Conference Presentations

"Business Benefits of Intelligent Infrastructure Management,"
Adrian Parry, CommScope EMEA

 "Carbon Reduction Commitment,"
Andrew Jones, RCDD, Alquist Consulting Ltd.

 "Adapting Best Practice to Small Data Centres in Shared Buildings,"
Barry Shambrook, RCDD, Tuckers Consultancy Ltd.

"BICSI & LEED - What Role Does This Play in the ITS Community,"
Brian Hansen, RCDD, NTS – President Elect

 "BICSI NxtGEN Update,"
• Greg Sherry, RCDD, NTS, WD – European Region Director
• Ed Donelan, RCDD, NTS, TLT – President
• Brian Hansen, RCDD, NTS – President Elect

"Results Management and Procedures Which Help to Assure Optimal Installation Quality and Maximize Margins,"
Christian Schillab, Fluke Networks

 "Managing the Infrastructure of Data Centres," 
David Cuthbertson, RCDD, Square Mile Systems Ltd.

"10GBASE-T: To Shield or Not to Shield—That’s the Dilemma," 
Dr. T.C. Tan, CommScope Labs, London, United Kingdom

 "Managing Data Centre Heat Issues," 
Ian Cathcart, RCDD, Chatsworth Products

 "Managing Density in the Data Centre,"
Jan Piet Wielenga, ADC KRONE

 "Microsoft Data Centres: The Next Generation," 
John Dwyer, Data Centre Solutions

 "On the Road to 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet Transmission: Setting the Standards for Next-Generation Enterprise Networks," 
John Kamino, OFS

 "Data Centre Infrastructure Trends,"
Keith Sullivan, Corning Cables Systems

 "An Investigation Into 10GBASE-T,"
Kenneth G Hodge, Brand-Rex

 "Back to the Future with a Silver Lining,"
Edward Donelan, RCDD, NTS, TLT, BICSI President

 "Energy Efficiency in Data Centres—Has Anything Actually Changed?"
Liam Newcombie

 "H.264 Video Surveillance Without Compromise," 
• Nick Platt-Higgins, Axis Communications, Enderby, United Kingdom
• Andrew Walker, Soratek Systems, Enderby, United Kingdom

"Ensuring Fibre Optic System Performance,"
Paul Avison, JDSU

 "Making an Informed Decision on Network Cabling," 
Paul Kish, Belden, Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada

 "Global Data Centre Standards Update,"
Robert Faber Jr., RCDD, NTS, Siemon

 "Green ICT and Fibre Cabling Systems," 
Rosemary McGlashon, MSc, MBA, MIET, CEng, 3M

 "Next Generation Fibres and Standards," 
Dr. Russell Ellis, Corning Optical Fiber