BICSI Announces 2023-24 Board Members

BICSI has completed the 2022 Board of Directors election. In balloting that ended 30 September 2022, BICSI members elected five Board members to serve a two-year term on the BICSI Board of Directors. The results are as follows:

  • Secretary - Honorico "Rick" Ciordia, PE, RCDD, DCDC, RTPM (Incumbent)
  • Global Regional Director - Fernando Neto, RCDD
  • U.S. South-Central Regional Director - Ryan Davis, RCDD, TECH
  • U.S. Southeast Regional Director - Bo Conrad, RCDD, TECH
  • U.S. Western Regional Director - Luke Clawson, RCDD, MBA (Incumbent)

The new Board members will officially be inaugurated on Wednesday, 8 February, at the 2023 BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition in Tampa, Florida, and online.

BICSI Governance Change Recommendations Vote
The current BICSI Board of Directors deferred approval of the proposed governance change recommendations presented by the Governance Workgroup to the membership. The proposed governance changes were presented to the membership for consideration during a Special Meeting of Members via Zoom webinar on 25 August 2022. In addition, these changes were presented to the membership during the Board of Directors election. The membership voted to approve the governance change recommendations as proposed.

Elected Secretary

  • Honorico "Rick" Ciordia, PE, RCDD, DCDC, RTPM (Incumbent)


    2022 BOD All Rick updated

    Honorico “Rick” Ciordia, PE, RCDD, DCDC, RTPM (Incumbent)

    Consultant Engineer
    Engineering, Technology & Telecommunications Group
    Bayamon, Puerto Rico
    Email: rciordia@ettgpr.com





    Rick Ciordia, PE, RCDD, DCDC, RTPM, is an experienced information and communications technology (ICT) industry professional with more than 26 years of experience as a consultant designing ICT infrastructure solutions and helping customers develop needs-based customized solutions to increase performance of ICT systems with reduced OPEX costs. Rick is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE), Registered Communications Distribution Designer® (RCDD®), Data Center Design Consultant® (DCDC®) and Registered Telecommunications Project Manager® (RTPM®). Rick has been recognized for his design expertise in designing integrated networks, ICT infrastructure systems, cost analysis, and developing customized ICT solutions that deliver a positive customer experience.

    Throughout his career, Rick has held design, management, and leadership positions in key ICT organizations, such as LUMA Energy, Puerto Rico Power Authority, Puerto Rico Telephone Company, Verizon, WorldNet Telecommunications, Lockheed Martin, and Colortran, which led him to BICSI. His professional recognitions include CIAPR 2018 Distinguished Electrical Engineer Award, BICSI 2016 Global Member of the Year Award, Verizon’s Dedication to Excellence Award, and Puerto Rico Telephone Excellence Award.

    Rick has been involved with BICSI since 1997 and has served on several committees. He is the current Secretary Chair for the Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) District. In addition to his involvement with BICSI, Rick is an active member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers, IIE, in Puerto Rico since 1995 where he has been serving on the Board of Directors since 2011 and held several positions including Treasurer Auditor and Vice-president.

    Rick holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, BSEE, from the University of Central Florida and a Master’s in Business Administration, MBA, from the University of Phoenix and is fluent in Spanish. He is very passionate about family values and leaving a legacy for future generations.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Rick has been BICSI Secretary since 2020; Global Region Director 2016-2020; Global Member of the Year 2016; Membership 1997; RCDD 1999; DCDC 2012; RTPM 2011; CT 2011; CALA District Chair 2012-2016; Caribbean District Chair 2010 – 2012; Caribbean District Secretary 2008-2010; BICSI Committees: Standards, Data Center, Wireless, Healthcare, ESS, EAC, Global Development, ITSIMM 2010; Past presenter at BICSI conferences; Memorandum of Understanding between BICSI and other ICT organizations including CIAPR, INICTEL & ALAS. Developed ADTP training for District. Recruited over 20 volunteers and developed BICSI presence in 24 countries; Held conferences and events in 10 countries; Developed partnerships with universities.

    If elected, Rick will:
    As secretary, Rick has been involved in the reorganization of BICSI documentation such as the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures. He plans to keep up the work to help BICSI transform to the next level of service as a professional membership association. Rick plans to support and promote BICSI throughout credentialing and training, proactively support the strategic plan to grow the organization, be the voice and present current issues in representation of BICSI membership at the Board of Directors, provide Board support of budgets, business, and strategic plans, and support strategic plan and mission for Global Growth. Rick will be accountable to the Board and membership in carrying out his duties.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Rick has volunteered as a councilman for the police community outreach council at his hometown. Rick has served as part of the homeowner’s association board. His not-for-profit experience includes the Professional Association of Engineers and Land Surveyors of PR (CIAPR), where he has been a member of the board for the Institute of Electrical Engineers for five years and held positions such as Vice President, Director, Treasurer, and Auditor. Rick has been a CIAPR active member for 25 years. Rick was awarded the CIAPR 2018 Distinguished Electrical Engineer of the year.


Elected Global Regional Director

  • Fernando Neto, RCDD

    2022 BOD - Neto

    Fernando Neto, RCDD
    Senior Manager
    H. H. Angus & Associates
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada






    Born in Toronto, Canada, Fernando Neto, RCDD, subsequently lived in Portugal between the ages of 6 and 15, before returning home. Following college, Fernando’s first role was at a small startup however, as many startups go, the firm was bankrupt within a short time span. Soon after, Fernando “stumbled upon” the telecommunications business when he joined a Toronto consulting firm in 1998 as a CAD designer. Driven by curiosity of the emerging space, but starting with absolutely no experience in the telecommunications field, he became a member of BICSI, studied for the Registered Communications Distribution Designer® (RCDD®) exam, and passed the exam within a few short years.

    Now, with over 24 years of experience at the intersection of technology and the built environment, Fernando has focused on the effective procurement, integration, and delivery of technology for projects across the globe within complex facilities such as hospitals, airports, sports venues, education, and rail facilities. Fernando feels fortunate to have worked on projects in the U.S., the UAE, Brazil, Peru, Ivory Coast, Russia, and across Canada.

    While Fernando started his career designing Structured Cabling Systems, today he is a Senior Leader guiding a team of highly skilled professionals in the design, project management, and delivery of Communications Systems (SCS, Public Address, Intercom, Nurse Call, Audio Video, Network and Wi-Fi infrastructure) and Security Systems (Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, and RTLS) projects with a focus on healthcare, labs, and commercial sectors. Fernando’s current role is at HH Angus & Associates, an employee-owned independent consulting firm of engineers, technical specialists, and project managers with a mission described as “Expanding What is Possible. Together. For a Better Future."

    Mentoring those around him is one of his biggest passions. It still amazes him how much he gets back by the simple act of sharing his extensive knowledge.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Fernando has been an active member of BICSI and an RCDD since July of 2000. He has been the Canadian Region Director since 2019 and as such, has been an active and vocal member of the BICSI Board of Directors. Fernando has been the Board Liaison to the Ethics Committee, has hosted both in-person and virtual ICT Forums, co-presented at the BICSI Canadian Ottawa Conference in the spring of 2015, and presented at the BICSI Winter Conference in 2018.

    If elected, Fernando will:

    1.  Never compromise on ethics and safety.

    2.  Continue to work with BICSI and the Board of Directors to address BICSI’s Global members’ as well as all other members’ concerns around course/training locations and costs, as well as membership value, creating a strong ROI for both current and future BICSI members.

    3.  Work to elevate the recognition of the BICSI credentials for the benefit of all involved in our industry, including building owners, facility managers, consultants, and contractors.

    4.  Collaborate with BICSI and the Board of Directors to promote our industry through educational outreach at higher education institutions.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Fernando has been a member of the BICSI Board of Directors since 2019 representing not only the Canadian members but all BICSI members. At H.H. Angus, Fernando leads a volunteer program for the benefit of co-op students and grads where senior members of staff present to the students during lunch hour to share technical knowledge in the Communications and Security fields. Fernando was a member of the Consult 2018 Steering Committee, co-presented at Consult 2018, and was a panelist at Consult 2017. Consult is a Technical Security Symposium, sponsored by Security Specifiers, specifically for the security industry’s leading design consultants.


Elected U.S. South-Central Regional Director

  • Ryan Davis, RCDD, TECH

    2022 BOD - Davis

    Ryan Davis, RCDD, TECH

    Director of ITS and Communications
    Osborne Electric Company
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
    Email: rdavis@osborneelectric.com





    Ryan Davis, RCDD, TECH, began his information and communications technology (ICT) the summer of 2008. Ryan’s mother was the accounting/office manager for an IBEW/NECA shop and suggested that he take the apprenticeship entrance exam, since he was unhappy at his job selling cruise vacations. Ryan is forever grateful for that nudge from his mother, because it has led him to find a career that he is continually passionate and excited to be a part of. During his Teledata apprenticeship at IBEW Local 26, Ryan was fortunate to be exposed to a curriculum that was built around the principles and best practices put forward by BICSI, and eventually Ryan graduated his apprenticeship as a BICSI Technician®. He continued to take on new challenges and had the opportunity to receive two years of project management experience before relocating to Oklahoma. His move to Oklahoma has been a great opportunity to adapt to a new pace of life. In May of 2018 Ryan began work at Osborne Electric, with aspirations of building his own ICT division within their corporation. Ryan believes the ownership of Osborne has been extremely supportive and provided him the opportunity to get his BICSI TECH® certification reinstated, as well as allowing him all of the support he needed to successfully receive his Registered Communications Distribution Designer® (RCDD®) certification on his first attempt. Ryan’s division has continued to grow year over year, and he truly believes that his success is due to the level of training, education, and Continuing Education material that he has had access to.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Ryan recently had the opportunity to be present for the first NECA/BICSI Summit in San Antonio Texas, and he plans to attend the Fall Conference in Las Vegas this year. Ryan has not had any involvement in committees yet. He has been a BICSI individual member since 2008 and has enlisted Osborne Electric as a corporate member since 2021.

    If elected, Ryan will:
    If elected, Ryan intends to focus on building a new generation of ICT professionals. He is excited to share his ideas on how to educate individuals ages 17-25 about the opportunities available in the ICT field. Ryan would like to share ideas on what he believes adopting current communication platforms (Discord) could look like, when used as a recruitment tool.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Ryan participates in planning local community building events. He does not have any experience sitting on a nonprofit board.


Elected U.S. Southeast Regional Director

  • Bo Conrad, RCDD, TECH

    Bo Conrad, RCDD, TECH
    ICT Technical Consultant
    Bo Enterprise
    Henrico, Virginia, United States
    Email: conradb@boenterprise.com







    Bo Conrad, RCDD, TECH, attributes his entire professional career to his 35-plus-year BICSI membership. Bo’s vocation began at Nevada Western (one of the original inventors of the patch panel and baluns) as Director of Marketing. Obtaining his Registered Communications Distribution Designer® (RCDD®) opened new opportunities, including being one of the founders of the ANSI TIA 568 committees and later serving on other TIA and BICSI standards committees. Bo was later promoted to executive sales operations management roles in Europe in the U.S.

    Subsequently, Bo was the co-owner of a sales rep firm and cable house, providing design/project management services to the Who’s Who of Silicon Valley. His RCDD certification also allowed him to become the first SCS/ICT Networking instructor for the University of California Santa Cruz and Berkeley. This intrigued Bo to become one of the first BICSI ATFs, requiring him to obtain his Tech III and Instructor certifications. As an ATF instructor of CrossBow Communications, Bo owned/managed three private post-secondary schools and curriculum over the next 16 years in California and Hawaii. They graduated over 1,100 students certified in a combination of BICSI Installer, RCDD, and MS A+ and Net+.

    As a published industry author, Bo has produced and instructed six industry-recognized manufacturer cable/connectivity and industry trade organization contractor training/warranty programs. He also had his own column, “Ask Bo,” providing tech tips for industry publications. Bo was the lead author for the BICSI ICT Today Magazine May/June 2019 issue on "Commissioning Data Center ICT Cabling." Other diverse career data center roles in Virginia include Business Development Manager for Align, Director of Design & Engineering with E2 Optics, and two other training/consulting assignments. The primary focus is QA for optical and copper cabling installation in Class/Tier 3-4 Data Centers’ white spaces, Co-Los, Edge long-haul, and university campuses. Bo holds an MBA and a B.S. degree.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Bo has been a BICSI member since 1985 and an RCDD credential holder since 1988. He has served on various BICSI committees including the ATF forum, authoring/editing ITSIMM and TDMM sections, exam writing subcommittees, and as a contributing SME to the (former) BICSI Residential and Wi-Fi publications.

    Bo is an active member of the TI&M Committee as a SMETL overseeing the ITSIMM Cable Testing & Troubleshooting team, member of MOD, a member of the Intelligent Building standards subcommittee, and a judge for the annual Cabling Skills Challenge. He has also been a speaker at regional BICSI and other professional organizations' events.

    If elected, Bo will:
    Bo is very excited with BICSI's elected team of volunteers. Bo feels that it is refreshing to know BICSI is focused on addressing membership, and is why Bo got re-involved with his committee membership. Bo’s goal is to engage the BICSI program with other professional organizations.

    His passion is supporting and growing the key role of training programs globally, starting with promoting regional events. Bo believes that the ATF schools have been neglected over the past years, but are well-positioned to recruit, grow, and maintain local memberships.

    One of his goals this year is to get ATF instructor status re-certified.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Bo was Chairman of Church Properties for two Richmond, VA, locations for over 14 years. His work schedule was in Ashburn, VA (Loudoun County "Internet Capital of Data Centers”) where he had a second home. Bo was also on his HOA Board of Directors to oversee a major million-dollar building improvement project. He has been the sole-sponsor garbage-cleanup volunteer for over four miles of park pathways in Ashburn, VA and another four miles along the main highways near his home in Richmond.


Elected U.S. Western Regional Director

  • Luke Clawson, RCDD, MBA (Incumbent)

    2022 BOD - Clawson

    Luke Clawson, RCDD, MBA (Incumbent)
    Vice President
    G&G Systems
    Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
    Email: lukehclawson@gmail.com






    Luke Clawson, RCDD, MBA, grew up in Boulder City, Nevada, just 30 miles south of Las Vegas. He graduated high school in 1997 and went on to complete the local union 5-year electrical apprenticeship program in 2003, his dual major undergraduate degrees in finance and real estate in 2010, his Executive MBA degree in 2011, and received his RCDD in 2017. He taught 2nd year electrical theory with the IBEW/JATC local 357 from 2005 to 2021 and currently sits on the Sound and Communication Committee of Southern Nevada. He worked for various electrical/low-voltage contractors during his early electrical career and has been employed by G&G Systems, a locally owned specialty electrical contractor, since 2002. He is an active member of the community, volunteering for numerous non-profit organizations and is a member of NECA and IBEW 357. He has an amazing 11-year-old daughter, Chloe, and an incredible, supportive wife, Kristen.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Luke has been an active member of BICSI since 2015 when he started studying for his Registered Communications Distribution Designer® (RCDD®) with a fellow colleague, Erik de Jong. He has been attending BICSI conferences since 2016 and was responsible for G&G Systems becoming a corporate sponsor. Luke has moderated numerous BICSI virtual information and communications technology (ICT) forums and continues to endorse BICSI and its long-term support of the ICT industry.

    If elected, Luke will:
    Luke was elected the BICSI Western Region Director and began his term in March 2021. He went into the role wanting to help BICSI continue the positive impact it has had on the ICT industry, assist in growing the membership base by reaching the younger generation in the early stages in their careers, all while protecting the valued BICSI credentialing program for those who are already holders and those interested in becoming one. He believes in BICSI and what it means to the ICT industry as a whole and wants to continue expanding on its success while meeting today’s demands.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Luke has been volunteering for the “Just One” project and “Three-Square Las Vegas” the past few years. He has been a BICSI board member since March 2021 and served on the UNLV Executive MBA board from 2015 to 2019. Luke also currently sits on the Sound and Communication Committee of Southern Nevada since January of 2020.