2021 BICSI Board of Directors Election

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The 2021 BICSI Board of Directors Election is Now Underway!

The Board of Directors election will run from 1 - 30 September. All members in good standing as of 1 July 2021 are eligible to vote.

On Wednesday, 1 September, you will receive an email from Election Services Corporation, the independent firm conducting the BICSI Board of Directors Election. This email will be coming from the domain "@electionservicescorp.com" rather than "@bicsi.org." You are encouraged to update your email settings to accept and view emails from the domain name "@electionservicescorp.com" to ensure you receive this very important email on 1 September.

In addition, if you do not receive the email on 1 September, please check your spam folder to ensure you don't miss out on your chance to vote.

Questions or Assistance
If you have not received your ballot, or if you are having issues with voting,
please email
membership@bicsi.org or help@electionservices.com.


Slate of Candidates for the 2021 BICSI Board of Directors Election

BICSI is pleased to announce the full slate of candidates for the upcoming BICSI Board of Directors election.

The positions for the election are:

The election will run from 1-30 September and all active members in good standing as of 1 July 2021 will be allowed to vote. On 1 September you will receive a ballot to cast your vote.


Candidates for the Position of President-Elect

  • Philip Janeway, RCDD

    janewayPhilip Janeway, RCDD
    Facilities Manager and Telecommunications Engineer
    Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
    Email: phil-janeway@comcast.net

    Philip Janeway, RCDD, began his telecommunications career in 1972 with Indiana Bell. He has worked mostly for telephone companies, as a contractor, and on major data centers. He was the founding manager of Time Warner Cable's telephone company division in Indianapolis called Time Warner Communications. He was in management there for 20 years until they were purchased by another phone company. During his career, Philip worked as an I&R technician, in OSP construction as a lineman, and as a cable installer, splicer and party line to private line cutover specialist. He has been an engineer, projects manager, project estimator, central office and office space construction manager, manager over contractors, interior building cabling engineer and manager, and facility manager.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    BICSI member over 35 years; RCDD over 30 years; 6-year BICSI Midwest regional board member; Codes Committee Chair for 19 years; Decades-long Member for the codes, standards, TI&M and BIM committees; Lead SMETL for BICSI's Project Management Manual; Served as a chapter SMETL or as a contributor for every BICSI manual and appendix; Decades as a member of every manual final editorial review team; Part of the original team for the Edaptive software trial for writing and editing manuals.

    If elected, Philip will:
    This past year, BICSI had to make tough decisions concerning their programs and finances. Philip will ensure the organization makes sound decisions for their membership, programs, and finances. He is a strong supporter of BICSI's committees and will ensure that newer generations of members become committee members. He will work with the BICSI staff and support their needs to ensure they are successful at serving the members. He is not afraid to leave successful programs alone, tweak those that need some help, and get rid of those that are not working and cost the members too much money to continue.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    For more than 20 years, Philip was an Indiana high school basketball and baseball official but is now retired. He also served on the Indiana 4-H and county fair committees when his children were younger.

  • Trevor Kleinert, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, TECH, CT

    kleinertTrevor Kleinert, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, TECH, CT
    Managing Director
    Kleinert Consulting Group Services
    Ambarvale, New South Whales, Australia
    Email: trevorkleinert_kcgs@bigpond.com

    Trevor Kleinert, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, TECH, CT, originally started out in the ICT industry 35 years ago, working at a cable company as a cable cutter. Cable from that age has always fascinated his interest, so there began the journey. Over the following 20 years he worked in sales and technical areas for companies such as Panduit, KRONE, and Anixter. After rising to General Manager at the age of 35, Trevor decided he wanted to concentrate on the technical aspects of ICT infrastructure and design best practices. Around that time, he worked for a locally owned computer cabinet manufacturer, which enabled access to learn all about data centers and the design and installation of ICT in those facilities. For the last 15 years, Trevor has worked in the data center arena and watched a 4-5 cabinet data center grow to a 1,000 cabinet data center. All that time, he was involving himself in industry standards committees and industry bodies to further his knowledge and allow himself to be a person on whom a customer could rely to give them the most accurate information for their requirements. Eight years ago, he decided to start his own company a consultant in the design, installation, and best practice arena in the mindset that he wanted to become an ICT infrastructure trainer. This goal was realized three years ago, and Trevor has been fortunate enough to have facilitated Australian cabling license courses, copper, fiber, coax, testing, FTTH, FTTC, and safety courses to all levels of industry professionals. Two years ago, he became a BICSI Certified Trainer for the DC102 data center course and has been honored to have facilitated this course to a major data center in Japan—it was a highlight of his career. Trevor wishes to continue to offer the best of himself as a trainer to the ICT profession for many years to come.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Trevor joined BICSI in 1997, which means he is coming up to a 25-year membership status—something he cherishes close to his heart. He has served as regional coordinator on more than one occasion in South Pacific, and he have been on the South Pacific BICSI Board for close to five years. Trevor is currently the Chairman of the Board for BICSI South Pacific. He also sits on the Ethics Committee, the PDC Committee, and the Standards Committee. In addition, Trevor holds an honorary position on the BICSI Japan Board.

    If elected, Trevor will:
    The goal Trevor values the most is growing membership value to existing members and new members coming into BICSI. He is a strong believer of a global BICSI, where all countries and regions can support and learn from each other which in turn brings a positive result to both oneself and current and new BICSI members.

    The focus Trevor believes that all must have is imparting their years of hard work and knowledge onto the next generation. They are our future. They are the future of our global BICSI.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    In relation to volunteer work and experience on a nonprofit board, it has really all been BICSI. However, Tervor has sat on industry committees outside of BICSI.

  • Matthew Odell, RCDD

    OdellMatthew Odell, RCDD
    Director of Technologies
    S2N Technology Group, LLC.
    Bethesda, Maryland, USA
    Email: Matt.odell@s2ngroup.com

    Matthew Odell, RCDD, has more than 25 years of extensive ICT experience with the design and implementation of data, telecom, security, and complex AV systems, focusing on healthcare clinical systems, i.e., physiological and fetal monitoring systems, nurse call, telemetry, RTLS, patient engagement, and O.R. integration. During his career, Matt has been an active contributor to BICSI, including four years as Northeast Regional Director, an SME for standards and other committees, and as a frequent speaker. Matt is currently the Director of Technologies for S2N Technology Group, LLC, in Bethesda, Maryland, where he leads the newly formed Healthcare Technology Center of Excellence division. S2N includes technology integrators, designers and consultants for large construction and renovation projects. In this role, Matt actively consults with business owners, architects, and designers early in the project phase to map out the scope, system recommendations, budgets, infrastructure design, and system integration requirements. Given his in-depth experience, Matt also provides clinical process planning based on data collected from the various clinical technology systems installed. Some of his noted customers include Johns Hopkins Health & University; Inova Health; University of Maryland Medical System; MedStar Health; Army Replacement Hospital at Camp Pendleton; The Museum of the Bible; and Legacy International. Prior to his nine years at S2N, Matt was employed at Johns Hopkins Hospital for 15 years as a Network Project Manager, which included overseeing the IP megaplex design and implementation of a new 1.6-million-square-foot John’s Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Matt has been featured in industry publications for his outstanding infrastructure design, convergence schemes, and technology implementation at major hospitals, and he has often presented on the design and installation best practices.

    He resides with his wife, Tracy, and their children in Huntingtown, Maryland, and is a classically trained musician (percussion and voice). Matt continues to perform and teach music when his schedule allows.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Matt is an active volunteer for BICSI. During his four years as Northeast Regional Director, he scheduled, coordinated and hosted the Northeast Regional Meetings, as well as led the Emerging Professionals task force resulting in the creation of the Emerging Professionals Award. He supported the rebranding of Regional Meetings to “ICT Forums, powered by BICSI” and served as Board Liaison to the RCSC and MOD Committees. He continues serving as a SME team member of the Healthcare, Wireless and Intelligent Building standards subcommittees and is a member of the PDC Committee. Matt is also a frequent presenter on healthcare infrastructure at national conferences.

    If elected, Matt will:
    The BICSI Board faced many challenges and provided unique solutions to keep our association afloat during the pandemic. As a result, Matt believes BICSI has the opportunity to continue as the preeminent leader of ICT standards, education, and providing certifications for workforce competency, but also advancing our certification requirements for AHJs. Modernizing BICSI’s content, expanding virtual learning capabilities and advancing member engagement will be paramount. If elected, Matt will support BICSI as it implements its Strategic Plan. He will listen to the BICSI membership and work together with a common commitment to expand BICSI globally into our connected world.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    In addition to volunteering for BICSI, Matt volunteers in his community for Martha’s Table in Washington, D.C., and at his Church. Matt has supported his community music programs by volunteering as music director for the LaPlata Chapter of the Men’s Barbershop Harmony Society in LaPlata, Maryland, as well as performing with the Southern Maryland Concert Band. He also annually supports BICSI Cares and the American Cancer Society in memory of his Father and Hunter Scott.

  • Thomas Lee Renfroe, RCDD, ESS, TECH

    RenfroeFINALThomas Lee Renfroe, RCDD, ESS, TECH
    Fitzgerald, Georgia, USA  
    Email: lee@GoFroe.com

    Lee Renfroe, RCDD, ESS, TECH, has been in the telecommunications/low-voltage industry for 23 years. He started his career as a technician for Bellsouth/AT&T in 1998. During Lee’s 10 years there, he held the titles of service technician, digital technician, and systems technician. In 2008, he transitioned into the role of a telecommunications instructor for Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, where he found a passion for technical instruction. Upon leaving the technical college Lee gained valuable experience as an estimator and project manager for a low-voltage company. In 2015, he established GoFroe in his hometown of Fitzgerald, Georgia. The services at GoFroe include structured cabling, security, networking, communications, consulting, and audits. In keeping with his desire to train others, Lee also provides nationwide fiber optic training through contract services.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    RCDD, ESS, and TECH certifications; BICSI Member, 12 years; BICSI Cabling Skills Competitor and Judge, 2010 to present; BICSI Installer of the Year, 2012 and 2013; Former Ethics Committee Member; Former Nominating Committee Member; Current Southeast Regional Director.

    If elected, Lee will:
    As President-Elect, Lee will work with the Board of Directors to ensure all decisions are made in accordance with the Board Strategic Plan. He will be an outlet for members with questions or concerns and will promote the ICT profession as one of the top career paths for success. Lee’s goal would be to ensure that BICSI has a great future as a leading organization for the ICT world.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Lee is a member of First Baptist Church in Fitzgerald, Georgia. He is on the advisory board for the Telecommunications/Security Program at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College. Lee also supports his local "Christian Kitchen" that provides daily meals and food boxes to needy families. For the past five years, Lee has sponsored and planned a local "Coffee with a Cop" event to bring together the community with local law enforcement. He also serves on the Fitzgerald Ben Hill Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

  • David M. Richards, RCDD, NTS, OSP, TECH, CT

    David_RichardsFINALDavid M. Richards, RCDD, NTS, OSP, TECH, CT
    Product Manager
    Chatsworth Products, Inc.
    Arden, North Carolina, USA
    Email: drichards@chatsworth.com

    David M. Richards, RCDD, NTS, OSP, TECH, CT, is the Product Manager for open systems at Chatsworth Products (CPI). He is a telecommunications design/engineering graduate from Western Technical College. In the past 30 years, David has held positions in ICT construction, production, operations, training, and QA/QC audits. He has been a BICSI Master Instructor and Certified Trainer since 2000, as well as an instructor for Moorpark College and the IEC Chesapeake low-voltage apprenticeship program. In 2007, David founded the annual BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge (CSC), where he currently serves as head judge and co-chair. He was recognized in the 2009 BICSI New Magazine article, “25 Change Makers In 25 Years.” David was the 2012 BICSI Presidential Eagle Award recipient for his dedication, vision, and volunteerism of the BICSI CSC, which he continues to help support internationally as the BICSI CSC continues to grow in more districts around the globe. Richards lives with his wife and four children in Asheville, North Carolina, and enjoys outdoor activities, including baseball, golfing, and hiking. He also plays guitar and is a Scouts BSA parent and volunteer Rotarian.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    David currently serves as BICSI Treasurer. He has been a volunteer and BICSI Member since 2000. He was the 2005-2006 BICSI U.S. Western Regional Director, where he spearheaded the creation and launch of the BICSI IN250: BICSI Installer 2, Optical Fiber Training course. David has been a technical presenter at multiple BICSI conferences, both in the U.S. and abroad, and serves as a volunteer on multiple Committees, including EAC, MOD, CSC, and TEO. He has been a SMETL and editorial review board member for multiple BICSI manuals. More recently, David pushed for the creation of the newly adopted post-nominal letters for BICSI installation credential holders (INST1, INSTC, INSTF, and TECH).

    If elected, David will:
    David will continue his focus and passion of providing opportunities in advancing the careers of BICSI members and ICT professionals globally through education and volunteer opportunities in all regions and districts. He will also push to introduce BICSI curriculum in local trade schools and community colleges by utilizing the same successful strategies he previously experienced in his seven years as a BICSI Authorized Training Facility (ATF) instructor, teaching BICSI curriculum at the community college level. Additionally, his goal is to work diligently as liaison between the Board, CEO, and staff to align the annual budget with the current Board Strategic Plan.

    Additional volunteer experience:

    • 2005 – 2006: BICSI U.S. Western Region Director
    • 2016 to Present: Volunteer for local Scouts BSA community clean up and volunteer projects with his youngest son.
    • 2020 to Present: Volunteer member of the Rotary Club of Arden NC
    • 2020 to Present: BICSI Treasurer


Candidates for the Position of Treasurer

  • Beatriz Bezos, RCDD, DCDC, ESS, NTS, OSP, PE, PMP

    Chuck_WilsonFINALBeatriz Bezos, RCDD, DCDC, ESS, NTS, OSP, PE, PMP
    Bezos Technologies
    Miami, Florida, USA
    Email: betty@bezos.com

    Betty Bezos, RCDD, DCDC, ESS, NTS, OSP, PE, PMP, is an experienced professional in information and communications technology (ICT) consulting and has demonstrated abilities in IT project management services, technology training, data center design, airport infrastructure and telecommunications. She has spent over 30 years designing outside plant (as an engineer with BellSouth/AT&T), security/access control, data centers, commercial telecommunications cabling in various environments, and as a consultant. Since 1998, she has been engaged as an adjunct professor at Florida International University and Broward College, teaching courses in Construction Management, Programming, and Engineering. Currently, she is teaching online curriculum, developing course content, and working in the design and auditing of data centers and project management services.

    Betty became an RCDD in 1991. In 1996, she left BellSouth Telecommunications and spent several years as a Director of IT in academia. Her career expanded in the early 2000s when she became a BICSI Master Instructor and pursued consulting on a full-time basis. Currently, Betty is a consultant and project Manager. She is a registered Professional Engineer, PMP, and holds the BICSI RCDD, DCDC, ESS, NTS, and OSP certifications. Some of her recent projects involve the design and implementation of multi-million dollar projects, managing the budget, and assuring alignment with scope and timely deliverables.

    She serves BICSI as a volunteer and is currently involved in a number of BICSI committees. She has been a contributor of the BICSI Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM), 11th through 14th editions; BICSI’s Education Standard and ESS Standard. She also teaches online courses for Broward College. Betty holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering, as well as a Master of Science in Education.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Puerto Rico Country Vice-Chair (3 years); CALA District Chair (3 years); Global Region Director (2020-2021); Ethics Committee (Vice Chair 3 years, Member 5 years); TI&M Committee (6 years); Educational Advisory Committee (3 years); RCSC Committee (2 years); Change-Maker – 25 in 25 years (2009); David K. Blythe Award (2009); Larry G. Romig Award (2019); BICSI Outstanding Global Member of the Year (2020); BICSI – MEA Conference – BIM Standard – Incorporating BICSI 003 and AIA Documents into the ICT Design (April 2015); MEA Conference – Successful IT Project Management Seminar (2016, 2018);  Member of BICSI Board Policies Review Task Force (2020-2021).

    If elected, Betty will:
    BICSI’s sound financial situation is relevant to all the members. As Treasurer, Betty will apply her experience as a business owner and Project Manager to assure BICSI’s fiscal wellbeing is maintained. She will share actionable insight techniques with the Board to better represent her industry peers. She has managed Global multi-million dollar projects, responsible for both timely deliverables and budgetary alignment. It is important to bring the necessary expertise to this very important Board position, and her previous experience as a Board member will supplement the background needed to become a productive member of the Executive Board

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Betty has been a member of the Board of her church’s Parish Council (nonprofit organization). Other community volunteering involved the mentoring of High School students, discerning future studies in engineering. This program provides for interviews when students self-identify their interest in the field and include progressive tutoring and advising in a team environment. Betty has also participated as volunteer member of the yearly Cuba Infrastructure Student Competition. Community volunteering includes service at her local homeowner’s association and a CCD program for young adults.

  • Robert Hertling, RCDD, OSP

    Bob_HertlingFINALRobert Hertling, RCDD, OSP
    Supervising Communications Engineer
    Charlestown, Rhode Island, USA
    Email: Robert.Hertling@parsons.com

    Robert Hertling, RCDD, OSP, holds an Associates of Science degree in Telecommunications Engineering Technology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Management of Telecommunications Systems from Capitol Technology University in Laurel, Maryland. He had both a father and a grandfather who were career employees with various parts of the Bell System, so he naturally pursued training as a Telephone Technician in the Coast Guard. He was stationed at several telephone support units in Port Angeles, Washington; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; and New London, Connecticut. Robert was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and assigned as the Telephone Technician School Chief at the Coast Guard Training Center, where he was responsible for overseeing instructors providing both basic and advanced telephone training in areas such as cable splicing, testing, installation of telephone sets, key systems and PBX equipment, basic data communications and analog and digital carrier systems, both cable and radio based. He was also responsible for budgeting, assignment of instructors, curriculum development and review, and overseeing training aid maintenance and repair. He was assigned to Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC, as the senior enlisted person for his rating, where he was responsible for determining rating qualifications and training, providing input for assignments based on experience, and determining the best fit for the rating in overall Coast Guard missions and duties. Robert then obtained a commission as a Warrant Officer in the electronics engineering specialty, where he was a Division Officer aboard a Coast Guard cutter in New Bedford, Massachusetts. There, he was responsible for the ship's electronics plant, in addition to duties as a Tactical Watch Officer for operations. His final tour before retirement was at the Coast Guard Research and Development Center, where he worked in the Aids To Navigation (ATON) test lab. He has made Rhode Island his home for the past 37 years.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Robert has been a BICSI member since 2000 and holds the RCDD and OSP credentials. He is a member and writing contributor to the BICSI Technical Information and Methods Subcommittee and serves as the Vice Chair. In addition, he is the chair for the OSP Standards Subcommittee and sits on the Codes and RCSC Committees. Robert was the leader of the TDMM 14th edition revision and also contributed to several other versions of BICSI manuals and standards. He headed up the “Super Six” Modularization Team that converted all of the manuals’ text to XML format and is also the lead for BICSI’s new general, copper, and optical fiber field guides. Robert also supports Northeast Regional activities.

    If elected, Robert will:
    Robert will continue to follow and build upon the efforts of past Treasurers to ensure that BICSI funds are spent solely in the best interests of the membership and the organization. Additionally, as a Board member, he will bring his experience and insight into play to ensure that BICSI stays a key player in the ICT industry. He will be proactive in recognizing the need for and the implementing of the changes and adjustments needed to keep BICSI relevant going forward.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Robert is currently a member of the Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association, the Charlestown Land Trust, and the Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Association. He also belongs to NFPA within the Electrical Section and IEEE within the Power Engineering Society and the Standards Association as a member of the Facilities Joint Use Working Group. During his time in the Coast Guard, he was a member of the Unit Finance Audit Board while stationed onboard the USCGC Campbell.

  • Pat McMurray, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, OSP

    David_RichardsFINALPat McMurray, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, OSP
    T&R Communications, Inc
    Sacramento, California, USA
    Email: pmcmurray@trcomm.com

    Pat McMurray, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, OSP, was first exposed to ICT on the Engineering Lab bench at 3Com Corporation in the early 80s. 3Com developed the first PC LAN Ethernet card which operated on Thick Ethernet, 10Base-5, and eventually Thin Ethernet, 10Base-2, which few in the construction trade knew how to install. This lack of knowledge became an opportunity: Lab Technician during the day and Cabling Technician in the evenings. While repairing a Thin Ethernet cabling system, Pat met one of the owners of T&R Communications. We agreed that the combination of their license, trucks, tools, and technicians, together with his knowledge of Ethernet cabling, would be a good marriage.

    Pat joined T&R Communications, Inc. in 1985 as a Technician/Project Manager; the crossover from a high-tech company to contracting company was an interesting transition. T&R Communication, Inc. excelled at ICT cabling, and the owners allowed him to become a partner shortly after joining the team. There, he managed the technical portion of the business.

    T&R would grow to become one of the largest low-voltage cabling companies in Northern California. In the late 90s, T&R chose to become part of a nationwide roll-up of low-voltage companies named NetVersant Solutions. NetVersant Solutions flourished for a number of years, but eventually became victim to the global recession, restructuring in 2009. While at NetVersant, Pat served as Director of Structured Cabling Systems and eventually became General Manager of Northern California.

    The restructure of NetVersant created an opportunity for T&R Communications, Inc. to be reborn, and the company is steadily growing as a premier low-voltage cabling contractor in Northern California. Pat is now the President of T&R Communications, Inc. and manages the sales and administrative portion of the business. Today, T&R has three offices in Northern California.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Pat joined BICSI over 27 years ago, shortly after he learned of the RCDD certification. He served two terms as the BICSI Western Regional Director and really enjoyed that role, as it allowed him to get out and meet other BICSI members and promote the value of BICSI. Pat has attended most West Coast BICSI conferences since becoming a member of BICSI, and he is looking forward to the upcoming IN-PERSON conference in Las Vegas, August 2021.

    If elected, Pat will:
    Pat would like to work toward two things: enhancing BICSI’s professional designations’ perceived value and improving membership value. As an ICT contractor of the past 30 years, he has seen the “call out” for RCDDs and BICSI-certified Technicians on RFPs on the decline. Pat believes individuals who achieve these certifications are the “Best of Class” in the industry and add value to the installation of ICT systems. He sees the need to increase the visibility of the BICSI certifications to the consultants, architects, general contractors, and labor management training programs.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Served as BICSI Western Region Director – 4 years; Currently serving on the Sacramento NECA board – 9 years; Currently serving on Northern California IBEW-NECA Joint Apprenticeship Training and Trust Committee – 12 years; Currently serving on IBEW-NECA Local 340 SubJATC – 15 years; Volunteer Fire Fighter/ First Responder Upper Lake Fire Protection District – 1994-1996; Boy Scout leader – 1994-1997.


Candidates for the Position of Europe, Middle East & Africa Regional Director

  • Ahmed Abulfetoh, RCDD, DCDC

    abulfetohAhmed Abulfetoh, RCDD, DCDC
    Field Application Engineer
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Email: a_fetoh@yahoo.com

    Ahmed Abulfetoh, RCDD, DCDC, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communications from Mansoura University in Egypt, as well as many other industry certifications. These include BICSI’s RCDD and DCDC; the ITIL; CNETs CDCD; and a host of other certifications in networking and infrastructure.

    Ahmed’s past work experience includes working for telecom operators in Egypt and the UAE, as well as being a systems integrator in Saudi Arabia. More recently, he worked for an infrastructure vendor (R&M, currently CommScope). He has extensive technical knowledge and experience in ISP/OSP infrastructure design, FTTH, and data centers, all of which will further expand technical support capabilities in Saudi Arabia and the EMEA region.

    Over the past 14 years, Ahmed has built up a proven track record in design, technical knowledge, sales and marketing within IT, telecom/carrier, and general communications industries. He played a major role in designing and discussing technical requirements with consultants, clients, and service providers in the Middle East.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Ahmed has been a BICSI member since 2016, and he holds the RCDD and DCDC credentials. He also attended BICSI’s EMEA Conferences and the BICSI Saudi Tech Roadshow in Riyadh. Previously, he applied for Saudi Arabia Country Chair. He also attended a DCDC pilot training course (DC102) in Tampa, Florida, in August 2019.

    Ahmed has helped many ICT members work toward earning their BICSI certification by explaining the benefits of certifications and discussing some of his favorite study methods.

    If elected, Ahmed will:

    1. Advance BICSI's global outreach by driving regular interactions with other ICT industry professionals to help achieve accelerated BICSI awareness in the industry.
    2. Arrange meetings/events in cooperation with professional speakers and industry experts to increase networking opportunities and promote BICSI membership benefits for nonmembers.
    3. Continue showcase the benefits and value of BICSI credentials to give more credibility to BICSI-certified individuals, helping to advance their careers and enrich the industry growth.
    4. Cooperate with organizations and educational sectors to do some custom trainings to build the long-term relations with the new generation of ICT professionals.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Ahmed has no prior volunteering experience, but he strongly believes that, as a well-connected and enthusiastic individual who works for the good of the ICT industry, he will be able to actively work to achieve BICSI’s mission.

  • Werner Heeren

    heerenWerner Heeren
    Regional Sales Director
    Fluke Networks MEA
    Dubai, UAE
    Email: werner.heeren@telenet.be

    Werner Heeren is the Regional Sales Director for High Growth Markets (Middle East Africa) for Fluke Networks. He has been with Fluke Networks since 1999. He originally started in 1997 with Fluke Industrial’s Benelux Sales team as a Product Manager and pre-sales support. Werner then moved to Fluke Networks (sub-division of Fluke) in 1999 and after achieving several awards during the previous years, including: Eye of the Eagle; Top Performer to Quota; Summit Club Member; and Recognition Award for Highest Grow Rate. Werner has taken the challenge to lead Fluke Networks successfully into the High Growth Markets Middle East and Africa.

    Werner has Belgian nationality, is based in Dubai, and holds an engineering degree. He continued his education with an Executive MBA at London Business School in 2018. He loves to provide people a better life environment and world class internet user experiences so people can improve their work conditions, be more efficient, and have a happier life.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Werner has been the Vice Chair for BICSI MEA since 2016. He worked to made Fluke Networks a Platinum Sponsor for all BICSI EMEA region events in 2016, along with securing them as gold and/or exhibit sponsors in BICSI Middle East conferences for several years. He has been a speaker for several BICSI events, including the BICSI breakfast meeting in Dubai in February 2020 and as a moderator for the BICSI event in Oman in February 2020. Additionally, he has assisted with several BICSI events in Middle East & Africa during his tenure as MEA Vice Chair.

    If elected, Werner will:
    As his professional activity covers mostly the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey, Werner can use his relationships to facilitate BICSI's representation in the region. He wants to strive to further develop activities to improve the awareness of BICSI in the region, especially in these challenging times, and also think deeply on how to accelerate BICSI 2.0 events and awareness after COVID-19.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Werner’s volunteering efforts have been mainly for BICSI, but he also volunteers in local sport organizations.

  • Gautier Humbert, RCDD

    HumbertGautier Humbert, RCDD
    Standards Coordinator, Digital Infrastructure
    St. Marcellin, France
    Email: gautier.humbert@legrand.fr

    Gautier Humbert, RCDD, considers himself a world citizen: he was born in France, but raised in Iran, the U.K., the U.S.A, and Thailand. He moved back to France for higher education, and that is where he started his experience in ICT as integrator for Datacom in Paris for Axians (group Vinci). Gautier then moved to Dubai as a technical and training manager Middle East for Ortronics structured cabling, and from there he gradually took on a more global role of business development for the structured cabling group Legrand. Next, he transferred to Slovakia to cover the Central and Eastern Europe region with the same position, while adding data centers and UPS to his resume. Now, he is back in France and is responsible for global standards in digital infrastructures.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Gautier joined the BICSI community more than 10 years ago when he obtained his RCDD in Dubai. He started volunteering as Central and Eastern Europe Country Chair and obtained the BICSI European Member of the Year Award. He then took the role of Mainland Europe District Chair, a position which he has held for the past four years. During that time, nine new Country Chairs have joined him in volunteering. Gautier also obtained the Global Member of the Year Award in 2021. He regularly participates in BICSI standards.

    If elected, Gautier will:
    Gautier believes that BICSI EMEA has suffered the most from the COVID-19 crisis. With BICSI forced to make difficult decisions, the Global Department has been disbanded, and the Dubai office was recently closed. He believes BICSI needs to maintain support to its members, credential holders, and volunteers if we don’t want to lose all the efforts made in the past. His objective is to defend the interests of EMEA in the BICSI strategy.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    With his current job and his volunteer work with BICSI, there is no additional time.

  • Mohammad Imran RCDD, DCDC

    ImranMohammad Imran RCDD, DCDC
    Senior Project Engineer
    Innovative Contractor for Advanced Dimensions
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    Email: imran4amer@gmail.com

    Mohammad Imran, RCDD, DCDC, is a multi-functional expert and technically competent professional with significant experience acquired over nine-plus years in diverse areas encompassing project planning and implementation; setting up and managing mission critical projects; end-to-end delivery management; infrastructure management, technical analysis; client and stakeholder management; and team building. Management.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    Mohammad is an active member of BICSI. He has attended various BICSI Roadshows, Webinars, and Conferences, and he has obtained two BICSI certifications.

    If elected, Mohammad will:
    Whether he is elected or not, Mohammad will continue to support the ICT industry in the way he has been for the last five years or so. In the event that he is elected, it will help him in actively working on the ICT industry and spread the importance of BICSI Standards in the Middle East, especially in KSA. Still, in KSA, the BICSI standards are not familiar to most and this will be Mohammad’s priority along with his colleagues in the Middle East.               

    Additional volunteer experience:

  • Abdelhameed Gamal Abdelhameed Mohamed, RCDD, DCDC

    abdelhameedAbdelhameed Gamal Abdelhameed Mohamed, RCDD, DCDC
    Principal ELV/ICT Engineer
    ECG - Engineering Consultants Group
    Doha, Qatar
    Email: engabdelhameedgamal@gmail.com

    Abdelhameed Gamal Abdelhameed Mohamed, RCDD, DCDC, is a Principal ELV/ICT Engineer. He holds both the BICSI RCDD and DCDC certifications. His experience was gained from working in both the design and operation and maintenance fields. As for the design field, Abdelhameed has been working with ECG consultancy company-Qatar branch since August 2013 till present. He participated through his work with ECG in designing the ELV/ICT systems of major projects in Qatar related to the FIFA 2022 World Cup. As for the operation and maintenance field, he worked in the operation and maintenance of the sound and CCTV systems for the Mecca holy mosque from March 2009 till May 2013. The systems at Mecca holy mosque are considered one of the largest scale systems worldwide due to the vast zones and areas covered, as well as the sensitivity of the place.

    Abdelhameed graduated from MSA University in Egypt and also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Greenwich University - UK after following an approved validation program. He has been a speaker at a number of entities including BICSI Doha events; Qatar University; Qatar National Library; IECEP-Qatar Chapter; Sultan Qaboos University in Oman; the American University in Cairo; and the CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building). Beginning in September 2021, Abdelhameed will be starting a Master’s program in smart city solutions) in HFT Stuttgart University - Germany. He believes that the future is for the smart cities, with ICT as its core, and all the other aspects are the important shell for the whole smart city picture.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Abdelhameed first heard about BICSI in 2015. He used the BICSI publications as the main standard in his ICT designs, as that is the core of his work. He has also participated most of the BICSI events in Doha as a speaker. He became RCDD certified in 2017, and DCDC certified in 2019. Abdelhameed has also been selected to participate as a Subject Matter Expert for the upcoming RCDD v15 Job Task Analysis (JTA).

    If elected, Abdelhameed will:
    Abdelhameed has a number of specific targets:

    1. To mitigate the gap between the ICT design, installation, and operation and maintenance fields through regular workshops.
    2. To activate the idea of a BICSI mobile application to be the direct, easy, and modern platform for the ICT community.
    3. To spread ICT technical awareness through organized and scheduled webinars with specific useful targets rather than just introducing information.
    4. To widen the database of the BICSI members in Europe, Middle East & Africa for the benefit of the ICT field worldwide.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Since he was in college, Abdelhameed has volunteered in organizing a number of events. Learning the concept of volunteering and the concept of teamwork came at an early stage. He also volunteered in the BICSI community in Doha for organizing the BICSI events and participating as a speaker in most of those events. Also, he is voluntarily a keynote speaker at a number of entities in Qatar, Egypt, Oman.


Candidates for the Position of North-Central Regional Director

  • Jodie Goodbrake, RCDD

    goodbrakeJodie Goodbrake, RCDD
    Senior Technology Systems Designer
    BR+A Consulting Engineers
    Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    Email: jgoodbrake@brplusa.com

    Jodie Goodbrake, RCDD, is a Senior Technology Systems Designer at BR+A Consulting Engineers, an MEP/T design and consulting firm headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She is a dedicated ICT professional with over 12 years of in-field experience working with end users, owners, contractors, architects, and other MEP/T engineers to ensure every ICT infrastructure is designed and built to perfection! With a Master’s degree in Information Systems (IT Strategy and Governance), a Bachelor’s degree in Information System Security, and an Associate’s degree in Network Administration, combined with the knowledge that only a RCDD can possess, Jodie has taken her ICT designs to the next level! 

    Jodie has been married to an amazing man for the past 13 years. Her husband remained at home to raise their two children, now 12 and 14, allowing Jodie to pursue her career in the ICT industry. Starting out as an inside sales professional for a local ICT/Datacom distribution company, she obtained an understanding for the fundamentals of ICT (the nuts and bolts that make our world go round). Jodie quickly advanced to become an outside sales representative, where she focused on troubleshooting, project management, and building customer/contractor relationships, all while studying for and earning her RCDD credential from BICSI. Once Jodie achieved her RCDD, she realized she could contribute more to the ICT industry and progressed into a project management position. That provided the roadmap/opportunity for her to move into a formal engineering/design/consulting position where she builds upon her ICT knowledge every day. Jodie has acquired the knowledge and experience it takes to build a reputation that precedes her around the St. Louis area.

    Jodie lives her life under the direction of the Serenity prayer, which tells us to accept the things we cannot change, have the courage to change the things we can, and have the wisdom to know the difference!

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:

    • 2012 - Introduced to BICSI and started studying for RCDD
    • 2013 - Became a BICSI Member
    • 2014 - Presented at the 2014 BICSI Winter Conference and obtained RCDD certification
    • 2015 - Joined the BICSI Data Center Design Standards Subcommittee and participated in the DCDC Pilot Course
    • 2016-2018 - Assisted with the creation of the Operations and Maintenance piece of the data center standard
    • 2019-2020 - Assisted with item writing and scrub efforts for the new RCDD Exam V14

    If elected, Jodie will:
    If elected, Jodie intends to devote her time and attention to assisting BICSI and ICT professionals by exploiting the ever-growing educational benefits and services offered by BICSI and the many ICT manufactures. There are countless new products and services offered every day within our industry, and our community needs to stay on top of this information to ensure we are taking advantage of the conveniences offered, as well as ensuring ICT excellence in our world. Jodie promises to be responsive to each member’s requests, questions, and/or concerns and will address every individual in a professional and businesslike manner.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Jodie has volunteered as an assistant soccer coach for her daughter’s soccer team for the past seven years. She has also served as a board member for the Brighton Athletic Association (BAA), which is her town’s association.

  • Dennis Severance, RCDD

    severanceDennis Severance, RCDD
    Chapel-Romanoff Technologies, LLC
    Dayton, Ohio, USA
    Email: dennis.severance@crtechcorp.com

    Dennis Severance, RCDD, is an active BICSI member who is intimately involved with ensuring the education and curriculum of low-voltage technicians, pre-construction, and design build services within the Ohio region. He is passionate and actively supports the ICT industry throughout all facets, from owner direct to construction managed projects. He has worked closely with all regional engineers responsible for ICT design and implementation. Dennis has a respect for the ICT industry and BICSI as an organization and the lives both have changed along the way.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Dennis’ involvement in support of BICSI has been focused within the North-Central Region. He was fortunate to hold a chair position in driving the development of an Authorized Training Facility (ATF), including budget justification, construction, and certification, and he continues to work to ensure the Certified Trainers maintain industry-leading content delivery. Dennis is passionate about the industry and the many benefits it offers the next generation. He would be honored to represent the industry and BICSI members.

    If elected, Dennis will:
    With the support of the BICSI membership, Dennis will work to ensure the North-Central Region is represented and engaged through support of regional efforts including technician outreach, continued education opportunities, engineering, and new technology round tables. His role would be focused upon ensuring the needs of the membership and the industry are aligned while encouraging and supporting development of the next generation of ICT professionals. He will do this while also ensuring our credentialing programs retain value and market leadership.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Dennis has provided leadership on multiple regional committees in support of the ICT Industry. He has acted as Chairman of the Low-Voltage subcommittee where they shape the education of ICT professionals. In addition, he successfully implemented a BICSI Authorized Training Facility in southwest Ohio and, more recently, obtained work to complete the implementation of a network and security lab.


Candidates for the Position of Northeast Regional Director

  • William Foy, RCDD, ESS, NTS, OSP, WD (incumbent)

    FoyWilliam Foy, RCDD, ESS, NTS, OSP, WD (incumbent)
    Director, Solutions Architect
    S2N Technology Group, LLC
    Bethesda, Maryland, USA
    Email: william.foy@s2ngroup.com

    William Foy, RCDD, ESS, NTS, OSP, WD, has been in the telecommunications industry for over 35 years.  He is the Director, Solutions Architect for S2N Technology Group, headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. In his role at S2N, William specializes in, but is not limited to, federal technology projects involving structured cabling, outside plant infrastructure, electronic security, distributed antenna systems, and Wi-Fi systems. William’s extensive career includes positions in data center operations, software development, and telecommunications design and project management. William is certified by BICSI as an RCDD, ESS, NTS, OSP, and WD, and is currently working to obtain is certification in data center design through BICSI’s DCDC program. He has worked on several publications for BICSI including the BICSI Dictionary and the Electronic Safety and Security manuals. William Foy is a former BICSI Master Instructor of the Electronic Safety and Security design specialty courses. He currently serves as the BICSI Northeast Regional Director. Prior to his current role at S2N, William was a Technical Systems Engineer for Panduit, where he traveled extensively throughout the East coast, developing telecommunications solutions for multiple vertical markets including education, hospitality, healthcare, and data centers. He maintains numerous relationships with manufacturers and distributors to stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Outside of work, William is one of 12 children and is recently married to his long-time best friend of 21 years. He has two children of his own, as well as four step-children from his new bride. His interests include home improvement, gardening, and hiking.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    BICSI Member since 1997; BICSI Dictionary contributor and editorial committee in 1999; BICSI ESS manual editorial committee in 2005; BICSI ESS manual editorial committee in 2008; BICSI Master Instructor from 2009–2014; BICSI Regional Meetings volunteer support. Currently serving as the BICSI Northeast Regional Director, January 2020-January 2022.

    If elected, William will:
    William will serve his term in the service of the membership community. He will work on coordination of regional and national meetings, development of relationships with manufacturers to create continuing education, and develop products that meet the needs of the member’s client base. He will make myself available to the membership community to listen to suggestions and act as liaison to the Board, providing a voice and utilizing the vast knowledge and insight of the membership to advance technological expansion in areas underserved.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    William has volunteered for many years at a local nursery for underprivileged children in Baltimore City. He has also coached both indoor and outdoor recreational soccer for eight seasons. He has served on the board of his local church for three years as a deacon and has volunteered as a photographer for both high school and college soccer programs. In addition, William has both coordinated and participated in multiple missions trips to Central America.

  • Betsy Conroy

    conroyBetsy Conroy
    Freelance ICT Writer and Marketing Consultant
    Watertown Connecticut, USA
    Email: betsy@betsyconroy.com

    Betsy Conroy has spent the past three decades writing quality technical content and leveraging that content to launch impactful integrated marketing campaigns. She began her career as a technical and promotional writer for medical, security, and environmental corporations. In early 2000, she became an independent freelance writer, editor, and content consultant, focusing primarily on B2B manufacturers and associations in the ICT industry. Betsy frequently publishes content in a variety of industry publications on behalf of her clients, and she is also a contributing writer to Smart Buildings Technology Magazine. She was previously a monthly contributing writer to Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine. In addition, she was the chief editor for BICSI News Magazine for five years, where she was instrumental in bringing the publication from a newsletter status to that of a preeminent trade magazine and helping to launch BICSI’s premier publication, ICT Today. From 2015 through 2019, Betsy held the position of Marketing Communications Manager for the Siemon Company.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committees, and membership:
    Betsy has been an active BICSI member for more than 15 years, previously serving as vice chair and then chair of the Education Advancement Committee. She currently serves as the Chair of BICSI's Professional Development Subcommittee. She is a founding member of the Women in BICSI Workgroup and was awarded the 2020 BICSI ICT Woman of the Year award at the 2020 BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition. For more than a decade, Betsy has also served on the Presentation Selection Committee (now Workgroup) that diligently reviews and selects presentations for BICSI conferences.

    If elected, Betsy will:
    Betsy will work to deliver engaging, educational content, networking opportunities, and other preeminent ICT resources to current and potential BICSI members throughout the Northeast Region. She will also strive to support the organization overall, working to increase awareness about the resources BICSI has to offer, attracting a younger generation of BICSI members, and enhancing the overall global BICSI reputation in the ICT industry.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Betsy does not currently volunteer in her community, primarily due to the current pandemic situation. In the past, the bulk of her volunteerism was through community events and her daughter's school, including developing a team to compete in a local STEM invention contest and organizing school events. She has not sat on a nonprofit Board but has participated in BICSI's Board Strategic Planning.