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Standards of Conduct

BICSI has established the Ethics Committee, the Standard of Conduct and the Code of Ethics to reinforce the following position: It is important that the BICSI members and its credential holders exhibit the highest principles of ethical and professional behavior in the provision of their products and services associated with the information and communications technology (ICT) industry. These codes and standards serve to enhance public confidence in the integrity and service of BICSI members and credential holders.

Adherence to the 14 Standards of Conduct is mandatory.

As a BICSI member and/or BICSI credential holder, I have an ethical and professional obligation to the association, ICT industry and its consumers. I therefore pledge to:

  1. Maintain a high standard of professional conduct.

  2. Protect and enhance the reputation of the BICSI organization, the credentialing program and my credential through my actions.

  3. Maintain the confidentiality of privileged information entrusted or known to me by virtue of my profession or position, unless disclosure is required by law or agreement.

  4. Be accurate and truthful in my dealings with clients and be careful not to misrepresent the quality, availability or ability of the services I provide.

  5. Never, under any circumstances, make a recommendation misrepresenting or misstating any other individual’s qualifications, abilities or accomplishments.

  6. Provide unbiased, accurate and objective assessments for all safety and operational deficiencies that may be discovered during the performance of my services.

  7. Refrain from representing competitors to clients, or the public, by the use of false and misleading statements or malicious actions, but rather work and compete with them in a reasonable and professional manner for the benefit and advancement of our profession.

  8. Refrain from using false and misleading statements or malicious actions that might injure another person’s reputation or bring harm to their person or property.

  9. Respect a client’s decision in the selection of competitive services, and continue to offer and provide that client with quality services for as long as is necessary or requested.

  10. Serve all members of the public impartially, providing no substandard service based on that individual’s age, race, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, disability or religious belief.

  11. Adhere to all relevant codes, laws, ICT industry standards and BICSI methodologies, where appropriate.

  12. Take personal responsibility to ensure that all requirements necessary for the renewal of any BICSI credential that I hold is met on, or before, the expiration date.

  13. Be accurate, honest and truthful in the presentation of all educational material or in the preparation of material orders and product availability.

  14. I will not misrepresent my BICSI credential nor willingly allow others to do so.             

Committee Members

Peter Charland, RCDD, RTPM, DCDC, NTS, WD

Vice Chair
George Fewell, RCDD

Recording Secretary
Randi Soskil, RCDD

Board Liaison
Pat McMurray, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, OSP

Staff Liaison
Bernie Currie, PHR, SHRM-CP

Alvin Emmett, RCDD
Betty Bezos, RCDD, DCDC, ESS, NTS, OSP
Dennis Mazaris, RCDD, RTPM
General Hopper, RCDD
Howard Weiss, RCDD
Kent Gibson, RCDD
Larry Hamlin, RCDD, OSP
Michael Cleveland, RCDD, OSP, NTS
Patrick Messinger, RCDD, TECH
Ryan Sennett, RCDD
Tony Whaley, RCDD, DCDC, ESS, NTS, WD
Trevor Kleinert RCDD,NTS,DCDC,TECH,


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