2019 BICSI Board of Directors Election

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Slate of Candidates for the 2019 BICSI Board of Directors Election

BICSI is pleased to announce the full slate of candidates for the upcoming BICSI Board of Directors election.

The positions for the election are:

The election will run from 1-30 September and all active members in good standing as of 1 July 2019 will be allowed to vote. On 1 September you will receive a ballot to cast your vote.


President-Elect Candidates

  • Carol Everett Oliver

    Carol_OliverFINALCarol Everett Oliver, RCDD, ESS
    CEO Communications
    11266 Royal Tee Circle * Cape Coral, FL 33991 USA
    Tel: 7179176299
    Email: carol.everett.oliver@gmail.com

    Job Description:
    Carol Everett Oliver, RCDD, ESS, is a consultant in the ICT industry providing technical support for various companies in the industry to include training, technology and standards updates.  She also provides industry presentations and articles on emerging market trends, focusing on Intelligent Buildings and data centers.

    Biographical Information:
    Carol Everett Oliver, RCDD, ESS, has been in the ICT industry for more than 20 years with a wide range of expertise – industry writer, technology leader, training manager, events coordinator and standards chair. Her BICSI career highlights include: Secretary to the Board of Directors (2017-Present); Chair of the Intelligent Building Standards Subcommittee, BICSI’s Northeast Region Director (2012-2016), recipient of the David K. Blythe/University of Kentucky BICSI Member of the Year Award (2010); and recognized as one of the Top 25 BICSI RCDD "Changemakers" (2009). She is currently an ICT consultant in the industry providing technical and marketing support.  Previously she was a Network Cabling Specialist for the Siemon Company where she supported the sales team with training, infrastructure planning along with standards updates and marketing materials, for which she continues to do so as a consultant.  She was also the Training and Contractor Manager for Legrand North America and before that was the channel marketing manager with Berk-Tek (New Holland, PA) promoting initiatives on structured cabling systems for emerging IP applications. She entered the ICT industry as the principle of Everett Communications (Medway, MA), where she coordinated industry events and produced marketing material such as brochures, catalogs and advertising for various ICT manufacturers.  Oliver is well known for authoring more than 100 technical articles and case studies and is a frequent presenter at conferences. Raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in marketing and advertising from San Jose State University. During her career, she has raised two children and also found time to volunteer in community activities. She and her husband, Dale, also a BICSI member and ICT career-lifer, relocated to Southwest Florida in 2016.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    Current Board Secretary (3 yrs.), Chair of the Intelligent Building Standards subcommittee (4 yrs.),  Vice Chair of the ESS Standards subcommittee (8 yrs.), Liaison to the MOD (Membership and Outreach Development Committee (3 yrs.), Founding Member of Women in BICSI and first event speaker (4 yrs.), A mentor in the BICSI Mentorship Pilot Program (1 yr.), BICSI Northeast Region Director (2012-2016), Nominating Committee (2006-2010), First chair of the Exhibitor Liaison Committee and long-standing member (10 yrs), David K. Blythe/University of Kentucky Outstanding Member of the Year Award (2010), RCDD (2003) and ESS credential holders (2009).

    If elected, I will:
    My purpose is serving and giving back to the ICT Community – as a mentor, as a trainer, as a content producer, as a communicator and friend.  I plan to continue the strategic plans laid out by BICSI’s board of directors, while always keeping in mind the premise on which this association was built and still stands for the integrity of all the stakeholders.  Understanding the importance of communicating, I plan to represent the members transparently and honestly to strengthen our global presence, expand our outreach and our credibility, whether in person or through written best practices.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    In addition to serving on the BICSI board for 6 years, I  have been active in my local community – volunteering for nonprofit music and arts programs and contributing to many local charities, such as the Cape Royal Community Foundation (for local scholarships) and of course, BICSI Cares. During my children's formative years in Massachusetts, I was a Girl Scout Leader, a coach, a Sunday school teacher and very active in school volunteering, while maintaining a full-time career.

  • Chris Scharrer

    Chris_ScharrerFINALChris Scharrer, RCDD, NTS, OSP, CTS-D 
    Owner, DCS Technology Design, LLC
    801 McKinley * Chelsea, Michigan 48118 USA
    Tel: (734) 604 8000
    Email: cscharrer@bicsi.org

    Job Description:
    Independent Consulting services in the ICT industry.

    Biographical Information:
    Starting out as a Cable TV installer, Mr. Scharrer seized every learning opportunity he could, and by the mid 80’s was working as an Industrial Broadband Engineer building broadband coax data networks, a precursor to the modern-day Cable Modem. Working as both designer, and field engineer, it was this multi-media environment that gave Mr. Scharrer exposure to AV, ESS and automation technologies. From local origination television studios and mobile production suites, assorted video applications, surveillance and plant floor automation, Mr. Scharrer remained deeply involved with the technical requirements of how these technologies were supported by different networking mediums.  A highpoint was his design to interconnect 14 different Cable TV companies into a 29-district educational network that connected an entire county (nearly 1300 square miles with over 420 K12 buildings) in what was then the largest network of its kind in the world.  It utilized Coax, Fiber, and wireless technologies, and 95% of it was two-way video/data, enabling interactive instruction between schools.  This was all before 1990. Since that time, Mr. Scharrer has applied his skills in multiple industries, around the world. Most notable is his work for US Military, and US and foreign Intelligence. Everything from closets to Data Centers, inside and outside plant. He has contributed his experience to the BICSI community through many committees, including chairing the NDRM through two editions and chair of the Modularization-committee. But his most rewarding work has been with the Editorial Review Board for ICT Today, a publication he helped establish as a Director on BICSI’s BoD.  He has written and published articles, as well as spoken at conferences on the challenges of modern-day ICT designers and technicians. Mr. Scharrer has the broad experience to help guide BICSI through some much-needed changes to respond to industry challenges we are all facing

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    BICSI Member since 1993, Member TI&M committee, SMETL and SME for several chapters in the TDMM - 2004 - current, Chair, NDRM Manual 6th and 7th editions - 2004 – 2012, Member NxtGEN 2008-2009, Chair NxtGEN Curriculum Process Development (CPD) Sub-Committee - 2008-2009, Editorial Reviews for TDMM 11th and 12th editions, NDRM 6th and 7th editions, and WDRM 3rd edition, Installation Committee Board Liaison 2010-2011, Editorial Review Board - ICT Today - 2012-current, TI&M Committee Liaison 2016-2020, Chair and Board Liaison Modularization Task Force 2016-2019,  Published ICT Today 2017, 2019 BICSI Board of Directors, North-Central Regional Director 2010-2011, 2016-2020.

    If elected, I will:
    Today’s ICT is the foundation for everything that makes an Intelligent Building Intelligent, or Smart City smart. And while BICSI can’t be experts at every level of technology, we must know how our Layer 1 world supports all technologies.  With broad knowledge and vision we will take on new challenges for educational development of our members, find creative ways to include younger professionals, strengthen alignments with strategic partners that offer higher levels of learning and benefits for our members, and keep focus on our core strength, ICT.  BICSI is relevant today, but we must change and move to remain relevant.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    I have been on the BICSI BOD for 6 years, the only nonprofit board, but I also have Board experience in the private sector.  I have done many volunteer activities over the years including Cub Scout leader, Soup Kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, volunteering the labor to wire senior housing and special care centers with Cable TV, and most recently, for 11 years volunteered and traveled with a High School music program where I worked as technical director and running sound during performances.

  • Gautier Humbert

    Gautier_HumbertFINALGautier Humbert, RCDD
    Standards Coordinator, Legrand
    rue Arago * Saint Marcellin, N/A 38160 France
    Tel: 674034882
    Email: gautier.humbert@legrand.fr

    Job Description:
    Participate in French, European, and International Standards.   Coordinate with product development. Provide content to internal and external communications.   Key speaker for events. Currently member of: AFNOR: UF215, U15-GT15D, U15-GT15F, U15-GT15G  CENELEC: TC100X, TC215 WG1, WG2, WG3, TC46X, SR48, TC 86BXA,  IEC: TC100, TC46X WG7, WG9, TC48/ SC48B WG3, WG5  ISO/IEC JTC1 / SC25 WG3

    Biographical Information:
    I consider myself a world citizen: born in France, but raised in Iran, U.K., U.S.A, and Thailand. Then back to France for higher education, and where I started my experience in ICT as integrator for Datacom in Paris for Axians (group Vinci). I then moved to Dubai as technical and training manager Middle East for Ortronics structured cabling, and gradually took on a more global role of business development for structured cabling group Legrand. Then I transfered to Slovakia to cover the Central and Eastern Europe region with the same position, while adding datacenters and UPS. And I am currently back in France and responsible globally for standards in digital infrastructures.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    I joined the BICSI community more than 10 years ago when I obtained my RCDD in Dubai. I started volunteering as Central and Eastern Europe country chair, and obtained the BICSI European member of the year award. I then took the role of Mainland Europe district chair four years ago. Since then, nine new country chairs have joined us.

    If elected, I will:
    I believe that BICSI can benefit from my international experience. It’s at a turning point where, without forgetting the roots in North America, it needs to accelerate the development throughout the world. Then with the changes in our market, with buildings ICT finally merging onto the common Ethernet infrastructure that our datacom world has known for many years, BICSI will need to take a leading role to support the entire industry into this new domain. I hope to participate in the expansion of BICSI in this direction involving the creation of new partnerships and alliances.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    With already my travel for Standards, and my BICSI volunteering , there is absolutely no time left for any other volunteer work unfortunately.

  • Larry Gillen

    Larry_GillenFINALLarry Gillen, RCDD, DCDC, ESS, OSP
    Field Application Engineer-West, nVent- Data Center & Networking Solutions
    11875 Gandino Drive * Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701 USA
    Tel: 909-908-2529
    Email: larry.gillen@nvent.com

    Job Description:
    Larry Gillen, RCDD, DCDC, ESS, OSP, is the Field Application Engineer for the Data Center and Networking Solutions (DNS) group for nVent. There, he supports the sales efforts by providing training and technical knowledge on the Hoffman and Schroff brands of enclosures, cooling and iPDU power solutions for the states west of the Mississippi.  He is actively involved in the business development efforts in driving performance specifications at the end-user level, data centers, design consultants, engineering firms and integrators.

    Biographical Information:
    Gillen’s 23 years of work experience includes positions in distribution (ALLTEL Supply and Anixter), manufacture direct sales (Hubbell Premise Wiring and Belden) and as a design consultant (P2S Engineering) in the ICT industry. He believes that his earned BICSI credentials continue to provide opportunity for expansion and growth – recently earning his DCDC in 2018. The best way he can express his gratitude to BICSI and all the current and past volunteers is to serve and give back to the organization that has provided him so much. The great thing about the ICT community is the willingness of those professionals that invest their time and knowledge into others. He attributes much of his professional and personal growth from early on in the industry where contractors, integrators, technicians and vendors would explain to him how all the products they were purchasing or selling came together as a system for their clients. Gillen has been a guest speaker at several RCDD and OSP preparation exam courses in the Western Region to prospective BICSI credential holders. He currently resides in Southern California with his wife Juanita and his three children Devin, Sarah and Isabella. His commitment in life is to faith, family and friends which feeds his spirit to volunteer his time to various organizations.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    Gillen has been a BICSI member since 2007. He currently serves on the EAC committee. RTPM JTA participant 2018. He served on the BICSI Board of Directors as the U.S. Western Region Director from 2012-2016. He also served as the Board Liaison for the Education Advancement Committee (EAC). Gillen led the task force on achieving accreditation for BICSI education and training. He works to motivate potential credential holders by speaking at RCDD and OSP preparation courses as his travel schedule allows. He has been active in bringing more members into volunteer positions within BICSI committees and promoting member ideas into the organization. He works to bring in pre-conference and conference seminar content that will benefit BICSI members professional opportunities.

    If elected, I will:
    Gillen will focus on enhancing BICSI’s relationships in the architect, design consultant, engineering and design build community. The conferences and other events need to provide not only CEC’s but AIA Learning Units (LUs) and other ICT related credits to expand reach into the ICT build community to provide more visibility of BICSI’s Best in Class credentials globally. Continue to promote and leverage BICSI’s accreditation to cultivate new and emerging professionals growth into the ICT Industry. Listen and learn from membership to implement a strategic plan of growth, opportunity and expansion.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Gillen volunteers with the Knights of Columbus Rancho Cucamonga Council 13403, focusing on the principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism in the community. He has helped coach his daughter’s AYSO soccer team and participate in the Inland Empire Cross Country Challenge.


Treasurer Candidates

  • Charles Wilson

    Chuck_WilsonFINALCharles Wilson, RCDD, NTS, OSP
    President/ COO, Wilson Technology Group, Inc
    24332 Dorsey Smith Rd. * Brooksville, FL 34601 USA
    Tel: 352-796-9891
    Email: clwilson@wilsontechgroup.com

    Job Description:
    President and COO of Wilson Technology Group, Inc a network integration company located in west central Florida. Charles is responsible for setting the direction of the company and over sees the general operations of the company. In addition he also looks for training and advancement opportunities for the company’s employees.  As Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Wilson seeks out business opportunities while overseeing sales, design, estimating, work flow and Inventory Control.

    Biographical Information:
    Mr Wilson has been in the telecommunications and network industry for more than 45 years starting with AT&T /Southern Bell in Miami, served 8 years on staff at the University of Miami Infrastructure Designer and served 6 years with Intermedia/WorldCom as Sr. Applications Engineer and Product Development Manager. In 2004 Charles started Wilson Technology Group, Inc where he currently leads the company today. Charles considers starting Wilson Technology Group, and bring it into a successful business during a down economy in 2004, to be one of his greatest accomplishments. Currently Mr Wilson holds the RCDD, RCDD/NTS, RCDD/OSP designations and is a State of Florida and Georgia Low-Voltage License holder. Mr Wilson holds an AA degree in Business from Miami-Dade Collage and BBA degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of Miami. When time permits Chuck enjoys golf, gardening, hiking, and canoeing.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    Charles is a member of BICSI’S Codes and Membership Outreach & Development committees. Mr. Wilson has been an active member of BICSI sense 1993 and served as Southeast Regional Director 2004-2008 and 2013-2016

    If elected, I will:
    - Abide by BICSI’s bylaws and promote the highest level of ethics within BICSI; - Maintain the highest standard of professional and personal conduct. Look for and support opportunities to introduce BICSI to those outside of the organization; - Represent and serve all BICSI members in promoting BICSI’s goals, objectives and advance BICSI’s mission, interests and programs; - Promote BICSI’s long term plans and initiatives; - Strive for excellence in all that I do as an officer of BICSI; - Use every opportunity to promote, and improve the industry and the public’s understanding of BICSI

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Chuck, is an active member in the local Chamber of Commerce, Brooksville First Presbyterian Church, and Hernando County Builders Association. He also does volunteer work for the Humane Society, Hernando County Fair Association and Hernando County Education Foundation.

  • David Richards

    David_RichardsFINALDavid M. Richards, RCDD NTS OSP TECH CT
    Product Manager - Open Systems, Chatsworth Products, Inc.
    29 Bran Rick Lane * Arden, NC 28704 USA
    Tel: 1828.747.9503
    Email: drichards@chatsworth.com

    Job Description:
    The Product Manager serves as product expert combining domain knowledge, market analysis, and end-user feedback to establish a distinct product vision, multi-year solution roadmap, and an effective engineering partnership to deliver an industry leading portfolio of solutions. Position is responsible for product management, marketing and sales collaboration from product conception to launch and to drive growth and margin strategies. This position interfaces with cross functional teams including program management, sales, application engineering, marketing, engineering, procurement, and manufacturing personnel. The Product Manager is responsible for managing an assigned portfolio of products, ensuring a profitable and growing portfolio. This position is responsible for product strategy, product planning, product line positioning, and product life cycle management for the assigned portfolio of products. This position is also responsible for identifying operational excellence initiatives and quality enhancement requirements to drive growth and improvement in the product line.

    Biographical Information:
    David M. Richards, RCDD, NTS, OSP, TECH, CT, is the Product Manager for open systems at Chatsworth Products (CPI). He is a telecommunications engineering graduate from Western Technical College. In the past 30 years, Richards has held positions in ICT construction, production, operations, training and QA/QC audits. Richards has been a BICSI Master Instructor and Certified Trainer since 2000, as well as an instructor for Moorpark College and the IEC Chesapeake low voltage apprenticeship program. In 2007, Richards founded the annual BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge where he currently serves as head judge and subcommittee chair. David was the 2012 BICSI Presidential Eagle Award recipient for his dedication, vision and volunteerism of the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge of which he continues to help support internationally as the BICSI CSC continues to grow in more districts around the globe. Richards lives with his wife and four children in Asheville, N.C., and enjoys outdoor activities, baseball, golfing, hiking, guitar and being a Cub Scout parent.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    Richards has been a BICSI Member Since 2000 and in 2005-06 served as U.S. Western Region Director where he spearheaded the creation and launch of the BICSI IN250 Installer 2 – Optical Fiber course. Richards serves as a volunteer on multiple committees including EAC, MOD, CSC, and TEO. He is a SMETL and editorial review board member for multiple BICSI manuals. He was recognized in the 2009 BICSI NEWS Magazine article, 25 Change Makers In 25 Years. More recently, Richards pushed for the creation of the newly adopted post nominal letters (INST1, INSTC, INSTF, and TECH) for BICSI installation credential holders.

    If elected, I will:
    I will continue my focus and passion of providing opportunities in advancing the careers of BICSI members and ICT professionals globally through education and volunteer opportunities in all regions and districts.    Additionally, my goal is to work diligently as liaison between the BOD, CFO and staff to align the annual budget with the current BICSI board strategic business plan.    Finally, I will pledge to avidly support and promote the current BICSI President’s goals for the association as well as the board’s strategic plan.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    2016 to Present - Volunteer for the Local BSA Cub Scout Pack 26 community clean up and volunteer projects with my youngest son. 2005 – 2006 BICSI U.S. Western Region Director.

  • Justin Copeland

    Justin_CopelandFINALJustin Copeland, EMBA, RCDD
    President, Triggerfish Corporation
    3815 Faraon St, Ste E, St. Joseph, Missouri 64506 USA
    Tel: 816.676.3734
    Email: justin@triggerfishcorp.com

    Job Description:
    Leading a technology orientated professional services firm providing IT, Cloud and ICT solutions and support.

    Biographical Information:
    I began my career in Information Technology in 1995 working for a regional hospital system in St. Joseph, MO. In May of 2000 I completed my undergraduate degree in Business Administration at Missouri Western State College and accepted a position with a telecommunications carrier as a Technology Solutions Consultant shortly after graduation. I have worked in a number of professional positions including operations management of a construction company and IT management in a agri/food manufacturing company. In the fall of 2002, I started moonlighting as a IT consultant and was successful in consolidating my day job as the Director of Performance and Technology and my moonlighting into my first two clients for an IT integration and support Practice. In May of 2004 I graduated from an Executive Master of Business Administration program at Benedictine College and completed my first year of full-time operations at Triggerfish. In 2018, I applied for and passed the RCDD exam elevating Information and Communications Technology ICT into a dedicated Practice within Triggerfish.    I have been leading the execution of this business model as a IT consultant and integrator for the last 16 years with a number of ventures including acquisitions and divestures resulting in both successes and failures. It is the failures that I value the most as they provide the best opportunity to learn and grow. Today, we operate as Triggerfish Corporation with operating divisions in IT (integration and support), Cloud (software dev and services) and Information and Communications Technology (voice/data cabling, video observation, access control). In regards to corporate governance, I have served as the Corporate Secretary of LifeLine Foods (agri-business), Chief Information Officer of Northwest Health Services (healthcare), Chairman of the Young Executives Network (professional development), Board Member of the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce (community business development), Managing Member of Xtreme Electronics, LLC (residential alarm and A/V practice) and currently as President and Chairman of the Board of Triggerfish Corporation. I am also currently a Mentee in the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring program (hempkc.org) under which I am working with a Mentor on developing, executing and sustaining a growth strategy for Triggerfish Corporation and participating in a number of professional development and networking opportunities in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    While my membership has been active for several years I became active in pursuing BICSI training and professional development opportunities in 2018. To date I have completed online and class-room based programs in preparation of my RCDD; but have not yet participated in BICSI "membership" activities.

    If elected, I will:
    If elected I intend to support the advancement of the information and communications technology industry through helping our customers to understand and value the contribution ICT professionals can offer and to ensure that we, through the organization maintain the high standards of selection, professional development, credentialing and continuing education.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    I have reported to a non-profit Community Health Center Board as a Chief Information Officer. I have also served as the Chairman of the Young Executives Network, a local non-profit professional development organization. I have also served as a Board member of the local Chamber of Commerce.

  • Matt Odell

    Matt_OdellFINALMatt Odell, RCDD
    Director of Technologies, S2N Technology Group
    7500 Old Georgetown Rd * Bethesda, Maryland 20814 USA
    Tel: 410.474.8790
    Email: matt.odell@s2ngroup.com

    Job Description:
    S2N Technology Group is a Systems Integrator for large construction projects. Their largest market is Healthcare. They provide consulting and design services, and installation and integration of technology systems like structured cabling and network equipment, electronic security systems, audio/visual systems, DAS as-well-as Healthcare clinical systems, ie Nurse Call, RTLS, Physiological Monitoring, Telemetry, and others. Matt oversee's the technical services team that has responsibilities on all S2N projects. This includes owner consulting, design, design-assist, integration, and the planning and implementation of multi-million dollar project scopes.

    Biographical Information:
    Matt has worked at S2N Technology Group for 7 years as Director of Technologies. Prior to S2N, Matt worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. for 15 years. He managed network design and installations and technology integration of construction projects for the Hospital including a 1.6 million square foot hospital build in 2012. He was also employed at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant and Datawatch Systems, Inc.  Matt is a very active volunteer for BICSI. He is currently the Northeast Region Director, proudly serving on the BICSI Board of Directors for 4 years. Matt has been the BOD Liason for the RCSC committee and is currently the BOD Liason for MOD Committee. He is also a member of the Healthcare (SMETL), Wireless and Intelligent Building Standards’ subcommittees and is a frequent presenter on healthcare cabling infrastructure at National conferences. As Northeast Region Director, Matt has been responsible for scheduling, planning, budgeting and coordinating all Northeast Region Meetings.  He has been featured in industry publications for his outstanding infrastructure design, convergence schemes and technology implementations at major hospitals like Johns Hopkins Hospitals, Inova Health Systems, Georgetown University Hospital and others. Other notable projects include The Museum of the Bible and The National Air and Space Museum.  Matt and his wife, Tracy live in Huntingtown, MD with their daughters Rebekah and Macy and have 2 older sons, Christopher and Patrick who have already joined the workforce. Matt is a classically trained musician and he continues to perform music when his schedule allows. You may even see him sit in with the band at a BICSI banquet!

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    BICSI member 2006, Received RCDD in 2009. Elected to BICSI Board of Directors since 2016 as Northeast Region Director (2 terms). 2017 Led Emerging Professionals Task Force which created EYP Award and currently leads new Membership Review task force. Was RCSC BOD Liason during 2016 & 17. Currently MOD Committee Liason. He also has served on the following subcommittees: Wireless, Intelligent Building, and Healthcare (SMETL).

    If elected, I will:
    During my 4 years as Region Director, I made a concerted effort to keep Northeast Region expenses at a minimum without sacrificing the quality of our events. This helped provide additional funds to support other areas of BICSI. As Treasurer, I will continue to be a good steward of finances for our Association. I believe there are four requirements for a successful Treasurer; The knowledge to understand the financial reports, the ability to communicate the financial information to the Board, The partnership with BOD and staff to plan a useful budget and to bring strategic financial leadership to our membership.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    I am currently on my second term as Northeast Region Director (4 years). I also am a member of the Technology Council of Maryland, American Society for Healthcare Engineering and Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. Additionally, I perform with the Southern Maryland Concert Band, am a member of the Barbershop Harmony Society and past music director of the LaPlata, MD barbershop harmony chapter. I am also actively involved in my Church music ministry. Matt enjoys running various 5k's in support of finding a cure for childhood cancer and contributes to the American Cancer Society in his father's memory.

  • Mel Lesperance

    LesparenceFINALMel Lesperance, RCDD
    Owner, Lakeside Consulting
    12208 N. Armenia Ave * Tampa, FL 33612 USA
    Tel: 813.477.5642
    Email: mel.lakeside@gmail.com

    Job Description:
    Mel E. Lesperance, RCDD, operates Lakeside Consulting which provides design services, training, website development, and project management.

    Biographical Information:
    Mel Lesperance recently provided ICT Training to designers, and installers of the ICT Infrastructure at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. 

    His career includes working with end-user clients, architects, and engineers to develop ICT solutions for major construction projects. He is considered an infrastructure design subject matter expert in the healthcare and pharmaceutical research, higher education, fine arts, and commercial building markets.

    Previously he provided market development, sales management, and technical sales support for one of the industry’s leading ICT manufacturers and one of the leading global ICT distributors.

    He has delivered training to over 4,000 consultants, engineers, end-users, distributor personnel and communications contractors in 13 countries on five continents.  He taught and mentored ICT professionals as a BICSI instructor to further their careers and their pursuit of BICSI credentials. He has served on the BICSI Board of Directors for two terms as BICSI Treasurer and several terms as BICSI SE Region Director.

    He has operated as a consultant for Abacus Technology, a NASA contractor, developing and delivering information communications technology (ICT) training to designers and installers of the communications infrastructure for the Kennedy Space Center.

    Mel is very active on the BICSI Cares Committee and has served on several BICSI committees including TI&M and Standards. He worked to develop structured cabling standards on the TIA standards’ committees and was chair of the TIA-TR-42.6 committee that created the TIA-606A standard.

    Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, he attended the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL and holds his B.S. in Business Administration with a minor in Systems Engineering. He worked for 15 years in Silicon Valley (Santa Clara), California, and has lived and worked from Tampa, Florida, since 1987.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    -Member since 1987
    -RCDD since 1997
    -Board of Directors, Treasurer, 2001-2003
    -Executive Director, 2003-2004
    -Board of Directors, SE Region Director, 2009-2010
    -Board of Directors, SE Region Director, 2011-2012
    -Board of Directors, Treasurer, 2014-2015
    -Board of Directors, SE Region Director, 2017-2019
    -Presented and presided at BICSI conferences in the U.S. and internationally.
    -Active on various BICSI Committees through the years, including BICSI Cares, Standards, Publications, Nominating, and Exhibitor Liaison.
    -Active in producing various BICSI publications including the Outside Plant Manual (CO-OSP), the Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM), the Installation Methods Manual (ITSMM), and the Residential Manual

    If elected, I will:
    As an officer and member of the Board of Directors, I will work closely with the President to continue the goals set forth by the Board Strategic Plan. This includes growing the global market, strengthening the credentialing program and increasing the volunteer and membership value.  I will further BICSI’s growth and membership opportunities through the promotion of professional development for our ICT community through educational opportunities (web and live), standards and publications, outreach programs (local and global), conferences, and reciprocity with other industry associations. I will continue my fiduciary responsibility by working closely with the financial team to assure BICSI’s long-term economic stability.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Mel Lesperance is a board member of LCCI, a community service, not-for-profit, collector car club, where he served as president for 10 years. He has recruited and developed volunteer leadership to create an active and contributing Board of Directors. (These car clubs provide fund-raising opportunities to support various local area charities.) He has produced many local and National car club events and has produced a national award-winning newsletter for the club. He is a mentor to ICT professionals, offering career and educational advice.

  • Robert Hertling

    Bob_HertlingFINALRobert Hertling, RCDD, OSP
    Supervising Communications Engineer, Parsons Corp
    34 Sand Hill Road PO Box 1281 * Charlestown, RI 2813 USA
    Tel: 401.439.0335/401.364.6388
    Email: Robert.Hertling@parsons.com

    Job Description:
    Provide senior-level engineering support for Electrical and Telecommunications Design; including voice, data, video, audio/visual, fire detection and alarm, SCADA/BMS, ACS/IDS systems in both premise and Outside Plant environments. Provide engineering support for Primary and Secondary Electrical Power Systems, including switchgear, transformers, protective equipment and associated wiring and cabling. Have been involved in major projects within the transportation area, including both traditional and design-build projects such as the Central Artery/Tunnel Project in Boston MA, the East Side Access Project in New York, NY, the SEPTA Smart Stations Project in Philadelphia, PA, and the MBTA System-Wide Radio Upgrade Project in Boston, MA. Over 40 years’ experience in the ICT industry, both as a lineman and installer/technician during a 23-year career with the United States Coast Guard, and 20-year career as a senior engineer with current employer.

    Biographical Information:
    I hold an Associates of Science degree in Telecommunications Engineering Technology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Management of Telecommunications Systems from Capitol Technology University in Laurel, MD. I had both a father and a grandfather who were career employees with various parts of the Bell System, so I naturally pursued training as a Telephone Technician in the Coast Guard. I was stationed at several telephone support units in Port Angeles, WA, Portsmouth, NH and New London, CT. I was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and assigned as the Telephone Technician School Chief at the Coast Guard Training Center, where I was responsible for overseeing instructors providing both basic and advanced telephone training in areas such as cable splicing, testing, installation of telephone sets, key systems and PBX equipment, basic data communications and analog and digital carrier systems, both cable and radio based. I was also responsible for budgeting, assignment of instructors, curriculum development and review, and overseeing training aid maintenance and repair. I was assigned to Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC as the senior enlisted person for my rating, where I was responsible for determining rating qualifications and training, providing input for assignments based on experience, and determining the best fit for the rating in overall Coast Guard missions and duties. I then obtained a commission as a Warrant Officer in the Electronics Engineering specialty, where I was a Division Officer aboard a Coast Guard cutter in New Bedford, MA, and was responsible for the ship's electronics plant, in addition to duties as a Tactical Watch Officer for operations. My final tour before retirement was at the Coast Guard Research and Development Center, where I worked in the Aids To Navigation (ATON) test lab. I have made Rhode Island my home for the past 35 years.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    I have been a BICSI member since 2000 and hold the RCDD and OSP credentials, a member and writing contributor to the BICSI TI&M (Vice-Chair), Standards (OSP chair), and Codes committees, and an RCSC sub-committee member. I currently head up the TDMM 14th edition revision, and have also contributed to several other versions of BICSI manuals and standards. I headed up the “Super Six” Modularization Team that converted all of the manuals’ text to XML format, and am also the lead for BICSI’s new general, copper, and optical fiber field guides. I am also involved with supporting NE Region meetings.

    If elected, I will:
    If elected, I will continue to follow and build upon the efforts of past Treasurers to ensure that BICSI funds are spent solely in the best interests of the membership and the organization. Additionally, as a Board member I will bring my experience and insight into play to ensure that BICSI stays a key player in the ICT industry. I will be proactive in recognizing the need for, and the implementing of the changes and adjustments needed to keep BICSI relevant going forward.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Bob is currently a member of the Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association, the Charlestown Land Trust, and the Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Association. During his time in the Coast Guard, Bob was a member of the Unit Finance Audit Board while stationed onboard the USCGC Campbell.

  • Zachary Jones

    Zachary_JonesFINALZachary Jones, RCDD
    Project Manager, M3 Projects and Designs
    351 McGovern Rd * Wyalusing, PA 18853 USA
    Tel: 334.750.9168
    Email: zacharyscottjones@gmail.com

    Job Description:
    Plan, manage, support, and execute  IT and telecom infrastructure projects. Manages projects to ensure telecom designs and installations are compliant, secure, within budget, and satisfy the needs of end-users. Engages and works with design,  construction, and project teams. Responsible for all aspects of the planning, development, and implementation of assigned projects. Reviews specifications, blueprints, or other plans to ensure installations are technically correct and compliant with regulations, codes, and internal/industry standards. I conduct job site visits, interacting with contractors, engineers, and architects. Develop detailed work plan and schedules, provides projected cost and personnel estimates, and status reports; ensures adherence to industry standards, track and review project deliverables, manage vendor integration, define project scope, budgets, objectives, and success indicators.

    Biographical Information:
    After finishing high school in Wyalusing, PA, I entered the US Army Reserves completing basic training at Ft. Jackson, SC, and I was selected for early promotion by my drill instructors. I served eight years in the Army Reserves supporting the 322nd MP CID unit. I attended Misericordia University from 1998 to 2001, obtaining my bachelor's in Management Information System and was a starter for the Cougar lacrosse team. I graduated from Binghamton University in 2017 with a masters in Public Administration. In 2005 I was hired as a systems analyst for the telecommunications department at Binghamton University. I joined BICSI in 2012 and earned my RCDD in 2015. From 2009 til March 2019, I was managing IT infrastructure projects, and from 2017 to 2019, I was responsible for the telecommunications department budget at Binghamton University. Three key projects I managed were: IT design and installation in the new Binghamton Smart Energy building and the new School of Pharmacy building along with a 3-year project to convert our old campus phone system to a Mitel VoIP system. I was a member of the SUNY Telecom Officers Association, and from 2016-2019, I was the treasurer of the organization. In March began working with Auburn University on telecom projects including VoIP migration, ServiceNow PPM installation, and infrastructure projects. On May 24th, I passed my PMP exam and began working with family members to create a majority woman-owned company to manage projects, and with my help, manage telecom designs.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    BICSI Member ( May 2012 to Current)   DD102 - Student (May 2012)  RCDD - Certified (May 2015)  BICSI Conference Session Moderator ( September 2016)  BG 102 - Pilot Course Student  (December 2016)  OSP 101 - Pilot Course Student (June 2018)

    If elected, I will:
    If elected Treasurer for the BICSI Board of Directors, I will take great care to ensure all my duties and task assigned are carried out. I will manage the finances ethically and transparently. As an elected member of the board, I will serve with honor, and represent BICSI with the utmost professionalism and respect. I would communicate openly and honestly with the members of the organization and be open-minded and considerate of others. It would an honor to serve as an elected member of the board.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    I am a member of the Mitel Global User Group and the Mitel Americas User Group.  I was a member of the SUNY TOA group as a member and most recently as the treasurer.  I use to be the treasurer for the Parent Teacher Group at my son's elementary school.


Europe, Middle East & Africa Region Director Candidates

  • Barry Shambrook

    Barry_ShambrookFINALBarry Shambrook, RCDD
    Project Manager, GIA BC
    68 Wingletye Lane * Hornchurch, Essex RM113AU United Kingdom
    Tel: 447767221559
    Email: barry.shambrook@tcldata.net

    Job Description:
    Project management of data centres and other high technology buildings and infrastructure

    Biographical Information:
    Originally a HVAC engineer Barry worked on prestigious projects for contractors and consultants including hospitals, hotels, high rise offices and data centres. From the mid 1980’s took a wider role in design and project management of all MEP systems for Tucker Associates, who became Tuckers Consultancy in 1992. In 1998 Barry was appointed a Director of Tuckers Consultancy Ltd and took over as Managing Director and owner in 2000. Barry then became Principle of Tuckers' Data Centre and Information Transport System division, TCL Data, having taken a keen interest in the integration of IT with other Facilities Technology in buildings and presenting on this subject to the annual conferences of BICSi Europe and BIFM. Was appointed as chair of the BICSi UK steering committee with a mandate to expand the membership base and promote IP integration in 2012.  Barry’s ideas have been applied to practical designs on data centres and other high specification projects such as airports and football stadia where he has been the design team leader for the Facilities Technology, which includes power supplies, environmental control, information transport, safety and security systems. Barry has been an instructor for DC Professional since 2010 and provided input to the DCDA, EEBP and DCCP courses and exercises.  Recent experience include strategic, concept and detailed design for international Data Centres including large financial institutions in Turkey together with Project Management of Data Centre developments in the UK.  Appointed Partner of GIA Building Consultancy in 2019, following a period of secondment to this firm, to head and develop their data centre and high technology buildings and infrastructure project management offering.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    Chair of UK Country development committee, then UK and Ireland District development committee, Jan 2013 to present (6 years). Member of standards committee Jan 2016 to present (3 years)

    If elected, I will:
    I believe that we need to make some changes to the organisation in order to create exposure in EMEA and other global regions, which is the only way we will expand the membership, attendance at conferences and take-up of training and credentials. I have outlined my ideas at global development committee level over the past years and if elected will push for adoption of these, and other suggestions from the EMEA regions, at board level.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    I have in the past been a member and chair of my sons’ schools Parents Associations. I have also served on the London Chamber of Commerce Property and Construction committee to raise the profile of ICT in this industry.

  • Nedal Shanti

    Nedal_ShantiFINALNedal Shanti, RCDD, DCDC, CT
    ICT Advisor, Al-Istiqlal University
    Jericho, West Bank 586 Palestine
    Tel: 972594593917 
    Email: Eng.nedal@hotmail.com

    Job Description: 

    Serving as the focal point to assist the university management in the implementation of program activities, including providing strategic guidance to The Institute of Training and Development  and playing an integral role in the monitoring, evaluation and reporting of program activities as well as ensuring that program deliverables are being met.   Leading the internationalisation program of the ICT training of the University technological Unit.

    Biographical Information:
    Nedal Raja Shanti born in Nablus, Palestine on 09 October 1983.    Received the B.E Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine in 2007. Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC),  Project Management Professional (PMP), BICSI-Certified Trainer (CT).    Has 12 years experience in design, construction supervision and management of building  services (MEP) and ICT,and in the field of project management ,design and implementation of security,  telecommunication, network and airport IT & business oriented systems. Expertise in critical facilities services design such as Airports, data centers, health care, hotels and  education facilities. Volunteered in 2017 DCDC standard Setting Study and in 2018 DCDC Scheme Alignment Study.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    BICSI Member since 2014. Participated in 2016 & 2017 MEA BICSI conferences and Exhibitions. Volunteered in 2017 DCDC standard Setting Study and in 2018 DCDC Scheme Alignment Study.

    If elected, I will:
    Work stratigically in partnership with the BICSI Board of Directors, volunteers, international representatives and industry professional to influence the government bodies and Engineering firms to force Bicsi standards and best practices in order to be adhered to any relevant application. Work in partnership with the BICSI Board of Directors, volunteers and international representatives  to promote BICSI’s strategic plan and its products.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    I provided free advisory and consultation services for some establishments in my community. (limited in duration and scope).


  • Phillip John Johnson

    Phillip_JohnsonFINALPhillip John Johnson, RCDD, CT
    Manager, Ospray Systems
    Office Park, Level 2, Dubai Internet City
    ubai, 214959 United Arab Emirates
    Tel: 971506950828
    Email: ospray01@aol.com

    Job Description:
    Manager of projects responsible for comprehensive design specializing in smart cities, seaport, airport, commercial and industrial low-voltage systems.  Design experience includes electrical inspection, grounding and bonding, outside plant, structured cabling, microwave, WAN/LAN, building management, cable management, data center, warehouse inventory management, passenger information display, telephone, public address, CCTV and security systems.  Project responsibilities range from schematic design through construction administration for both new construction and renovation projects.  Responsibilities include transforming a project to enhance the smart cities concept, while incorporating the IOT (Internet of Things), blockchain and 5G technology with sustainable master planning.

    Biographical Information:
    Retired United States Coast Guard Officer, LCDR with 20 years service as an officer.  Duties included: Law Enforcement Officer, Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Command Center Controller for the Department of Transportation and Technical Assistance Field Team Officer for the Department of State US Aid program in St Kitts/Nevis, BWI.    Employed as a consultant for multiple international airports, manager for an overseas office and manager for US based firms.    Volunteer for BICSI since arriving in the United Arab Emirates in 2007.  Serving presently as a member of the BICSI EMEA Advisory Committee. Volunteer for ASIS for 4 years and serving as Secretary for 3 years and head of the training committee. Currently facilitate yearly Dubai based PSP Physical Security Professional study group preparing candidates for the test.    Speaker at several BICSI and ASIS conventions and Regional Transportation gatherings on Railway and Metro initiatives.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    Volunteer for BICSI since arriving in the United Arab Emirates in 2007.  Serving presently as a member of the BICSI EMEA Advisory Committee.  RCDD since 2001, CT since 2018. Speaker at several BICSI, ASIS conventions and Regional Transportation gatherings on Airport, Railway and Metro initiatives.

    If elected, I will:
    As a member of BICSI, we have seen a growth in international membership. Having traveled extensively in the EMEA region and worked with individuals from 70 different nationalities here in Dubai, the MEA region there seems to be a hunger to have their unique country issues addressed. Being a volunteer in several organizations, the ability to listen and respond to member concerns addressing the cause instead of the symptom has allowed me to help those that would otherwise never understand why their requests went unanswered. I currently speak to Universities to promote the BICSI and ASIS credentials as a way to enhance graduates bachelor and masters degrees.  We see their concern as they approach graduation and seek to find a job that can utilize their education and talents.  In the United Arab Emirates we have several universities that are from America, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, India or other countries with expatriates living in the region.  The students are the future leaders of our global society. They are our future RCDD, DCDC, OSP, and RTPM's. The world is connected through the telecommunications channels we in BICSI have helped to design and build.  The global commitment of BICSI members coming together, listening to similar problems in their own countries and returning with solutions or promises of support has given them hope. We have seen in the EMEA region poor countries transformed into world participants on the global stage simply because of ever more communication channels opening up. I can only hope that if selected as EMEA Regional Director that I can continue to assist in some capacity to continue the growth of BICSI in our region.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    My volunteer service includes:  1. Boy Scout Troop Adult Member and Counselor.  2. Treasure for a homeowners association in Reston, Virginia.   3. Member of the Knights of Columbus, 3rd Degree  4. Catechist for Saint Francis Of Assisi Jebal Ali Catholic Church.  5. ASIS (American Society of Industrial Security) Secretary and Training Chairman  6. Lighthouse member Society for assisting disabled construction workers  7. BICSI EMEA Advisory Committee.

  • Werner Heeren

    Werner_HeerenFINALWerner Heeren
    Regional Sales Director, Fluke Networks
    P.O. Box 505016, Dubai, UAE
    Tel: +971-56-5116282                        
    Email: werner.heeren@flukenetworks.com

    Job Description:
    Develop business in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey Region by exceeding sales targets through strategic developments, appointing right channel partners, organizing marketing activities and joined events within the ecosystem in cabling infrastructure.  Teach potential customers about our essential technology so they can accelerate progress.  We provide certification, troubleshooting, and installation tools for professionals who install and maintain critical network cabling infrastructure. From installing the most advanced data centers to restoring telephone service after a disaster, the combination of legendary reliability and unmatched performance ensure jobs are done efficiently

    Biographical Information:
    Werner Heeren is the Regional Sales Director for High Growth Markets (Middle East, Africa & Turkey) for Fluke Networks. Werner started in 1997 for Fluke Industrial’s Benelux Sales team as a Product Manager and pre-sales support. When he moved to Fluke Networks in 1999 and after achieving several awards during the following years like “Eye of the Eagle”, “Top performer to quota”, “Summit Club member”, “Recognition award for highest grow rate”, Werner has taken the challenge to lead Fluke Networks successfully into the High Growth Markets Middle East, Africa & Turkey.   Based on his experience and eagerness to advance the ICT technology in the region, Werner has been selected by BICSI to represent their Middle East & Africa region as vice chair.  Werner has Belgian Nationality, is based in Dubai with his family, holds an engineering degree, speaks 4 languages, and recently finished his Executive MBA journey at London Business School.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    Werner has been engaged with BICSI MEA (and Russia) since their start in MEA region (around 2005?) through sponsoring, presentations, exhibiting and being part of the advisory committee under different chairs (Ganesan, Eugene Botes, Ayman Aboslema, ...).  Werner has been selected by BICSI to represent their Middle East & Africa Region as Vice Chair since 2016.  Werner supported through sponsorships, breakfast events, workshops,... and spread the word during customer interactions.  Werner has been volunteering on joined events like Infocom, Intersec, MEFMA, FTTH Council South Africa, Breakfast club Muscat,...

    If elected, I will:
    Werner will use his professional relationships with cabling manufacturers, consultants and even end-users to elevate the value that BICSI brings to ICT projects in the field. Werner has relationships in not only Middle East and Africa, but also in Eastern Europe, Russia, Belgium, Netherlands, ...  Werner's goal would be to make BICSI the One-an-Only association to go to for ICT professionals.  Just Like CISCO certification is THE reference for the higher layers in OSI-7 layer model, BICSI certification should become the norm for OSI physical layer 1 certification and above.  BICSI needs to make sure that knowledge about infrastructure technology needs to be shared and preached to help progress the world. BICSI's certification program will keep the world moving forward. BICSI members should work together to accelerate the pace of progress and to make a difference in this world.  We need to increase brand recognition for potential sponsors in events. Werner can bring his professional sales experience into the BICSI community.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    My main experience as volunteering is through BICSI. I did volunteer as trainer for the university cycling team during university studies.  I have to start sitting on a nonprofit Board somewhere, sometime.


North-Central Region Director Candidates

  • Dennis Severance

    Dennis_SeveranceFINALDennis Severance, RCDD
    President, Chapel Romanoff Technologies, LLC dba CRT Technologies
    1985 Founders Drive * Dayton, OH 45420 USA
    Tel: 937.222.9840
    Email: dennis.severance@crtechcorp.com

    Job Description:
    Responsible for the overall success and sustainability of Chapel-Romanoff Technologies, a low voltage integration and systems company.

    Biographical Information:
    Active BICSI Member, intimately involved with ensuring education and curriculum of low voltage technicians, pre-construction and design build services within the Ohio region.  Passionate and actively support our industry throughout all facets from owner direct to construction managed projects.   Have worked closely with all regional engineers responsible for ICT Design and implementation. Respect our industry, our organization and the lives we have changed along the way.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    My involvement in support of BICSI has been focused within the North-Central Region., Participating in regional meetings, developing continued and ongoing education, working as the chairman of our Low Voltage sub committee for over 6 years and implementing and maintaining a successful BICSI Authorized Training Facility in Dayton, Ohio.

    If elected, I will:
    With the support of the BICSI Membership, I would work to ensure the North-Central Region is represented and engaged through support of regional efforts including technician outreach, continued education opportunities, engineering and new technology round tables.   My role would be focused upon ensuring the needs of our membership and our industry are aligned while encouraging and supporting development of the next generation of ICT Professionals.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    I have provided leadership on multiple regional committees in support of our ICT Industry.  Acting as Chairman of the Low Voltage sub-committee of Local 82 where I had the opportunity to promote and implement a successful BICSI Authorized Training Center for southwest Ohio and more recently, obtain and work to complete implementation of a network and Security Lab.  I have served on the local Labor-Management Cooperation Committee (LMCC) for over 5 years and have actively participated in labor contract negotiations for over 10 years.

  • Jodie Goodbrake

    JodiGoodbrake_FINALJodie Goodbrake, RCDD
    Senior Technology Systems Designer, BR+A Consulting & Engineering
    4625 Lindell Blvd., Suite 500, 5th FLR * St Louis, MO 63108 USA
    Tel: 618.363.9823
    Email: jgoodbrake@brplusa.com

    Job Description:
    Specializes in analyzing, designing and implementing information and communication technology (ICT) systems. Assist organizations with figuring out their technical needs and updates, and consultant on/solve ICT related issues. Work with executive team members, decision makers, and stakeholders to define business requirements and systems goals, and to identify and resolve business systems issues. Responsible for developing cost analysis, design considerations, staff impact amelioration, and implementation timelines for ICT upgrades and changes. Collaborate with IT network staff to ensure smooth and reliable operation of hardware and systems for fulfilling business objectives and processes during implementation of upgrades and changes.

    Biographical Information:
    Jodie Goodbrake is a Senior Technology Systems Designer at BR+A Consulting Engineers, a MEP/T Design and Consulting firm headquartered in Boston, MA. She is a dedicated ICT professional with over 10 years of in-field experience working with End-Users, Owners, Contractors, Architects, and other MEP/T engineers to ensure every ICT infrastructure is designed and built to perfection! With a Master’s degree in Information Systems (IT Strategy and Governance), a Bachelor’s degree in Information System Security, and an Associate’s degree in Network Administration combined with the knowledge only a RCDD can possess; Jodie has taken her ICT designs to the next level! 

    Jodie has been married to an amazing man for the past 13 years; her husband remained at home to raise their two children, now 11 and 13, allowing Jodie to pursue her career in the ICT industry. Starting out as an inside sales professional for a local ICT/Datacom distribution company she obtained an understanding for the fundamentals of ICT (the nuts and bolts that make our world go round). Jodie quickly advanced to an outside sales representative where she focused on troubleshooting, project management and building customer/contractor relationships all while studying for and earning her RCDD credential from BICSI. Once Jodie achieved her RCDD she realized she could contribute more to the ICT industry and progressed into a project management position which then provided the roadmap/opportunity to move into a formal engineering/design/consulting position where she builds upon her ICT knowledge every day. Jodie has acquired the knowledge and experience it takes to build a reputation that proceeds her around the St. Louis area.

    She lives her life under the direction of the Serenity prayer which tells us to accept the things we cannot change, have the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference!

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    BICSI Member since 2012  BICSI Presenter during the 2014 Winter Conference (ANSI vs. ISO)  BICSI RCCD Credential Holder - obtained in 2014  Contributing Member of BICSI 009 - Data Center Operations Standards Sub-committee  Voting Member of BICSI 002 - Data Center Sub-committee

    If elected, I will:
    If elected, I intend to devote my time and attention to assisting BICSI and ICT Members by exploiting the ever growing educational benefits and services offered by BICSI and the many ICT manufactures. There are countless new products and services offered every day within our industry and our community needs to stay on-top of this information to ensure we are taking advantage of the conveniences offered as well as ensuring ICT excellence in our world. I promise to be responsive to each member’s requests, questions, and/or concerns and will address every individual in a professional and business-like manner.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Yes - I have volunteered as a member of the BAA (Brighton Athletics Association) which is a non-profit sports association in Brighton Illinois for 5 years as my daughter plays soccer under the direction of this non-profit organization. Over the past 2 years I assisted this association with setting up their on-line registration website providing ease and convenience for both players and volunteer members.

  • Randal Reusser

    Randy_ReusserFINALRandal Reusser, CT, RCDD, TECH
    Instructor – Electronics/Telecom/IT, Gateway Technical College
    6317 50th Street * Kenosha, WI 53144 USA
    Tel: 262.492.0111
    Email: reusserr@gtc.edu

    Job Description:
    Teach DC/AC I & II, Digital Electronics I & II, Electronic Devices I & II, Opto Electronics, Electronic Communications, Future Trends, Supervisory Management, Customer Service, MSSC Safety, and other classes.   Developed multiple classes to meet company needs, delivered BICSI, Belden, STI Fire Stop, and other Telecommunication classes.  Major Achievements: Received the Gateway Technical College 2017 Employee Recognition Award - Outstanding Employee Team (CNC Boot Camp Instructors) April 5, 2017, 2016 Outstanding Employee Award for Outstanding Innovator (May 6, 2016), and the 2010 “Distinguished Alumni Award”.  Developed world class telecommunications room and training, built national/international certifications into classes and programs.

    Biographical Information:
    Randal R Reusser, RCDD, MBA. Randy has been involved with technology (electronics) since 1980.  He received a Diploma in Electronic Servicing from Milwaukee Area Technical College, an Associate of Science Degree as an Electronic Technician from Gateway Technical College (Graduate Scholastic Award), a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Carthage College (Suma Cum Laude), an MBA in Business Administration from Marquette University, and Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt. Randy is currently employed at Gateway Technical College (16 years), Sturtevant, WI, as Electronics, IT and Telecommunications Instructor for the Business and Workforce Solutions Division (B&WS).  He also works with outside Companies including Insinkerator, Kenall, Lynch Diversified Vehicles, Carthage College, KUSD and Ocean Spray.  Randy is a certified trainer for Belden, BICSI, NC3, MSSC, Snap On, Greenlee, and Specified Technologies Incorporated. Randy has experience in Electronics, IT, Telecommunications, and Technical Management.  Prior to his current employment, he has worked as a Team Leader, Technical Services Manager, Electronic Technician/Assistant Manager, Service Manager, and Electronic Technician.  He has been published in eleven publications and passed or earned over 60 (sixty) technical certifications. Randy has received the following prestigious awards during his career:

    • 2017 Employee Recognition Award Recipient - Outstanding Employee Team (CNC Boot Camp Instructors) Gateway Technical College (April 5, 2017).
    • Received the Gateway Technical College 2016 Outstanding Employee Award for Outstanding Innovator (May 6, 2016).
    • Awarded the Gateway Technical College Distinguished Alumni Award (May 18, 2010).
    • Received Special Recognition for serving as CTD Division Chairman of the ETAI (Electronics Technicians Association, International) 1995 - 1996.
    • Recipient of the 1996 “Pete” Outstanding National Officer memorial award from the Electronics Technicians Association, International, for outstanding dedication and service to the profession and the membership of the association while serving as CTD Division Chairman.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    I have been involved with BICSI since February 2005.  I attended the BICSI Installation Program Trainer Certification Class from February 21, 2005 – March 4, 2005 in Tampa, Fl. USA.  Since then I have attended 6 other BICSI conferences and classes and taught over 300 individuals in over 50 BICSI ITS Courses.  I have spent over 14 years of supporting, promoting, and enjoying being a part of BICSI.  We hosted one "Lunch and Learn at our College.  I have never served on any committees for BICSI, but was interested in the BPEG.

    If elected, I will:
    I will work to continue to add value to our members and to improve processes at BICSI.  By working with the board to develop new programs and membership recruitment plans, I will bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to strengthen and grow BICSI.  It is essential that we grow our membership and bring more value to our members to keep BICSI moving forward.   At the College where I work and in other organizations where I held prominent positions, I have developed new programs and enhanced existing programs and projects.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    I volunteer in the Kenosha County Detention Center, in May I was nominated to the Jail Chaplaincy Board.  I have also served in many different roles on non-profit boards including being the Chairman three times for the Electronics Technician Association, International.  I have included some of my experience below:

    Gideon’s Intl President, Vice-President, Secretary, Chaplin 1998-present,  GTC - Elected as Union Representative for GTEA for the Racine Campus 2017-present, ESDA - Elected as Vice President of ESDA (Electronic Service Dealers Association) of Illinois 11/9/94,  WESA - Elected Vice-President of WESA (Wisconsin Electronic Sales and Service Association) 6/23/90.  More available upon request.


Northeast Region Director Candidates

  • Thomas McCaffery

    Thomas_McCafferyFINALThomas McCaffery
    Network Project Manager, University of Pennsylvania
    21 Cherry Run Road * Monroeville, NJ 08343 USA
    Tel: 215.783.1019
    Email: mccaffery@upenn.edu

    Job Description:
    Summary of qualifications  Results oriented Project Manager with a wide background in renovation and construction work, specializing in telecommunications, with technical, supervisory and customer skills. Excellent time management skills, creative problem solver. I work well with minimum supervision, am detailed oriented, highly organized and dependable. Excellent written and verbal skills, decisive, comfortable making tough decisions and recommendations. Experienced building and leading cross-functional staff members, as well as controlling union labor and vendors. Able to manage the client to business relationship to ensure customer satisfaction.  AREAS OF KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE:  Project management, Installation & Training,  Infrastructure Design, Product Selection/Vendor Relations,  Quality Control Technical Planning and Support,  Supervision/Staff Development, Develop Bid Request Documentation, Campus Environment, Siemons Cable Architecture, Solicit bids and award contracts, DAS, BICSI Training, purchase ordering and tracking,  Wireless Certified, Fiber Optics, Installer work experience.

    Biographical Information:
    Thomas McCaffery has been in the ICT industry for over 23 years at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). While at UPenn, McCaffery has been involved in numerous structured cabling projects ranging from new builds to 200-year-old buildings. McCaffery was the first winner of the prestigious Keystone Award (2014). As the founder of Philadelphia’s University City Emerging Technology Forum, which was held twice a year for seven years, he has brought together industry-leading speakers to share ICT information between local universities and hospitals.  In addition, he has been a dedicated volunteer at many BICSI Northeast Region Meetings, two of which were on the UPENN campus.  In 2012 he was a featured speaker and coordinated a campus tour of the ENIAC, the first known computer.  He also arranged two sports venues and tours for the Northeast Region Meetings, including Citizens Bank Park (Phillies baseball team) in 2014 and Wells Fargo Center (Philadelphia Flyers hockey arena) in 2015.  He was featured in the October 2012 issue of Cabling Installation and Maintenance Magazine for the cabling and network design for the “Translational Research Laboratory” project, which was the largest project in the city of Philadelphia. During his 23 years in the UPenn  IT department,  he has worked with industry vendors to develop state-of-the-art rack and cabling products now available nationwide. A BICSI member for 22 years, he credits BICSI for putting him on the path of sharing and promoting ICT education and technology. Prior to his Project Manager work at UPenn, McCaffery worked in the Physics Department on the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory project (S.N.O.).  He has been married to his wife, Charlene, for 30 years. They have two wonderful children, Marty and Stacey. Outside of being very involved in family, career, community, He enjoys traveling, fishing and is an avid sports fan.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    Thomas McCaffery has been a BICSI member for 22 years. Most recently, he has focused his involvement in volunteering for Northeast Region Meetings.  This includes assisting the Region Director with securing venues before the meetings and then coordinating other aspects, including speaker dinners, working the registration table and helping with any logistics during the event itself.  He has also organized location tours and has been a feature speaker.  He was named an Assistant Region Director from 2012-2014 to the previous Region Director, Carol Oliver. He continues to be involved in current Northeast meetings, as well as attending national BICSI Conferences.

    If elected, I will:
    Thomas strongly believes each Regional Director has the responsibility of not only communicating BICSI messages and news to our region and members but also in putting together interesting and tangible meetings.  During events, there will be applicable time spent reviewing BICSI’s current topics and schedule.  These specifics will be communicated via email to update and apprise each region member.  As Northeast Regional Director Thomas will promote and stimulate the education of the members with quality and pertinent presentations to not only acquire CEC’s but to help members with daily job responsibilities.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    Thomas has been the leader of the University City Emerging Technology forum since inception.  He has been on the board of his local homeowners association with various responsibilities over the last 20 years including serving as Treasurer for 2 years.  He has also played on his church softball team. He is also an avid sports fan and has season tickets to the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team.

  • William Foy

    Bill_FoyFINALWilliam Foy, RCDD, ESS, NTS, OSP, WD
    Director, Solutions Architect, S2N Technology Group
    7500 Old Georgetown Road * Bethesda, Maryland 20814 United States
    Tel: 301.310.4072
    Email: william.foy@s2ngroup.com

    Job Description:
    Director, Solutions Architect at S2N Technology Group, a fully owned subsidiary of Clark Construction Group. Developing comprehensive solutions to complex communications and infrastructure requirements of a diverse customer base.  Working all aspects of construction from design, design assist, implementation and commissioning, this position requires diverse, forward thinking openness to new ideas and technologies.  With a client portfolio in many vertical markets including healthcare, higher education, commercial office space, museums, stadiums, arenas, and data centers, clients demand solutions to technological issues that are state of the art and customized to meet their specific needs. The Director, Solutions Architect, consults with clients on projects involving inside and outside plant structured cabling, electronic security, distributed antenna systems, nurse call, infant protection systems, RTLS, WiFi systems, and data centers.  The role begins with client interviews to determine needs and moves throughout the project life cycle from conceptual design to commissioning.  Close ties are developed and maintained with the ACE community as well as vendors and suppliers to stay appraised of the latest trends in construction, planning, and infrastructure design. This position is not only tied to the design and engineering role, but also to the implementation and construction of the completed solution.  The Director, Solutions Architect is directly involved in the budgeting, bidding, and award phases of the technology implementation and construction process.   Potential subcontractors are interviewed, evaluated, and briefed on project details to assure consistent scopes of work are provided to the implementation teams. Bids are evaluated, and budgets are reviewed before final awards are proffered. During implementation, the Director, Solutions Architect acts as liaison to the implementation teams to review RFI’s and submittals, to provided options and/or alternatives where needed.  Finally, commissioning and test plans are developed and implemented with oversight of this position.

    Biographical Information:
    William Foy has been in the telecommunications industry for over 35 years.  He is the Director, Solutions Architect for S2N Technology Group headquartered in Bethesda Maryland.  In his role at S2N, Mr. Foy specializes, but is not limited to federal technology projects involving structured cabling, outside plant infrastructure, electronic security, distributed antenna systems, and WiFi systems. Mr. Foy’s extensive career includes positions in data center operations, software development, and telecommunications design and project management.  Mr. Foy is certified by BICSI as an RCDD, NTS, OSP, WD, ESS specialist and is currently working to obtain is certification in data center design through BICSI’s DCDC program.  Mr. Foy has worked on several publications for BICSI including the BICSI dictionary as well as on the editorial committee for the BICSI Electronic Safety and Security manuals.  Mr. Foy is a former BICSI master instructor of the Electronic Safety and Security design specialty courses. Mr. Foy is often seen at the BICSI regional meetings, volunteering in any way necessary to help promote BICSI and its role in educating the telecommunications community.  Prior to his current role at S2N, Mr. Foy was a Technical Systems Engineer for Panduit where he traveled extensively throughout the East coast developing telecommunications solutions for multiple vertical markets including education, hospitality, healthcare, and data centers.    Mr. Foy maintains numerous relationships with manufacturers and distributors to stay abreast of the latest trends and technology in the industry. Outside of work, Mr. Foy is one of 12 children and is recently married to his long-time best friend of 21 years.  He has two children of his own as well as four step children from his new bride.  His interest includes home improvement, gardening, and hiking.

    Involvement with BICSI activities, committee and membership:
    BICSI Member since 1997,  BICSI Dictionary contributor and editorial committee 1999,  BICSI ESS manual editorial committee 2005,  BICSI ESS manual editorial committee 2008,  BICSI master Instructor 2009 – 2014,  BICSI regional meetings volunteer support

    If elected, I will:
    I will serve my term in the service of the membership community.  Coordination of regional and national meetings, development of relationships with manufacturers to create continuing education, and develop products that meet the needs of the member’s client base. I will make myself available to the membership community to listen to suggestions and act as liaison to the board; providing a voice and utilizing the vast knowledge and insight of the membership to advance technological expansion in areas under served.

    Additional volunteer experience:
    I have volunteered for many years at a local nursery for underprivileged children in Baltimore City.  I have coached both indoor and outdoor recreational soccer for eight seasons.  I have served on the board of my local church for three years as a deacon on the board.  I have volunteered as photographer for both high school and college soccer programs.  In addition, I have both coordinated and participated in multiple missions trips to Central America.