booth for 15 days during two months. Meet with BICSI Japan volunteers at the booth!

BICSI Japan will have a booth at events hosted by Sun Telephone Co., Ltd. in cities around Japan. The schedule is as follows:

  • 22 May: Nagoya
  • 29-30 May: Osaka
  • 28 June: Hiroshima
  • 3 July: Fukuoka

Interop is not only in Las Vegas. Please come to Interop TOKYO! The event takes place 12-14 June in Makuhari Messe.

BICSI Japan will also be participating in the Fiber Optics Expo (FOE), the largest optical fiber industry exhibition in Japan on 17-19 July in Tokyo.

Another event we plan on attending is the JApan Network Operators' Group (JANOG) in Kobe city on 24-26 July.

Global Events:

We hope we can meet and show new information, including the translation of ANSI/BICSI 002-2019 and BICSI 009-2019 into Japanese.

General Announcements:

  • New RCDD and DCDC exams will be held on 29 June in Tokyo.
  • Coming soon! ANSI/BICSI 002-2019 and BICSI 009-2019 in Japanese


Engagement Peaked at the Datacenter Forum in Romania

The Datacenter Forum in Bucharest, Romania on 8 May, proved to be an excellent event for BICSI. In addition to having a BICSI Booth, BICSI Mainland Europe District Chair Gautier Humber, RCDD, presented on the European and international data center standards, including the new ANSI/BICSI 002, Data Center Design and Implementation Best Practices. More than 400 delegates from various countries attended, many of whom were end users from the government and military. There was a great deal of interest in ANSI/BICSI 002—people wanted to purchase it right away to reference current projects. In addition, quite a few delegates were interested in joining BICSI and volunteering for our association.

Thank you to all those who helped to organize and attended this event—it was a big step forward in developing BICSI in Romania.

Journée BICSI France à Lyon

BICSI France annonce la tenue d’une journée dédiée au SMART BUILDING à LYON le 20 Juin 2019. Cette journée permettra aux visiteurs de découvrir les nouvelles avancées technologiques et leurs avantages sur l’environnement dans le domaine du SMART BUILDING.
Qu’est-ce qu’un Bâtiment Intelligent ? Venez apprendre et échanger sur ce sujet.

Nous répondrons à cette question en listant les fonctions qui sont attendues pour qu’en bâtiment devienne ou puisse être qualifié d’ « intelligent ».

A cette occasion nous présenterons plusieurs solutions techniques pour avancer sur des thèmes et enjeux majeurs de notre société d’aujourd’hui et demain tels que :

  • Les économies d’énergie
  • La sécurisation des bâtiments
  • Les fonctionnalités (GTB, éclairage de sécurité, détection incendie, accueil des visiteurs, mise à disposition des différents médias (internet, télévision, wifi, etc.)
  • Les supports de transmission (câblages cuivre et fibre optique)
  • Et bien évidemment le PoE qui est le sujet phare du moment.

Veuillez, suivre ce lien pour vous inscrire et n’hésitez pas à nous contacter directement si vous avez des questions précises sur ce sujet afin de pouvoir préparer des réponses précises et vous les apporter lors de cette journée.

Datacloud Global Congress & Awards 2019 in Monaco

BICSI will be in Monaco for the Datacloud Global Congress & Awards 2019 on 4-6 June. Join us to learn more about the latest ICT trends as well as new BICSI publications.

The informative conference agenda will focus on relevant topics including Edge; 5G; and data center design, technologies, upgrades and hyperscale to micro data centers among other topics. Recognized experts in each field will present on these topics. See programme details here.

BICSI will bring its qualifying training, design assistance documents and technical days in the region to present new technologies and how to implement them. For sponsorship information, please visit this link.

Datacloud Monaco en Français

Nous serons à Monaco pour le salon Datacloud Congress 2019 les 4, 5 et 6 juin prochain. Venez à cette occasion découvrir les nouveaux documents écrit par le BICSI.

Avec un programme de conférences sur des sujets d’actualité : le EDGE, la 5G, les data centers (design, technologies, upgrades, hyperscale to micro data centers, etc). animées par des experts reconnus dans chaque domaine. Voir les détails du programme ici.

Le BICSI apporte ses formations qualifiantes, des documents d’aide au design dont la pertinence n’est plus à démontrer, des journées techniques en région pour présenter les nouvelles technologies et comment les mettre en œuvre.

You're Invited! Register to Attend Upcoming Events in the District

Join BICSI at the following locations:

 First-Ever Events in Saudi Arabia; 3rd Annual ACE Summit

BICSI MEA is preparing for an event-packed October. First, BICSI will be exhibiting once more at the 39th GITEX Technology Week, 6-10 October at the Dubai World Trade Centre. GITEX is one of the biggest tech shows in the world, and BICSI staff and volunteers will be there to share BICSI’s message with delegates. Concurrent to GITEX, BICSI will be holding the 3rd annual ACE (Architects Consultants, Engineers) Summit. Taking place 8 October and across the street from GITEX at the Fairmont Dubai, the ACE Summit offers a Masterclass and other technical sessions, in addition to ICT exhibitors for delegates to visit.

Later in the month, BICSI will arrive in Saudi Arabia for a Tech Roadshow! Three Technical Seminars are planned for the Roadshow, each featuring a program of ICT content and sponsors for delegates to enjoy. BICSI has received a large amount of requests for events in Saudi Arabia, and we are thrilled to invite you to join us on 13 October in Jeddah, 15 October in Riyadh, and 17 October in Al Khobar. Visit bicsi.org for more information on these events soon.

If your company is interested in sponsoring one or more of these exciting events, email bicsimea@bicsi.org for details and to create a customized sponsorship package!

 Global ICT/ELV Professionals Met in Dubai for MEA Conference & Exhibition

The 2019 Middle East & Africa Conference & Exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Centre was an international success. With delegates, speakers and exhibitors in attendance from all around the world, the MEA Conference was a global industry platform for invaluable networking and ICT/ELV knowledge attainment. A few conference highlights include technology-focused presentations on ICT infrastructure systems by top experts, the latest technology solutions in the Exhibit Hall, and an engaging Panel Discussion on the future of ICT integration. A special thank you to our speakers, attendees, exhibitors and to all who contributed to the great success of the MEA Conference & Exhibition.

MEA Video You Tube 

You're Invited! Register to Attend This Upcoming Events in the District


You're Invited! Plan Ahead to Attend Upcoming BICSI Event in the Southeast Asia District

Join BICSI at the following location:


You're Invited! Visit BICSI at an Upcoming External Event in S. Korea

Join BICSI at the following location:

  • BICSI Korea Tech Day
    15 November | Seoul, South Korea


Setting the Standards at the New Zealand 2019 Conference & Exhibition

BICSI South Pacific hosted its annual conference in New Zealand on 9 April at the Ellerslie Event Centre in Auckland. A total of 354 technology professionals attended the New Zealand 2019 Conference to learn about the latest in Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, the Internet of Things (IoT), building services, telecommunications and information technology. Attendees consisted of end users, designers, integrators, installers, suppliers, service providers and other building services/ICT professionals. BICSI South Pacific’s next conference will be in Melborne, Australia, on 26-28 November 2019.




Applications are Now Being Accepted for the UK & Ireland District Chair Position

Knowledgeable and committed volunteers are instrumental to BICSI’s continued global growth. We are taking this opportunity to invite you to apply or nominate individuals who should be considered for the UK & Ireland District Chair position.

To be considered for these positions, the following information must be provided:

  1. Completed Candidate Submission Form, Code of Conduct, Non-Disclosure Agreement, and Anti-Harassment Policy.
  2. Recommendation (From a BICSI Global Representative)
  3. Resume or CV
  4. Letter of corporate support from your employer (BICSI activities may include being available for meetings, planning, hosting and attending local events, participation in conference calls and attending an annual BICSI Conference. If self-employed or employment is based on contract work, this may be a letter from yourself acknowledging participation in BICSI activities and responsibility for expenses.)
  5. Biography including BICSI activities currently involved in
  6. Activities outside of BICSI
  7. If approved, what will the candidate do for BICSI

If you or anyone you know may be interested in applying for the UK & Ireland District Chair position, please express your interest to the Global Development and Support team no later than Thursday, 23 May. All applications and supporting paperwork must to be submitted by Thursday, 30 May to global@bicsi.org.

UK & Ireland Conference is 12 June

Get ready for the next big event taking place in the city of London, England on 12 June. Creating the Network Infrastructure Connecting Tomorrows World, is BICSI's annual conference event for the UK & Ireland District. This conference mainly targets buyers and decision makers seeking information on products, services and solutions that can assist with benefiting the company, team members and individuals. Although registration is not open as of yet, sponsorships are currently available. Visit our conference website here for more details.


Self-Nomination for the BICSI Board of Directors Ends 31 May

Are you ready to make a difference and give back to the industry? Consider nominating yourself for a position on the 2020-22 BICSI Board of Directors before 1 June! This year, the positions that are up for election are:

  • President-Elect
  • Treasurer
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Region Director (NEW position)
  • U.S. North-Central Region Director
  • U.S. Northeast Region Director

Applications will be accepted through 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) on Friday, 31 May 2019. Click here to learn more.

$5,000 College Scholarship Available—Applications Due 31 July

Each year BICSI donates $5,000 on behalf of the Ray Gendron/BICSI Cares Scholarship. This award is presented to a college student majoring in the telecommunications/information and communications technology (ICT) or a related field. BICSI members in good standing for at least two years and their immediate family members are invited to apply before 31 July 2019. For more details, visit bicsi.org/bicsicares.

Apply to Become Certified a Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC) Before 31 July

If you are planning to earn the BICSI DCDC™ exam based on the contents of ANSI/BICSI 002-2014, you must apply for the exam by 31 July 2019. You will have one year from application approval to take and pass the exam. DCDC exam applications received on or after 1 August 2019 will be for the exam based on ANSI/BICSI 002-2019 and the Essentials of Data Center Projects, 1st edition. Apply now at


ANSI/BICSI 002-2019, Data Center Design and Implementation Best Practices is Now Available

002_standard-updatedANSI/BICSI 002-2019, BICSI's international best-seller, is the premier document for your data center design needs. Written by industry professionals from all facets of the data center industry, this newly revised standard is not only the foundation for traditional data centers, but applicable to colos, hyperscale, edge and other mission critical facilities that must operate even in the worst of conditions. More information is available here.

New! Data Center Projects Specialty Manual

Check out Essentials of Data Center Projects (EDCP), 1st edition, BICSI’s first specialty manual. A required text for the new DCDC exam being released in August 2019, the EDCP is a holistic guide to the overall data center project, from conceptualization to planning, implementation and project closeout. With more than 200 pages of content, the EDCP provides the underlying knowledge necessary for data centers great and small. It is now available for purchase here.

Check out the BICSI 009-2019, Data Center Operations and Maintenance Best Practices standard

BICSI009-2019Exceptionally designed data centers only function to the level of their operation. BICSI 009 is the first open consensus standards developed in North America specifically focused on the operational aspects of a data center. Developed by a global volunteer base, the material within reflects operational experience and lessons from a wide variety of data center owners, operators, designers and consultants from data centers great and small. Whether you are operating a traditional enterprise or a hyperscale data center, you will benefit from the years of operator experience contained within this standard. Find further information and a preview of BICSI 009's content here.

Have you Read the Latest issue of ICT Today?

Being a BICSI member offers you a multitude of benefits, including the bimonthly publication of ICT Today, the official trade journal of BICSI. Click here or login to your Members Only profile on the BICSI website to view the latest articles about snipping the CORD, commissioning data center ICT cabling, the newest DCDC standards and much more!

A Look Inside the BICSI Insider

Insider 6_2 coverIn case you've missed it, the newest BICSI Insider was recently released. This issue brings you the latest BICSI-related news, which includes a feature story on the recent data center product launches and updates on organizational, global, credentialing and education news. Check it out here.

More Options With BICSI CONNECT—See the Latest Classes Below

BICSI CONNECT is your all-inclusive online resource for all of your ICT training needs. Access online learning resources such as Academy Instructor-Led (ILT) courses, earn CECs and more! Check out some of the most recently added courses below:

  • Network Storage and Security
  • Remote Access, Virtualization and Network Services
  • Data Center Networks
  • IPv6 Fundamentals: The New Age of Internet Protocol Addresses
  • Are You Ready for the Internet of Things (IoT) to Change Our Buildings?
  • Safety and Performance Implications of Counterfeit Cables

See what else we have available here.

Seeking Global Writers for ICT Today

ICT Today May_June 2019Contribute to BICSI's bimonthly journal, ICT Today, with relevant articles from around the world. Please consider sharing your technical expertise and insight so that readers in every BICSI District and Region find useful content to help them learn and grow within their unique ICT community. Experienced ICT professionals are encouraged to submit vendor-neutral, timely and authoritative articles related to ICT design and installation practices and solutions. Send your article ideas to icttodayeditor@bicsi.org.


BICSI Learning Academy offers several ways to earn continuing education credits (CECs) toward renewing your BICSI credential, including:

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