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2009 Fall Conference and Exhibition

The BICSI 2009 Fall Conference and Exhibition was a huge success with a buzzing Exhibit Hall and informative educational sessions. More than 3,500 ITS professionals attended the event where they heard speakers discuss issues ranging from BICSI NxtGEN Program, governmental relations and standards activities to LEED technology, electronic safety & security and healthcare IT innovation. The event marked the release of the Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM), 12th edition, and the Electronic Safety and Security Specialist Program. A total of 34 individuals passed the design exams—including the Electronic Safety and Security (ESS) credential by BICSI President, Edward J. Donelan, RCDD, ESS, NTS, TLT.

By the Numbers

Conference Attendee Regional Breakdown:

Andean District 1 Japan District 7
Brazilian District 6 Mexico District 12
Canadian Region 178 Middle East and Africa District 2
Caribbean District 4 North-Central Region 355
Central America District 4 Northeast Region 321
European Region 11 South-Central Region 493
Global 20 South Pacific District 4
Hong Kong District. 1 Southeast Region 335
India District 1 Western Region 1,158

Credential Holders:

RCDD 1,479 Installer 2 16
ESS 2 Installer 2, Copper 6
NTS 128 Installer 2, Optical Fiber 4
OSP 90 Technician 77
WD 32 Certified Trainer 10
Installer 1 3    

Exhibit Hall Visitors:

Total  1,033

During the conference 34 individuals passed design exams. Congratulations to the following credential holders.

Adrian Youngblood, RCDD
Brandon Houk, RCDD
Daryl Ando, RCDD
Dustin Duke, RCDD
Edward Geary, RCDD
Edward Rhodes, RCDD
Eric Hibbs, RCDD
Eric Gaffney, RCDD
Gene Jordan, RCDD
James Rawson, RCDD
James Hougland, RCDD
Jeff Mostajabi, RCDD
Jeremy Kary, RCDD

Brooks Calhoun, RCDD, ESS, NTS
Edward Donelan, V, RCDD, ESS, NTS
James Turner , RCDD, ESS, NTS

Raymond Adkins, RCDD, WD
Timothy W Thomas , RCDD, NTS, WD
Tyler J Kelly , RCDD, WD

Joseph Nelson, RCDD
Kelvin Choy, RCDD
Larry Miller, RCDD
Lonnie Berg, RCDD
Michael Akins, RCDD
Michael Lavallee, RCDD
Sarah Sargol, RCDD
Shawn Bankes, RCDD
Stephen Johnston, RCDD
Timothy Johnson, RCDD
Travis Schnelle, RCDD
Wayne Wellsandt, RCDD
Zachary LaFever, RCDD

David P Percival, RCDD, NTS
Steven M Schmerber, RCDD, NTS

Fall Conference Award Winners

Congratualtions to the following winners at the Fall Conference in Las Vegas! 

$1,000 Cash

Alan Priest, RCDD
Technical Design Services

Two tickets to KA and dinner for two at Emeril's
Alexander Ripley
Department of National Defence

$250 MGM Spa Package
Rick Friesen
Canem West

Three Free Hotel Nights at the MGM
Roger Escobar
USMC Iwakuni

Join us at our next conference and you may be a winner as well!