BICSI and Me: A Partnership of Two Decades—by Ninad M. Desai, RCDD, NTS, OSP, TECH, CT

As an ICT professional, given the number of responsibilities we must juggle daily, joining a professional association is unlikely to be amongst our top priorities. I was no different to this frame of mind in 2000, when I first learned about BICSI through a flyer my colleague had picked up from his recent visit to the U.S., where he attended a BICSI conference.

One of the things that caught my attention, was the opportunity to learn, help advance my career and enhance my technical expertise. Since joining BICSI as a member in 2000 to becoming the current India District Chair, BICSI has helped me deepen my existing business relationships and forge new contacts on a regular basis—both locally and globally. The networking is usually not restricted to the exchange of business cards. Being a volunteer and an active member in the district and international subcommittees for many years, has helped me grow in confidence and take up more prominent roles while making lasting ties with other likeminded professionals in my trade who have common interests or similar concerns. The relationships are mostly rich with an ongoing source of ideas and inspiration.

BICSI membership and credentials have always been helpful to me in my professional career locally as well as globally and is something I feel is critical in today’s global economy. BICSI’s vast ICT knowledge base and the experience gained in the process of getting certified, has helped me venture into diverse fields other than ICT design and consulting, such as telecom bonding, product management, strategic consulting and speaking at various international conferences—where a lot of study and adaptation is essential. This no doubt helps you if you are a credentialed professional and in the process invariably helps in building your own personal brand within your profession.

As of recent, BICSI's most dynamic vision of growth has been in the international arena. Until a few years ago, the only country outside the United States represented as a BICSI region and entitled to a seat on its board of directors was Canada. Today, BICSI's presence can be felt in Europe, Australia, the Caribbean, Mexico, Brazil, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and India, with various districts growing in strength and magnitude—making it a truly global association of choice in ICT Infrastructure. This has been possible only because BICSI has always maintained its vision and purpose. It’s training association, all programs, conferences, publications, workshops, registration, standards and even lobbying are aimed at producing more knowledgeable, proficient technicians and designers for the ICT cabling industry, which makes BICSI stand out from the crowd.

So, choose your professional association wisely. It can help you further your career and steal a mile over competition, and if you happen to be an ICT professional, come join BICSI and be a part of the community. With my nearly two decades of being with BICSI and the ICT industry, I can say for sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Ninad Desai

Ninad M. Desai, RCDD, NTS, OSP, TECH, CT
Chair – BICSI India District
Consulting Specialist - ICT Network Infrastructure & Outside Plant Design
Lead Auditor - ISO 27001
Certified Trainer

BICSI CALA México Congress & Exhibition Brings Together Over 400 ICT Professionals

The main theme of the CALA México Congress was "How digital infrastructure is changing the world." This topic was fully developed in each of the 17 academic talks that were masterfully presented by various experts BICSI convened to give life and be the main pillar of the fourth BICSI Congress in the country.

The BICSI CALA México Congress 2019 was developed in two main axes: the already mentioned academic lectures and a commercial exhibition where 22 sponsors had the opportunity to exhibit their most outstanding solutions and services in an adjoining room. Thus, the attendees had the opportunity to observe how the different topics developed by certified spokespersons take physical shape and become possible with the equipment presented in the commercial exhibition by the different exhibitors.

At the end of the second day, a master panel discussion took place where six ICT experts met to address a series of questions around the theme of "Smart Cities, What awaits us for the future?" Each participant developed the theme from its own perspective and area of expertise, bringing to an end two days of ICT systems knowledge attainment involving the most specialized and recognized voices of the industry in México and Latin America.

The well-attended congress was an outstanding success. To close the event, Todd Taylor, RCDD, NTS, OSP, BICSI President-Elect, gave concluding remarks with a big smile. He assured the return of the Congress to México every two years and announced additional events to be hosted and intermediate activities designed to strengthen the leadership of the organization as an entity that visualizes and proposes the best practices for the ICT industry in the world. Take a look at some of the BICSI CALA México photos below:

CALA Mexico 2Cala Mexico 1

Another BICSI CALA Technical Webinar on the Way

After a successful 16 May seminar with over 90 attendees, BICSI CALA has decided to add another to the series soon. If you're interested in learning informative technical content in a convenient way, stay tuned for future communications.

Speakers and Sponsors Wanted for BICSI Puerto Rico Conference on 7 November

The 2019 BICSI Puerto Rico Conference & Exhibition will take place once again at the CIAPR in San Juan on 7 November. We are actively seeking speakers and sponsors for this intimate educational event! If you would like to take part and connect with ICT professionals in Puerto Rico, please email We hope to see you there!

Register for BICSI DAY Perú and Other Upcoming 2019 BICSI CALA Events

Don't miss out on 2019 BICSI CALA events. These conferences will have academic agendas and exhibit halls where you will find the latest trends, new solutions, and best practices and standards that are a must in today’s industry to lead the modern world toward integral connectivity. We invite you to join us as an attendee or sponsor at our three major events in the area:

  • BICSI Day Perú
    Conectando el Futuro al Mundo de la Tecnología
    22 August 2019 | Hotel Sonesta Olivar - Lima, Perú

  • BICSI CALA Puerto Rico
    7 November 2019 | Colegio de Ingenieros y Agrimensores de Puerto Rico (CIAPR) | San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • BICSI Day Ecuador
    Conectando el Futuro al Mundo de la Tecnología
    21 November | Quito, Ecuador

For more information about these events visit our websites: and

General Announcements: Congratulations to our Newest Credential Holder

Hard work goes a long way! See who has achieved the latest BICSI credentials in the region below:

NameCredential Achieved
Milton AguilarTECH


General Announcements: Congratulations to our Newest Credential Holders

Hard work goes a long way! See who has achieved the latest BICSI credentials in the region below:

NameCredential Achieved
Jomish JoseRCDD®
Mohammed Aslam VPRCDD®

BICSI Japan Members Gather in Tokyo for Data Center Operation and Maintenance Standards Seminar

On 20 May, Phil Isaak, RCDD, DCDC, BICSI 009 Data Center Operation sub-committee Chair, visited Japan and had a fruitful seminar in Tokyo. Around 40 members were present at the event and much was shared on data center operation and maintenance.

Thank you to all who attended the seminar and please be on the lookout for upcoming events.

June Update: 2019 Japan District Conference & Exhibition

Two Cabling Skills Challenges (CSC) training programs were held in May and we currently have 10 registered candidates. During the training, the challengers were enthusiastic and gained valuable knowledge. They will have a lot more training leading up to the CSC in November, which will be a great experience. BICSI Japan will continue to foster and care for their growth

Opportunities to sponsor the 2019 Japan District Conference & Exhibition opened last month and we now have 16 sponsors! The details are below:

  • Gold Sponsor: 1
  • Silver Plus Sponsors: 2
  • Silver Sponsors: 5
  • Bronze Sponsors: 3
  • Coffee Break Sponsors: 3
  • Cabling Skills Challenge (CSC) Sponsors: 2

Openings are still available. If you would like to sponsor the event, please contact

Upcoming Events in the District

External Events:

A hot summer is coming soon and BICSI Japan has a booth for many external events around the country! We plan to open the booth for 15 days during two months. Meet with BICSI Japan volunteers at the booth!

BICSI Japan will have a booth at events hosted by Sun Telephone Co., Ltd. in cities around Japan. The schedule is as follows:

  • 28 June: Hiroshima
  • 3 July: Fukuoka

BICSI Japan will also be participating in the Fiber Optics Expo (FOE), the largest optical fiber industry exhibition in Japan on 17-19 July in Tokyo.

Another event we plan on attending is the JApan Network Operators' Group (JANOG) in Kobe city on 24-26 July.

General Announcements:

  • New RCDD and DCDC exams will be held on 29 June in Tokyo—good luck to examinees!
  • Coming soon! ANSI/BICSI 002-2019 and BICSI 009-2019 in Japanese


BICSI Mainland Europe District Appoints New Country Chair

A new Country Chair has been appointed in Romania. Congratulations to Yannis Katris, RCDD, on his new role. Please feel free to direct any questions to

BICSI Among Influential Data Center Leaders at Datacenter Forum in Romania

The Datacenter Forum in Bucharest, Romania on 8 May, proved to be an excellent event for BICSI. In addition to having a BICSI Booth, BICSI Mainland Europe District Chair Gautier Humber, RCDD, presented on the European and international data center standards, including the new ANSI/BICSI 002, Data Center Design and Implementation Best Practices. More than 400 delegates from various countries attended, many of whom were end users from the government and military. There was a great deal of interest in ANSI/BICSI 002—people wanted to purchase it right away to reference current projects. In addition, quite a few delegates were interested in joining BICSI and volunteering for our association.

Thank you to all those who helped organize and attended this event—it was a big step forward in developing BICSI in Romania.

Update on the Datacloud Global Congress & Awards 2019 in Monaco

BICSI was in Monaco for the Datacloud Global Congress & Awards 2019 on 4-6 June. France Country Chair, Thierry Besrest; Vice President of Global Development & Support, Paul Weintraub, RCDD, RTPM, ESS, CAE and many others were present at the event.

In addition to the informative conference agenda focusing on relevant topics including Edge; 5G; and data center design, technologies, upgrades and hyperscale to micro data centers, the all-new BICSI DCDC publications were available at this event. Take a look at some of the photos from the event below: 



Thank you to all those who helped to organize and attended this event!

You're Invited! Register to Attend These Upcoming Events in the District

Join BICSI at the following locations:

  • Tech Breakfast Event—Digital Infrastructure and Performance Managing Multi-Suite and Campus Environments 
    3 July | Bucharest, Romania

Congratulations to our Newest Credential Holders

Hard work goes a long way! See who has achieved the latest BICSI credentials in the region below:

NameCredential Achieved
James ForrestRCDD®
Michael WheatonTECH
Patrick BorgesTECH

3rd Annual ACE Summit and First-Ever Events in Saudi Arabia

BICSI MEA is preparing for an event-packed October. First, BICSI will be exhibiting once more at the 39th GITEX Technology Week, 6-10 October at the Dubai World Trade Centre. GITEX is one of the biggest tech shows in the world, and BICSI staff and volunteers will be there to share BICSI’s message with delegates. Concurrent to GITEX, BICSI will be holding the 3rd annual ACE (Architects Consultants, Engineers) Summit. Taking place 8 October and across the street from GITEX at the Fairmont Dubai, the ACE Summit offers a Masterclass and other technical sessions, in addition to ICT exhibitors for delegates to visit.

Later in the month, BICSI will arrive in Saudi Arabia for a Tech Roadshow! Three Technical Seminars are planned for the Roadshow, each featuring a program of ICT content and sponsors for delegates to enjoy. BICSI has received a large amount of requests for events in Saudi Arabia, and we are thrilled to invite you to join us on 13 October in Jeddah, 15 October in Riyadh, and 17 October in Al Khobar. Visit for more information on these events soon.

If your company is interested in sponsoring one or more of these exciting events, email for details and to create a customized sponsorship package!

You're Invited! Register to Attend These Upcoming Events in the District

General Announcements: Congratulations to our Newest Credential Holders

Hard work goes a long way! See who has achieved the latest BICSI credentials in the region below:

NameCredential Achieved
Abi AshokRCDD®
Ali HamdanRCDD®
Dione MangaoDCDC™
Mohamed AdelRCDD®


BICSI Helps Educate About Data Centers at Two Events in Southeast Asia!

BICSI has been busy spreading ICT knowledge throughout areas in Southeast Asia! Take a look at some photos taken at these events below:

2019 EIT Data Symposium:

EIT 03EIT 02EIT 01

Data Centre World Hong Kong: | 22-23 May | HKCEC, Hong Kong 

DCW Picture 01DC2DC3

Mark Your Calendars! Plan Ahead to Attend This Upcoming Event in the Southeast Asia District

Join BICSI at the following location:

  • 2019 BICSI SEA Conference
    25-26 November | Manila, Philippines


Save the Date! Join us for BICSI Korea Tech Day on 15 November 

Join BICSI at the following location:

  • BICSI Korea Tech Day
    15 November | Seoul, South Korea


Get Ready for Setting the Standards Conference & Exhibition and More!

Over the next six months, BICSI South Pacific will be actively promoting the best practices in ICT infrastructure to a very wide audience in the South Pacific. In addition to hosting its premier  Setting the Standards Conference & Exhibition in Melbourne, Australia on 26-28 November.

Setting the Standards

BICSI will also be at the following events:

BICSI will be reaching many new people from a number of diverse market sectors with the all-important message: “ICT infrastructure is the most essential service for business to function. Businesses simply cannot function without connectivity.”

General Announcements: Congratulations to our Newest Credential Holder

Hard work goes a long way! See who has achieved the latest BICSI credentials in the region below:

NameCredential Achieved
Bodhi WaiteRCDD®


Personal Message from Barry Shambrook, BICSI UK & Ireland's District Chair

By the time you read this, I will have announced at the UK & Ireland Conference in London my intention to step down as District Chair at the end June. It has been my great privilege to serve you all over the past six years, but I felt it was the right time to step down and let someone else take over. Thank you all for your support. I will still be involved on Standards Committees and possibly some other position!

Although the conference in London has just ended, plans are already in place for next year’s event. It is the intention to consult closely with our colleagues elsewhere in the new EMEA Region to deliver a coordinated series of events to give our credential holders plenty of opportunity to earn CECs and attract new members.
Look out for further announcements!

Barry Shambrook


Barry Shambrook, RCDD
United Kingdom & Ireland District Chair

Exciting News for Lapsed UK & Ireland Credential Holders

Following a two-year initiative, instigated by the UK & Ireland District, full details will be released soon of a scheme that will give lapsed BICSI credential holders an easier option to regain their qualification. Details will be announced soon, but eligibility will be subject to a maximum lapsed period of no more than two CEC terms and demonstration of engagement in the appropriate industry for the lapsed period. Candidates will be required to attend the BICSI training course associated with the credential but will not have to retake the exam. The UK & Ireland District thanks the RCSC Committee for their help in developing this new policy which provides a reasonably easy way of regaining a credential whilst preserving the credibility of the BICSI qualifications.

UK & Ireland Conference & Exhibition Attracts a Notable Turnout

Creating the Network Infrastructure Connecting Tomorrows World, BICSI's annual conference event for the UK & Ireland District had a very notable turnout. The event took place in the city of London, England on 12 June and targeted buyers and decision makers seeking information on products of all sorts. Take a look at some of the event photos below:

Thank you to all who have attened.

General Announcements: Congratulations to our Newest Credential Holder

Hard work goes a long way! See who has achieved the latest BICSI credentials in the region below:

NameCredential Achieved
Joseph AmisanoTECH


Self-Nominations for the BICSI Board of Directors closes on 30 June

Don't miss the opportunity to make an impact in your association. Consider nominating yourself for a position on the 2020-22 BICSI Board of Directors before 31 July! This year, the positions that are up for election are:

  • President-Elect
  • Treasurer
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Region Director (NEW position)
  • U.S. North-Central Region Director
  • U.S. Northeast Region Director

Applications will be accepted through 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) on Sunday, 30 June 2019. Click here to learn more.

Register Today for the Free Women in BICSI Webinar

What opportunities are available to women in ICT? Join presenter Carol Everett Oliver, RCDD, ESS, as she presents Free to be You and Me in ICT. In this free webinar, Carol shares her insights on ICT career opportunities available for women in the industry and how BICSI's educational resources and volunteering opportunities can help you achieve your career goals. Register here today to access this free webinar—anytime, anywhere!

$5,000 College Scholarship Available—Applications Due 31 July

Each year BICSI donates $5,000 on behalf of the Ray Gendron/BICSI Cares Scholarship. This award is presented to a college student majoring in the telecommunications/information and communications technology (ICT) or a related field. BICSI members in good standing for at least two years and their immediate family members are invited to apply before 31 July 2019. For more details, visit

Apply to Become Certified a Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC) Before 31 July

If you are planning to earn the BICSI DCDC™ exam based on the contents of ANSI/BICSI 002-2014, you must apply for the exam by 31 July 2019. You will have one year from application approval to take and pass the exam. DCDC exam applications received on or after 1 August 2019 will be for the exam based on ANSI/BICSI 002-2019 and the Essentials of Data Center Projects, 1st edition. Apply now at

Be on the Leading Edge of Data Center Knowledge

3 DCDC PubsBICSI is a leader in data center publications. In addition to ensuring ANSI/BICSI 002-2019 is ready for the future, BICSI has released two new publications, allowing the design to become manifest and operate for years to come. Now, one has the tools to learn how to effectively.

Developed and written by industry professionals, these resources are valuable tools for any data center professional looking to advance their knowledge and take their career to the next level. Click the links above to learn more and acquire the pieces you need individually or as a bundled set today.

More Options With BICSI CONNECT—See the Latest Classes Below

BICSI CONNECT is your all-inclusive online resource for all of your ICT training needs. Access online learning resources such as Academy Instructor-Led (ILT) courses, earn CECs and more! Check out some of the most recently added courses below:

  • Network Storage and Security
  • Remote Access, Virtualization and Network Services
  • Data Center Networks
  • IPv6 Fundamentals: The New Age of Internet Protocol Addresses
  • Are You Ready for the Internet of Things (IoT) to Change Our Buildings?
  • Safety and Performance Implications of Counterfeit Cables

See what else we have available here.

Seeking Global Writers for ICT Today

ICT Today May_June 2019Contribute to BICSI's bimonthly journal, ICT Today, with relevant articles from around the world. Please consider sharing your technical expertise and insight so that readers in every BICSI District and Region find useful content to help them learn and grow within their unique ICT community. Experienced ICT professionals are encouraged to submit vendor-neutral, timely and authoritative articles related to ICT design and installation practices and solutions. Send your article ideas to


BICSI Learning Academy offers several ways to earn continuing education credits (CECs) toward renewing your BICSI credential, including:

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