2020 BICSI Board of Directors Election

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Slate of Candidates for the 2020 BICSI Board of Directors Election

BICSI is pleased to announce the full slate of candidates for the upcoming BICSI Board of Directors election.

The positions for the election are:

The election will run from 1-30 September and all active members in good standing as of 1 July 2020 will be allowed to vote. On 1 September you will receive a ballot to cast your vote.

BICSI Bylaws Update

The current BICSI Board of Directors ratified changes to the BICSI Bylaws on 16 July 2020. These changes will be presented to the membership during the Board of Directors election. These changes and your chance to vote on the Bylaws changes will be included with your Board of Directors election ballot on 1 September.



Candidates for the Position of Secretary

  • Rick Ciordia, PE, RCDD, DCDC, RTPM, CT (incumbent)

    Elections Fall 2020 Rick CiordiaHonorico “Rick” Ciordia, PE, RCDD, DCDC, RTPM, CT
    Consultant Engineer
    Engineering, Technology & Telecommunications Group
    Bayamon, Puerto Rico
    Tel: +1 787.579.2062
    Email: rciordia@ettgpr.com

    Rick Ciordia, PE, RCDD, DCDC, RTPM, CT, is an experienced information and communications technology (ICT) industry professional, with more than 26 years of experience as a consultant designing ICT infrastructure solutions and helping customers develop needs-based customized solutions to increase performance of ICT systems with reduced OPEX costs. Rick is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE), Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC) and Registered Telecommunications Project Manager (RTPM). Rick has been recognized for his design expertise in designing integrated networks, ICT infrastructure systems, cost analysis and developing customized ICT solutions that deliver a positive customer experience. He has been working on smart grid technologies and implementation. Throughout his career, Rick has held design, management, and leadership positions in key ICT organizations such as Puerto Rico Power Authority, Puerto Rico Telephone Company, Verizon, WorldNet Telecommunications, Lockheed Martin, and Colortran, all of which led him to BICSI.

    His professional recognitions include CIAPR 2018 Distinguished Electrical Engineer Award, BICSI 2016 Global Member of the Year Award, Verizon’s Dedication to Excellence Award, and Puerto Rico Telephone Excellence Award.

    Rick has been involved with BICSI since 1997 and has served on the several committees. He is the current BICSI Board Secretary. In addition to his involvement with BICSI, Rick is an active member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers, IIE, in Puerto Rico since 1995 where he has been serving on the Board of Directors since 2011, and held several positions including Treasurer Auditor and Vice President. Rick holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. He is fluent in Spanish. Rick currently works in Puerto Rico where he resides with his family. He is very passionate about leaving a legacy for future generations.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    BICSI Secretary since 2020; Global Region Director, 2016-2020; Global Member of the Year, 2016; Member since 1997; RCDD since 1999; DCDC since 2012; RTPM since 2011; CT since 2011; CALA District Chair, 2012-2016; Caribbean District Chair, 2010 – 2012; Caribbean District Secretary, 2008 – 2010; BICSI Committee membership: Standards; Data Center; Wireless; Healthcare; ESS; EAC; Global Development; ITSIMM 2010; Past presenter at BICSI conferences; Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between BICSI and other ICT organizations such as CIAPR, INICTEL and ALAS. Developed ADTP training for CALA District. Recruited over 20 volunteers and helped develop BICSI presence in 24 countries; held conferences and events.

    If elected, Rick will:
    As secretary, Rick has been involved the reorganization of BICSI documentation such as the Bylaws and the Policies and Procedures. He plans to keep up the work on BICSI Documentation to help BICSI transform to the next level of service as a membership association. He will continue to support and promote BICSI throughout credentialing and training, as well as proactively support the strategic plan to grow the organization. Rick will be a voice to present current issues as a representative of the BICSI membership within the Board of Directors. He will also provide Board support of budgets and business and strategic plans.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Rick has volunteered as a councilman for the police community outreach council in his hometown. He has served as part of his homeowner’s association board. His non-profit experience includes the Professional Association of Engineers and Land Surveyors of Puerto Rico (CIAPR), where he has been a member of the board for the Institute of Electrical Engineers for eight years and held positions such as Vice President, Director, Treasurer, and Auditor. Rick has been an active CIAPR member for 26 years. Rick was presented with the CIAPR 2018 Distinguished Electrical Engineer of the Year award.

  • Robert "Bob" Hertling, RCDD, OSP

    Elections Fall 2020 Bob HertlingRobert “Bob” Hertling, RCDD, OSP
    Supervising Communications Engineer
    Charlestown, RI, United States
    Tel: +1 401.439.0335
    Email: robert.hertling@parsons.com

    Bob Hertling, RCDD, OSP, holds an Associates of Science degree in Telecommunications Engineering Technology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Management of Telecommunications Systems from Capitol Technology University in Laurel, MD. He had both a father and a grandfather who were career employees with various parts of the Bell System, so he naturally pursued training as a Telephone Technician in the Coast Guard. Bob was stationed at several telephone support units in Port Angeles, WA; Portsmouth, NH; and New London, CT. He was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and assigned as the Telephone Technician School Chief at the Coast Guard Training Center, where he was responsible for overseeing instructors providing both basic and advanced telephone training in areas such as cable splicing, testing, installation of telephone sets, key systems and PBX equipment, basic data communications, and analog and digital carrier systems, both cable- and radio-based. Bob was also responsible for budgeting, assignment of instructors, curriculum development and review, and overseeing training aid maintenance and repair. He was assigned to Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC, as the senior enlisted person for his rating, where he was responsible for determining rating qualifications and training, providing input for assignments based on experience, and determining the best fit for the rating in overall Coast Guard missions and duties. Bob then obtained a commission as a Warrant Officer in the Electronics Engineering specialty, where he was a Division Officer aboard a Coast Guard cutter in New Bedford, MA, and was responsible for the ship's electronics plant, in addition to duties as a Tactical Watch Officer for operations. His final tour before retirement was at the Coast Guard Research and Development Center, where he worked in the Aids to Navigation (ATON) test lab. Bob has made Rhode Island his home for the past 35 years.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Bob has been a BICSI member since 2000 and holds the RCDD and OSP certifications. He is a member and writing contributor to the BICSI Technical Information and Methods (TI&M) Committee and is also the Vice Chair. In addition, he sits on the Standards (OSP chair) and Codes committees and is also an RCSC sub-committee member. Bob headed up the TDMM 14th edition revision and has also contributed to several other versions of BICSI manuals and standards. He headed up the “Super Six” Modularization Team that converted all of the manuals’ text to XML format, and he is also the lead for BICSI’s new general, copper, and optical fiber field guides. Bob is also involved with supporting the U.S. Northeast  Region’s ICT Forums.

    If elected, Bob will:
    Bob will continue to follow and build upon the efforts of past Secretaries to ensure that the BICSI Board of Directors meetings are accurately recorded and will work to meet all required document control functions associated with the position. Additionally, as a Board member he will bring his experience and insight into play to ensure that BICSI remains a key player in the ICT industry. He will be proactive in recognizing the need for and the implementing of any changes and adjustments needed to keep BICSI relevant going forward.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Bob is currently a member of the Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association, the Charlestown Land Trust, and the Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Association. During his time in the Coast Guard, Bob was a member of the Unit Finance Audit Board and the Educational Services Officer while stationed onboard the USCGC Campbell.

  • Zachary Jones, RCDD

    Elections Fall 2020 Zachary JonesZachary Jones, RCDD
    Assistant Director of Telecommunications
    Binghamton University
    Binghamton, NY, United States
    Tel: +1 334.750.9168
    Email: zjones1@binghamton.edu

    After finishing high school in Wyalusing, PA, Zachary Jones, RCDD, entered the U.S. Army Reserves and completed basic training at Ft. Jackson, SC. He was then selected for early promotion by his drill instructors. He served eight years in the Army Reserves, supporting the 322nd MP CID unit. He attended Misericordia University from 1998 to 2001, where he obtained his bachelor's in Management Information Systems and was a starter for the Cougar lacrosse team. Zachary graduated from Binghamton University in 2017 with a master's in Public Administration. In 2005, he was hired as a systems analyst for the telecommunications department at Binghamton University. He joined BICSI in 2012 and earned his RCDD in 2015. From 2009 till March 2019, he was managing IT infrastructure projects, and from 2017 to 2019, he was responsible for the telecommunications department budget at Binghamton University. Three key projects Zachary managed were: IT design and installation in the new Binghamton Smart Energy building and the new School of Pharmacy building along with a three-year project to convert our old campus phone system to a Mitel VoIP system. In September 2019, he became the Assistant Director of Telecommunications at Binghamton University. In 2019, he also passed his PMP certification exam. Outside of work, Zachary enjoys spending time with his 13-year-old son, riding motorcycles, and being home on the family farm.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    BICSI Member (May 2012-present); DD102 - Student (May 2012); RCDD Certification (May 2015); BICSI Conference Session Moderator (September 2016); BG102 - Pilot Course Student (December 2016); OSP101 - Pilot Course Student (June 2018); Worked with Board Member Lee Renfroe to plan a regional meeting at Auburn University (June 2019).

    If elected, Zachary will:
    If elected as Secretary for the BICSI Board of Directors, Zachary will take great care to ensure all his duties and tasks assigned are carried out. He will manage all communications with great detail and transparency. As an elected member of the Board, he will serve with honor and represent BICSI with the utmost professionalism and respect. He will collaborate openly and honestly with the members of the organization and be open-minded and considerate of others. He believes it would be an honor to serve as an elected member of the BICSI Board.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Zachary is the Communications Director for the Binghamton PMI Chapter. He is a board member of the Mitel Global and Americas User Group. From 2015 - 2019, he was a board member of the SUNY TOA group. For a year, he was the treasurer for the Parent Teacher Group at his son's elementary school.


Candidate for the Position of Canadian Region Director

  • Fernando Neto, RCDD (incumbent)

    Fernando Neto, RCDD 
    Senior ICT & Security Systems Consultant
    Toronto, ON Canada
    Tel: +1 416 524 9884
    Email: fneto.rcdd@gmail.com

    Fernando Neto, RCDD, is passionate about his wife of 15 years, Elizabeth, their two kids (a nine-year-old boy, and a six-year-old girl), and technology in the built environment.

    Born in Toronto, Fernando lived in a small village in Portugal between the ages of 6 and 15, at which time he returned to Canada.

    After graduating college, Neto worked for a startup. As many startups go, within a couple of years the firm was bankrupt. Soon after, he “fell into” the telecommunications business when he joined Ehvert Engineering as a CAD designer, while having absolutely no knowledge or experience in the telecommunications field. Within a few short years he became a member of BICSI, studied for the RCDD exam, and passed the exam in 2000.

    With over 20 years of experience at the intersection of technology and the built environment, Fernando has focused on the effective procurement, integration and delivery of technology across the globe within complex facilities such as airports, sports venues, rail, education, and healthcare facilities. He feels fortunate to have been involved in projects in the U.S., the UAE, Brazil, Peru, the Ivory Coast, Russia,and across Canada.

    Starting his career designing structured cabling systems, today he leads the design of communications systems (SCS, public address, intercom, audiovisual, Wi-Fi, and TV broadcast infrastructure) and Security Systems (access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection) projects with a focus on aviation and property..

    Fernando believes that those who are involved in the technology field are fortunate to work in an ever-changing and rapidly advancing world of technology. He says that keeping up with the changes is part of the fun and what makes the work exciting.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Fernando has been an active member of BICSI and an RCDD since July of 2000. He has served as the Canadian Region Director since 2019. Fernando co-presented at the 2015 BICSI Canadian Conference & Exhibition in Ottawa in the spring of 2015, and he also presented at the 2018 BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition.

    If elected, Fernando will:

    1. Never compromise on ethics and safety.
    2. Continue to work with BICSI and the Board of Directors to address BICSI’s Canadian members’ concerns around course/training locations and costs.
    3. Work to elevate the recognition of BICSI certifications for the benefit of all involved in the industry.
    4. Collaborate with BICSI and the Board of Directors to promote the information and communications technology (ICT) industry through educational outreach at higher education institutions.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Fernando was a member of the Consult 2018 Steering Committee. Consult 2018 was a Technical Security Symposium, sponsored by Security Specifiers, specifically for the security industry’s leading design consultants.


    Fernando also gives back to the industry by sharing his communications and security systems knowledge with industry colleagues. Fernando was also a panelist at Consult 2017 where MasterFormat® 2016 was discussed.


Candidates for the Position of Global Region Director

  • Betty Bezos, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, OSP, ESS, PE, PMP (incumbent)

    Elections Fall 2020 Betty BezosBeatriz “Betty” Bezos, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, OSP, ESS, PE, PMP
    Consultant and Project Manager
    Bezos Technologies
    Gurabo, Puerto Rico
    Tel: +1 305.298.4989           
    Email: betty@bezos.com

    Betty Bezos, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, OSP, ESS, PE, PMP, is an experienced professional in information and communications technology (ICT) consulting and has demonstrated abilities in IT project management services, technology training, data center design, airport infrastructure and telecommunications. She has spent over 30 years designing outside plant (as an engineer with BellSouth/ AT&T), security/access control, data centers, commercial telecommunications cabling in various environments, and as a consultant. Since 1998 she has been engaged as an adjunct professor at Florida International University and Broward College teaching courses in Construction Management, Programming and Engineering. Currently she is teaching online curriculum, developing course content.

    Betty started her career with BellSouth in the 1980s. She was an Outside Plant Engineer, Support Engineer and BICS Engineer. While in the BICS group, Betty became a BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer® (RCDD®) in 1991. In 1996 she left BellSouth Telecommunications and spent several years as a Director of IT in academia. Her career expanded in the early 2000s when she became a BICSI Master Instructor and pursued consulting on a full-time basis.

    Currently, Betty is a Consultant and Project Manager at Bezos Technologies. She is a registered Professional Engineer, PMP, and BICSI RCDD, OSP, ESS, NTS, and DCDC. She serves BICSI as a volunteer and is currently the Global Region Director. She has been a contributor of the BICSI Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM), 11th to 14th editions; BICSI’s Education Standard and ESS Standard; and has participated in and various committees. She also teaches online courses for Broward College. Betty holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Education.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Puerto Rico Country Vice-Chair (3 years); CALA District Chair (3 years); Global Region Director (3 months); Ethics Committee (Vice Chair 3 years- 5 years); TI&M Committee (6 years); Educational Advisory Committee (3 years); RCSC Committee (2 years); Change-Maker – 25 in 25 years (2009) 2009; David K. Blythe Award 2019 Larry G. Romig Award; BICSI – MEA Conference – BIM Standard – Incorporating BICSI 003 and AIA Documents into the ICT Design (April 2015); MEA Conference – Successful IT Project Management – 3 Hour Seminar (2016 2018); Congreso CALA -Bogota – BIM and ITS (May 2018); MEA Conference – Digital Disruption.

    If elected, Betty will:
    As Global Region Director (GRD), Betty will continue her work promoting BICSI around the world. She will strive to: promote BICSI in universities and vocational schools; create an active community of installers and technicians in the region; work with the EMEA Region Director, acting as the global voices on BICSI’s Board of Directors; ensure all planning is done in support of the strategic plan and mission for successful global growth; be accountable to the Board and membership in carrying out her duties as GRD; and support the efforts of BICSI staff as they coordinate region activities.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Betty has participated as volunteer member of the yearly Cuba Infrastructure Student Competition. She volunteered as a mentor for the student competition and continues to provide support to this not-for-profit organization. Community volunteering includes service at her local homeowner’s association, a CCD program for young adults, and her church’s Parish Council.

  • Ninad Desai, RCDD, NTS, OSP, TECH, CT

    Elections Fall 2020 Ninad DesaiNinad Desai, RCDD, NTS, OSP, TECH, CT
    Consulting Specialist - ICT Network Infrastructure & OSP Design
    Optinext Technologies Pvt Ltd
    Mumbai, India
    Tel: +91 982.113.4063
    Email: ninad@optinextindia.com

    Having graduated in Engineering with a Master’s degree in Consultancy management, Ninad Desai, RCDD, NTS, OSP, TECH, CT, has been instrumental in the proliferation of ICT education and training in his district and the surrounding regions. He has been a BICSI member and credential holder since 2000, and he currently serves as a volunteer and the District Chair of the BICSI India District. He has been with his wife for over 25 years and has two beautiful daughters. Ninad lives in Mumbai, India, but travels all over the world for both work and professional development, primarily for his ICT consulting assignments and BICSI education activities

    Ninad has been an active contributor to the industry's ICT standards development for more than 20 years. He is a committee member of the group on standards for ICT in buildings in the National Building Code of India and has contributed to several Indian and International (BICSI) standards and manuals.

    Ninad has served as a member of the BICSI Global Development Committee since 2010. His volunteering career has spanned more than a decade for BICSI. He has been instrumental in developing BICSI presence in various countries including India and SAARC, as well as conducting and judging BICSI Cabling Skill Challenges and events. He has also been instrumental in developing BICSI partnerships with universities, telecommunications councils, and like-minded associations.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Ninad was awarded the BICSI David K. Blythe/University of Kentucky Award for Outstanding Member of the Year in 2012 for his outstanding contributions in promoting ICT programs and commitment to professional development within the ICT industry. Since joining BICSI in 2000, Ninad has been volunteering extensively in areas of membership development, education, training, and standards proliferation and has worked his way through several volunteer roles, from Committee Member to District Secretary, to currently being the Chair of the BICSI India District. He also currently serves as a subject matter expert for the BICSI ITSIMM 8th edition revision group.

    If elected, Ninad will:
    Ninad will continue to lead and advance the global volunteer outreach by driving regular interactions and communications with global volunteers. Being a firm believer of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” — a Sanskrit phrase which means "The World is One Family" — he will focus on inclusiveness to help ensure global members views are heard and acted upon by the BICSI Board of Directors to help achieve accelerated global growth in BICSI awareness and memberships. Being a quick learner who likes to work and create new ways to do things and improve on it concurrently, he will keep promoting BICSI globally through innovative platforms that help deliver continual educational and professional value to the global community.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Ninad currently volunteers as the skills expert in Information Network cabling for the National Skills Development Corporation in the advancement of skills learning at schools and vocational colleges in the field of ICT infrastructure. He has to date trained more than 1,500 ICT and Optical Fiber installers on various ICT specialty subjects of interest. He is also an active committee member to the group on standards for ICT in buildings in the National Building Code of India.

  • Trevor Kleinert, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, TECH, CT

    Elections Fall 2020 Trevor KleinertTrevor Kleinert, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, TECH, CT
    Managing Director
    Kleinert Consulting Group Services
    Ambarvale, NSW, Australia
    Tel: +61 4 9990 0682
    Email: trevorkleinert_kcgs@bigpond.com

    Trevor Kleinert, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, TECH, CT, began his journey in the cabling industry at the age of 17 for A.G. Garland, in 1986. He progressed through the company and after five years, he moved into active products, along with various communications and product courses including a Certificate of Sales Management.

    In the 90s, Trevor was involved in bringing the Panduit Data product to market in both sales and product management roles. During the late 90s, he sold Cat6 to financial and corporate clients.

    In 2001, Trevor was State Manager at KRONE and then relocated to NSW to head up the fibre business. Over the next five years, he immersed himself in numerous sales, financial, and technical courses, and worked his way to the position of Director of Sales & Operations. In 2006, he moved to energy cable and by 2010 he moved back into ICT, focusing on selling cabinets in commercial and government sectors of NSW/ACT. The following four years, Trevor was the NSW Manager for Warren & Brown Technologies focusing on the commercial and data centre markets.

    Trevor has been a BICSI member since 1997. Currently, he has his own business as an industry consultant and trainer/assessor. He is contracted to JB Hunter facilitating the ACMA Open Cabling License and associated Structured Cabling, Fibre Optics, and Coaxial Endorsements. This also includes training NBN FTTN and FTTC.

    He has gained a strong understanding of the ICT industry, both technically and from a sales development perspective, with a strong desire to pursue ICT development in our industry focusing on best practice through proper and thorough education.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Trevor became a member of BICSI in 1997. In 2003, he was involved in writing the first BICSI Residential Manual. He served as the NSW Coordinator in 2005-06 and ACT Coordinator in 2015. He sits on six South Pacific committees and recently been appointed onto the BICSI Global Ethics Committee as well being a Global Development Committee member. He presented at the 2016 South Pacific conference & the 2017/2019 Japan conference. In 2019, he facilitated the DC102 course in Japan. Additionally, Trevor has been on the South Pacific Board for four years and is currently the South Pacific District Chair.

    If elected, Trevor will:
    Trevor will continue to use the passion he has for BICSI to focus on raising the profile of membership and its advantages to the market, concentrating on both the ICT and associated markets that are linked to ICT. He believes that the success and growth of BICSI is critical for our industry. He will also push BICSI’s educational programs ranging from credentials to online training for both attainment of credentials and for personal growth. He wishes to educate the market through actively promoting BICSI’s offerings to all verticals in a bid to grow membership.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Over the last 25 years, Trevor has actively been involved in various industry committees and sub-committees in the ICT field. In the late 90s he was a member of the Structured Cabling Standards Sub-committee and a member of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) panel in 2004 on behalf of KRONE. In 2017, he was accepted onto the Pathways and Spaces Standards Sub-committee, participating in the writing of the New Standard for ANZ for Standards Australia. In late 2018 he was elected as the Student Mentor Chair for NSW for IEEE.


Candidates for the Position of U.S. South-Central Region Director

  • Chris Harrell, RCDD

    Elections Fall 2020 Chris HarrellChris Harrell, RCDD
    Senior Telecommunications Designer
    Jacobs Engineering, Inc.
    Goodlettsville, TN, United States
    Tel: +1 314.335.4074
    Email: christopher.harrell@jacobs.com

    Chris Harrell, RCDD, was born in Marshall, Texas, but he spent much of his childhood in Jefferson, Texas, and graduated high school from Pine Tree High School in Longview, Texas. He is a husband, a father, and a grandfather, with five children and eight grandchildren. He and his wife and have been married for 24 years. His wife was very patient as Chris studied for the RCDD, and she shared in the celebration when he passed it. They live on a quiet piece of property in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, and have lived there for their entire marriage.

    Chris’ career started in 1976 as an electrician’s helper in a power generating facility and, after a short stay at Kilgore College (1978-1979), he decided to enter the electrical trade full time. Although he never attended a formal apprenticeship program, he bought his first guide to the National Electrical Code® (NEC®) in 1980 and continued to purchase new NEC editions every three years. Having studied his trade consistently in Texas for over 15 years, Chris decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee, to continue his work as an electrician. In 1994, he had the opportunity to be a part of a project involving Ethernet over twisted-pair. Over the next seven years, he assisted in building a low-voltage cabling division for a local electrical contractor. During that time, Chris was trained in the optical fiber AT&T facility outside of Atlanta and eventually trained in NORDX (now Belden). His design career started by successfully passing the RCDD certification examination. Over his 20-year career, Chris has been fortunate to have worked in: healthcare; K-12; colleges/universities; Internet service providers; aerospace facilities; the Department of Defense; and enterprise data centers.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Chris has been an active member of BICSI since 1999 and joined the Codes Committee (now a subcommittee to the Standards Committee) in 2005, where he served as an active voting member for some time and continues to regularly attend. Additionally, Chris is an active member of the Professional Development Committee (PDC) and co-chair of the Emerging Professionals and Student Workgroup under the PDC. 

    If elected, Chris will:
    Chris will make himself available to the membership for input, feedback, and new ideas. He is a people person and will go out of his way to see the BICSI outlives him and beyond. He currently attends two BICSI conferences a year and meets with as many members as possible. He believes being a Board member will only give him more opportunity to engage, promote, and give honest feedback. His Jacobs peers include 40+ RCDDs. His monthly telecom calls, in part, promote BICSI, to engage BICSI members and promote the value of BICSI certifications. He will extend those efforts to all BICSI members.  

    Additional volunteer experience:
    When opportunities arise, Chris makes himself available to volunteer. His office has an annual contest to raise money and purchase food for a food drive to benefit one of the local charities. He and his wife have volunteered together for their church and when those opportunities have come up. He regularly donates money to Boy Scouts of America, Girls Scouts of America and, of course, BICSI Cares.

  • Pablo Lopez, RCDD, TECH

    Elections Fall 2020 Pablo LopezPablo Lopez RCDD, TECH
    Communications Analyst/Designer
    University of Texas
    Austin, TX, United States
    Tel: +1 512.471.0285
    Email: pllopez@austin.utexas.edu

    Pablo Lopez, RCDD, TECH, started in the ICT community with a "come help me complete this job" offer when he was a teenager. As he progressed, he came to better understand what it was that he was installing and how it worked: Siamese coax cable/hybrid coax cable. That particular cable within that project was being used for closed-circuit televisions. It interested Pablo so much that he went from being a helper to a full-time employee at the age of 16, working after school and throughout the summers. He is twice that age now and still finds himself very interested and motivated to learn about the current technological advancements and how those will better help the ICT community.

    As Pablo has progressed throughout his career, he’s acquired several certifications from FOA and BICSI. Today, he is still searching and reaching for that next credential that will allow him to better serve the ICT community. His passion has led him through many challenges; some for the better and some for the worse. Each challenge, however unique, has given him the much-needed experience to better serve his community. With Pablo’s experience, he has found himself in a position of dependency from his current team that has truly humbled him. He believes humility is a good trait to have, and he is extremely satisfied with the career choice he made when he was 16. His passion has inspired those on his team to seek out their own advances through BICSI and the ICT community as they progress with their careers.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Pablo has been a BICSI TECH since 2012, an RCDD since 2017, and a member since 2018.

    If elected, Pablo will:
    Pablo will showcase his leadership skills and expert knowledge of the ICT industry. His passion to strive will provide BICSI and the ICT profession with a renewed level of excitement and a high level of enthusiasm to all those within BICSI and the ICT profession to continue evolving as technology advances.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Pablo has assisted his manager as a volunteer to him directly, as his manager serves on the Greater Austin Area Telecommunications Network (GAATN) Interlocal agency Board of Directors.

  • James Mertens, RCDD

    Elections Fall 2020 James MertensJames Mertens, RCDD
    MBH Reps
    Austin, TX, United States
    Tel: +1 512.565.9334
    Email: txmertens@gmail.com

    James Mertens, RCDD, has over 25 years of experience working with end users, distributors, technology consultants, and contractors. He has extensive design and specification knowledge of enterprise fiber optic and copper structured cabling systems, including ICT and IP Security applications. As a BICSI-certified RCDD, his certification is current through 31 December 2022. James has worked within vertical markets such as federal, state, and municipal government agencies, education, health care, and large enterprise. His management skills include building and managing ITS sales organizations, formulating sales quotas, and creating strategic business plans. He enjoys establishing business relationships with customers and providing them with the best-in-class customer service.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    BICSI member and ICT professional in the industry for over 25 years. Achieved RCDD certification in 1995. Has actively participated in BICSI conferences annually since the mid-90s. Has actively promoted BICSI with his customers and has mentored several new members to study and achieve their RCDD certification. Participated and attended multiple regional BICSI events in Texas as a supplier and attendee.

    If elected, James will:
    James would like to use his industry experience to serve the BICSI membership and its Board through increasing participation in the South-Central Region. He will actively promote and help organize Region events to increase the visibility of BICSI in the community.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    James volunteers annually with Mobile Loaves and Fishes to provide Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to feed the homeless and needy of the Austin community. Additionally, he is a St. Theresa Church -Knights of Columbus Member, serving the parish and community in need.

  • Jim Walters, RCDD, DCDC, RTPM

    Elections Fall 2020 Jim WaltersJim Walters, RCDD, DCDC, RTPM
    ICT Designer
    U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
    Louisville, KY, United States
    Tel: +1 502.315.6322
    Email: james.m.walters@usace.army.mil

    Jim Walters, RCDD, DCDC, RTPM, has spent 30 years in the industry is interested in giving back to the ICT community that has been so rewarding to him.

    Jim worked in project management in the power generation industry and with the RBOCs. For him, it was easy to recognize the disparity in standards between the IT in power generation and distribution and what was done in the telecom industry. He began designing networks including operational technology networks for mission critical applications, using what he learned in telecom. Working with RBOCs and later CLECs lead him to BICSI. He studied and became an RCDD in 1999.

    Jim presided over an engineering and construction firm for many years. They designed call centers and data centers for the financial industry in addition to continuing to work in power generation and heavy industry. He found that the RTPM certification was invaluable in maturing their project management activities.  

    He sold his company in 2016 and started a new career with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, where he works as an ICT designer today. In his current position, Jim provides telecommunication expertise and guidance to key operating officials within USACE, other federal agencies, private interests, A-E firms, and the department of Veterans Affairs. He finds the ICT industry just as exciting today as he did 30 years ago.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Jim has been a member of BICSI since 1999. He served on the BICSI Healthcare Standards Subcommittee. He was a team member that developed and published ANSI/BICSI 004-2018, Information Communication Technology Systems Design and Implementation Best Practices for Healthcare Institutions and Facilities. This past year, he served on the RCSC Committee as a team member that wrote RCDD exam questions. He also served on the RTPM Job Task Analysis (JTA) Study. Jim is also a member of the BICSI Standards Committee.

    If elected, Jim will:
    Jim would enjoy the opportunity to further the BICSI brand and provide input on the future of the industry. He believes that, as the world becomes ever more connected, ensuring that BICSI remains the preeminent resource for the Connected World will be rewording work. Finding ways for BICSI members to further their offerings to allow them to enjoy more rewarding careers, both financially and personally, will be an endeavor that Jim will work tirelessly towards.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Jim has served on a number of nonprofit boards. Three that he is particularly proud of are:

    • Massac County Emergency Services Board 1998‐ Present: Technical Advisory Position and Board Member, with technical telecommunications and cyber responsibilities for 911 PSAPs and Emergency Operations Center equipment and networks
    • Massac Memorial Hospital Board, 2015‐ 2016
    • Illinois NECA State Board of Directors, 2013-2016


Candidates for the Position of U.S. Southeast Region Director

  • Thomas "Lee" Renfroe, RCDD, ESS, TECH (incumbent)

    Elections Fall 2020 Lee RenfroeThomas "Lee" Renfroe, RCDD, ESS, TECH
    Fitzgerald, GA, United States
    Tel: +1 229.425.0071
    Email: lee@gofroe.com

    Thomas “Lee” Renfroe, RCDD, ESS, TECH, has been in the telecommunications/low-voltage industry for 20 years. He started his career as a technician for Bellsouth/AT&T in 1998. During Lee’s 10 years there, he held the titles of service technician, digital technician and systems technician. In 2008, he transitioned into the role of a telecommunications instructor for Wiregrass Georgia Technical College where he found a passion for technical instruction. Upon leaving the technical college Lee gained valuable experience as an estimator and project manager for a low-voltage company. In 2015, he established GoFroe in his hometown of Fitzgerald, Georgia. The services at GoFroe include structured cabling, security, networking, communications, consulting and audits. In keeping with his desire to train others, Lee also provides nationwide fiber optic training through contract services. Education: Telecommunications Diploma — East Central Technical College; A.A.S in Technology — Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. Certifications: BICSI RCDD, ESS, TECH; FOA CFOT, CFOS/I/O/C/S/T/H/L/A/DC/D; CompTIA A+. Licenses: Georgia Unrestricted Low-Voltage License LVU406123

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    RCDD, ESS, and TECH certifications; BICSI Member, 11 years; BICSI Cabling Skills Competitor and Judge, 2010 to present; BICSI Installer of the Year, 2012 and 2013; Former Ethics Committee Member; Former Nominating Committee Member; Current Southeast Region Director.

    If elected, Lee will:
    Lee’s platforms as Region Director is to encourage mentorship among industry leaders, promote continuing education and professional development, and to protect the value of BICSI’s certifications. Throughout his career, Lee has had several mentors to guide and motivate him. Now, he finds himself being a mentor and wants to encourage others to do the same. He feels that professional development is a necessary component to a successful career. He wants others to realize the importance of challenging themselves by earning industry certifications. Lee wants BICSI members to know that their credentials have long term value and prestige.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Lee is an active member of First Baptist Church in Fitzgerald, Georgia. He is on the advisory board for the Telecommunications/Security Program at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College. Lee also supports his local "Christian Kitchen" that provides daily meals and food boxes to needy families. For the past three years, Lee has sponsored and planned a local "Coffee with a Cop" event to bring together the community with local law enforcement. He also serves on the Fitzgerald Ben Hill Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

  • Bo Conrad, RCDD, TECH

    Bo Conrad, RCDD, TECH
    Director of Design & Engineering
    Bo Enterprise
    Ashburn, VA, United States
    Tel: +1 408.221.1441
    Email: conradb@boenterprise.com

    Bo Conrad, RCDD, TECH, attributes his entire ICT professional career to his 35-year BICSI membership. His vocation began at Nevada Western (one of the original inventors of the patch panel and baluns) as Director of Marketing. Obtaining his RCDD opened up new opportunities including being one of the founders of the ANSI TIA 568 committees and later serving on other standards committees. He was later promoted to executive sales operations management roles both in Europe and the U.S.

    Subsequently, Bo was the co-owner of a sales rep firm and cable house providing design/project management services to the “Who’s Who” of Silicon Valley. His RCDD certification also allowed him to become the first SCS/IT Networking instructor for University of California Santa Cruz and Berkeley. This motivated him to become one of the first BICSI Authorized Training Facilities (ATFs), requiring him to obtain his TECH and Certified Instructor certifications. As an ATF instructor for CrossBow Communications, Bo owned/managed three private post-secondary schools and curriculum over the next 16 years in California and Hawaii. There, they graduated over 1,100 students certified in a combination of BICSI Installer, RCDD, and MS A+ and Net+.

    As a published industry author, Bo has produced and instructed six industry-recognized manufacturer cable/connectivity and industry trade organization contractor training/warranty programs. He also had his own column, “Ask Bo,” providing tech tips for industry publications. Most recently, he was the lead author for the BICSI ICT Today magazine May/June 2019 issue on "Commissioning Data Center ICT Cabling."

    Other diverse career data center roles in Virginia include Regional Business Development Manager for Align; and Director of Project Management and Design and Engineering with E2 Optics. The primary focus was optical cabling installation for Class/Tier 3-4 Data Centers white spaces, Co-Los, and OSP 4G/5G Edge long-haul networks. Bo holds an MBA and a B.S. of Engineering.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Bo has been a BICSI member since 1985 and an RCDD credential holder since 1988. He has served on various BICSI committees and the ATF forum. He has also helped author and edit sections of the ITSIMM and TDMM and has participated in exam writing. He was a contributing subject matter expert (SME) to the former BICSI Residential and Wi-Fi manuals.

    He is an active member of the TI&M Committee as an SME Team Lead overseeing the ITSIMM Cable Testing & Troubleshooting team; a member of the MOD Committee; a member of the Intelligent Building standards subcommittee; and a judge for the annual BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge. He is also a frequent speaker at regional BICSI and other professional organization events.

    If elected, Bo will:
    Bo is very excited with BICSI's new management and elected team of volunteers! He finds it refreshing to know BICSI is focused on addressing the membership. That is why he got re-involved with his committee membership. He has plans in northern Virginia to promote the BICSI program among other professional organizations.

    Bo’s passion is supporting and growing the important role of the training programs globally, but he believes it starts with promoting regional events. He feels that the ATF schools have been neglected over the past years, but are well-positioned to recruit, grow, and maintain local memberships.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Bo was Chairman of Church Properties for two Richmond, VA, locations for over 11 years, as well as a volunteer youth counselor. His work schedule is now mostly located in Ashburn, VA (Loudoun County, the "Internet Capital of Data Centers”), where he has a second home. He is also on his HOA Board of Directors in his development, where he helps to oversee a major million-dollar building improvement project.

    Bo is also a sole-sponsor garbage-cleanup volunteer for over four miles of park pathways adjacent to his Ashburn condo unit, as well as another four miles along the main highways near his house in Richmond.


Candidates for the Position of U.S. Western Region Director

  • Larry Beebe, RCDD

    Larry Beebe, RCDD
    Horizon Communication Technologies, Inc.
    Irvine, CA, United States
    Tel: +1 530.320.2882
    Email: ljb@alpha3.org 

    Larry Beebe, RCDD, began his telecom career just after the 'Carter Phone' decision in 1968. His initial exposure to 'dial tone' was with Litton BTS, where he was National Sales Manager until leaving for Stromberg-Carlson (names we do not hear today)…how the industry has changed! Larry started his own company in 1976, "Creative Communications," and sold it in 1997. He did consulting work for cities, public agencies, and the private sector. Then he moved on to semi-retirement, until he received a call from the new owner of Horizon Communications Technologies. He persuaded Larry to give him a 90-day consulting agreement for management assistance, and there he has stayed for over 8 years, enjoying being with a former corporate executive and sharing the observations from an entrepreneur's perspective—now being COO of a global cutting-edge communications company. The life in telecom has brought Larry much joy and satisfaction, as well as moments of distress and frustration, like the time Toshiba gave propeller secrets away and caused a horrific backlash in the small phone system world that he was in.

    Larry was asked to join BICSI in the late 1980s and turned it down, thinking, "this won't go far”…and look at it now! BICSI has been a very steady influence in Larry’s business life, and to see the progress and industry respect the association has enjoyed brings him to the point where he wishes to continue that positive future for all of BICSI’s current members and provide an inviting desire for new members. Larry will truly support all members equally while he aggressively pursues excellence for BICSI’s team members.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Larry has served in the past on two subcommittees: one early on when the 'definitions' were being updated (early 2000s), and then on the initial RCDD review of credentials a couple years ago. He has proudly kept his RCDD certification since 2003 and is enrolled in the RTPM program. Larry looks forward to representing the BICSI membership on the Board.

    If elected, Larry will:
    Larry’s primary goals will be to ensure the high standards for membership are maintained; the integrity of all BICSI credentials are held as examples of excellence; that BICSI’s educational offerings are second to none; and as a group, BICSI members remain proud of the organization because he believes it truly is the leader within the communications community.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Larry has been active within Rotary International (Yorba Linda chapter and as former Charter President, Anaheim Hills chapter). He also went on a missionary tour to Brazil last century and has held youth summer camps for the underprivileged. In addition, he has organized Christian youth rallies.

  • Luke Clawson, RCDD, GROL, MBA

    Elections Fall 2020 Luke ClawsonLuke Clawson, RCDD, GROL, MBA
    Director - Telecommunications
    G&G Systems
    Las Vegas, NV United States
    Tel: +1 702.798.0995
    Email: lukehclawson@gmail.com

    Luke Clawson, RCDD, GROL, MBA, was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, but moved to Las Vegas when he was 11. He grew up in a small town just outside Las Vegas called Boulder City. He graduated high school in 1997 and then started his electrical career with the local union (357) apprenticeship program that same year. He graduated in 2003 as the youngest in his class and continued in the electrical industry in various field positions until he decided to go back to college. He worked full time during the day and attended UNLV at night until he earned a duel undergraduate degree in finance and real estate. Luke then decided to further his management skills and was admitted to the Executive MBA program at UNLV in 2010 and graduated the next year. He has always had an interest in continuing his education, so after graduating with his MBA, Luke moved into the office for G&G Systems and has been with them since 2002. He has been fortunate over the years with G&G, as they have allowed him to continue his education and focus his training in the telecommunication industry. Since then, Luke has earned his RCDD and GROL and continues to evolve and support the telecommunication industry including BICSI. Since graduating from his apprenticeship back in 2003, Luke returned to teach twice a week for the Southern Nevada Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee, and he has been doing so for the past 14 years. He enjoys staying involved with organizations that better the community and continues to expand his education. Luke also has an amazing nine-year-old daughter named Chloe, who he loves more than anything. He truly enjoys living and working in the great city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Luke has personally been involved with BICSI since May 2015 when he began his formal study for the RCDD exam. He enrolled in every class, took every study test, and study class that BICSI offered and has been a member and supporter ever since. He sees the significant value in being a BICSI member and would like to contribute more to the long-term success of the organization. Since becoming an RCDD, Luke has attended a conference every year and enrolled in BICSI classes or webinars when available. Luke looks forward to being more involved in BICSI through volunteering and committees if given the opportunity. He truly values the BICSI organization and would be honored to join the Board of Directors.

    If elected, Luke will:
    Luke hopes to bring his knowledge and experience to the board to further adapt the goals of BICSI to today's ever-changing environment. Due to his age (41), he believes he can bring the youth and knowledge of today's workplace experience to the Board and help mold the training and organization to fit tomorrow’s members. He hopes to increase the visibility of BICSI as a whole and increase membership through training and expanding the reputation that BICSI has built over time.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Luke volunteers with local charities like Help of Southern Nevada and actively sits on two boards. He has been involved with the Executive MBA program for UNLV since graduating, which includes interviews with prospective students and discussing the goals and program directives. He also sits on the local union (357) Sound and Communication board, interviewing new candidates and assisting in the long-term goals of the program. Luke enjoys being involved with programs he finds valuable and wants to further develop if given the chance. He appreciates the opportunity to run for a board member seat with BICSI and looks forward to serving if given the chance. Thank you for your consideration.