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New TDMM 14th Edition!: The Blueprint for Cabling Design!

The Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM) is BICSI’s flagship manual. Now in its 14th edition, it is the basis for the RCDD® exam and is a true world resource in global best practices.

Since 1985 BICSI’s flagship manual has been the blueprint for cabling design. Its 2200 pages are packed with the latest technologies and design methods for the ever-evolving ICT industry. From a new chapter detailing special design considerations, new sections such as disaster recovery and risk management, and many updates to health care, PoE, OM5 multimode optical fiber, data centers, wireless networks, and many more, this new manual is sure to be the indispensable resource for modern cabling design

Table of Contents

  • 1. Principles of Transmission
  • 2. Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • 3. Telecommunications Spaces
  • 4. Backbone Distribution Systems
  • 5. Horizontal Distribution Systems
  • 6. ICT Cables and Connecting Hardware
  • 7. Firestop Systems
  • 8. Bonding and Grounding (Earthing
  • 9. Power Distribution
  • 10. Telecommunications Administration
  • 11. Field Testing of Structured Cabling
  • 12. Outside Plant
  • 13: Audiovisual Systems
  • 14: Building Automation Systems
  • 15: Data Networks
  • 16: Wireless Networks 
  • 17. Electronic Safety and Security
  • 18: Data Centers
  • 19: Health Care
  • 20: Residential Cabling
  • 21. Project Administration and Execution
  • 22: Special Design Considerations
  • Appendix A: Codes, Standards, Regulations, and Organizations
  • Appendix B: Legal Considerations
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